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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Star Travelers: Do you Feel Shipwrecked on an Abandoned Island? Soul Reading by Pat Crosby of ELeeSee

Star Travelers: Do you Feel Shipwrecked on an Abandoned Island?

A Lightworker Soul Study by Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

A Tribute to our Elder Lightworkers Who have Held the Torch 50, 60, 70, 80, 90+... Years til these Ascension Times

90 years of light service decoded

When the time comes to incarnate again - this time as a human - your soul pulls many veils over your higher consciousness. This sad (from average human consciousness) but true fact of spiritual service can cause much consternation among the humans involved.

WHY am I on this dark planet? WHY can’t I remember my light? Your magnificent soul story is usually totally forgotten - with rare glimpses given in dreams and mini flashes of that which is beyond the veil.

How many lightworkers are certain they have incarnated into the wrong family - and, as children, dream of being a prince or princess, or angel, or fairy, or esteemed spiritual human.

How many children secretly play act, fantasizing as Mother Mary, or Jesus, or other light beings of their culture. Maybe Superman? Or Wonder Woman?

How many years have these lightworkers suffered under the veils of ignorance?

When it gets too much - the not remembering who you really are as a soul - much acting out can occur: Drugs, drinking, profligate attempts to reconnect - all vain attempts to smash the veils asunder and remember once again “I AM the light”.

Thus it is in my work helping souls remember. My own personal journey required decades of being in ignorance - desperately longing for what I knew not - until the time came for my spiritual awakening. Then I began to remember, little by little bit - paced to what I could incorporate into my 3D human knowing. Luckily, the glimpses of spiritual peace and harmony kept me going through the dark and swampy trials of the journey of forgetfulness.

And now, awakening lightworkers continue to pull back the veils and remember who they really are. A whole nother big step in the journey is beginning to understand the purpose of an incarnation in terms of ascension service.

As many channels have brought forth, when we leave the planet, we do a data dump into the planetary grids and the akash. Every little action of our human experience - rather it seems big or minutely insignificant - is tabulated. The experiences of being incarnate humans is invaluable research for the ongoing evolutionary development for humanity and all the intersecting multidimensional and quantum grids.

I’ve had many many many exhilarating encounters with the majesty and mystery of spirits incarnating into this dimension in my spiritual consultancy practice. 

My recent client, a highly committed galactic lightworker, has given her permission to share some of her journey - to both console as well inspire other lightworkers. Here are highlights of her journey with universal application to our lightworker family. 

As she incarnated before the planetary war (great war - version 2) in 1931, her soul/human experienced many trials and tribulations of the 3D struggles. The early half of her life, she had no remembrance of her soul and its greater mission here on earth. During this phase, she went through the normal wife and mother programs - yet feeling no magnetism to these roles - as if she were in a detached dream.

Once her awakening time came, she shed that previous human identity and adopted her conscious soul identity. She changed her earth name to her angel name as she heard in her meditation - in everyday life as well as legally. She moved about the United States several times during these years (as it turned out - doing grid work that she was not yet humanly aware of during these years of her life).

Her story illustrates and resonates with what so many lightworkers experience. She offers her story as her birthday present after 90 years incarnate on this planet. This story is offered with the intention that it brings some light to your understanding of your own - and others journeys - and shows what magnificent beings that you humans are!

Eleesee - a Galactic Ray Weaver

Holding Space and Opening Portals​​

Sound Vibrations of Eleesee

Means: "pledged to God"

Intone in the highest possible soprano with elongated vowels


Eeeeee is the angel vibration.

EL is the angel prefix.


Andalusia is a French/Spanish region on the Mediterranean Sea. Jesus walked there. You were there with Mary Magdalene and the early mystic Christians. You represented and held the star beam from another galaxy and held the portal open. It is a galactic portal from another dimension. You are a transducer into this dimension.

You have done this on many planetary systems, in many forms. In this lifetime, you are of the biological animal form of upright breathing two sided brain - human variety.

After many lifetimes of service in this way, you were curious of what the human element was like. You wanted to experience this biological entity human form. Your guides did tell you it would be an intense constriction of your energy. You wanted to try it anyway.

Hence many support structures and entities were placed to go on this journey of contraction. You are working with Babaji and Sananda on this project.

Your Orb

The multicolored star testifies to your many variations of forms and frequencies you have enjoyed during your vast soul circle of incarnations. Each radiation of your soul star is like a badge of honor for each assignment you have successfully completed. The center of the star is your soul. You are indeed a multi complex, multi dimensional explorer.

Published Sedona Journal
June 2022

Eleesee from Andaluseea

Andaluseea (Andalusia) is a great portal entry onto this planet. Jesus went there to absorb that ray - as did Mary Magdalene and many other saints. ELEESEE

Andalulia is another galaxy. It shoots an energetic ray onto this planet - anchoring in Andalusia, Spain. Your physical body has akashic DNA connections here.

Your move to the Southwest in the US is to tie in the rays held by the native tribes there - who also hold galactic rays in place. As you have been guided to move around in this lifetime to this place, the grid of this galactic ray consciousness is being put into place. You are an integral ray weaver in this new bridge of light being built. Your soul knows - even as your veiled human self is incognito - to best serve your soul mission. No spoiler alerts allowed!

You are weaving light - a light blanket - a new grid  

You are weaving in the higher dimensions. Weaving energy is strong in the Southwest - as many tribes there weave beautiful blankets for protection, beauty, and encoding spiritual wisdom. The knowers in these traditions are simultaneously weaving multidimensionally. When you first came to the Southwest, your soul magnetized you to a great weaving project. The Honor Quilt project activated your soul memories and purpose of weaving light beams interdimensionally.

As you began to weave threads physically, you also began to remember your galactic inheritance and mission of ray weaving. It is your great honor and your great gift to hold this beam of light in place for the building of the new earth.

How long am I gonna be here?

We are sorry your human part is bored. To understand the human dimension is - again - the reason you chose to have a human body experience. The data you have collected is invaluable in the galactic archives - for which you are a researcher on location on planet earth, human format. 

Even what you call your boredom - is important for studying how the human brain and nervous system react and stabilize to the decrease in external stimuli which you experience in your pared down lifestyle in the latter years of your human journey. 

It’s important individually and collectively to move the human energy bodies. Do it to whatever extent is comfortable for you at any given time. Do not push yourself.

Eleesee is an intergalactic time traveler, scout, and explorer. Right now, she feels shipwrecked on an abandoned island. That is not unusual for starworker travelers.

You have accepted this assignment on planet earth to collect data about how galactic light codes and resultant evolution intersect with evolving biology systems that are infused with higher consciousness - ie evolving humans.

Your Beautiful Orb

Notice it represents your time traveling soul whirling thru the galactic skies. Your most recent galactic “home” is 3 galaxies away from this one. As your soul passed through the different dimensional gateways, it collected orienting beams of light. These antennae, so so speak, radiate from your circular twirling soul (merkaba) to both send and receive info and connections from these various way stations on your trip.

Notice that your soul travels in galactic time - so the expanses of time/space you have traveled through and from are not comprehensible to the current brain configuration of the relatively limited human information gathering capability​of the 5 senses - ie a 3D based human.

I’ve never had a big job. They say “Just Be”. Sananda - my higher self - says “just smile, be yourself”.

You are a radiating star. This diminution of your human powers is in no way lesser than. Rather, it is how great is your soul capacity to shapeshift it down to a little package of earth-based intelligence. Your kids and husband carry the galactic codes of your biological lineages. These codes transmit both through multidimensional DNA as well as radiate from your soul star configuration. Redundancy is part and parcel of how systems work.

In this hybrid capacity, you have both the ability to think/be/feel/ galactically while simultaneously thinking/feeling/being as a biological human. That is quite an accomplishment.

Your orb with the star in the middle is your soul compass and collection of achievement merit badges. 

Earth culture reflects this cosmic custom of rewarding and showing appreciation for your great deeds aligned with the Creator’s loving intentions by adding light configurations to your soul constellation. The various colors radiating from your core of golden light are tribute and homage to many deeds well done.


Light Warrior Goddess Soul!

When you read of the Lemurian heritage and other galactic memories, and a page turns purple, your soul memory fragments are activated and beginning to integrate. As you have many soul memories in many galactic cultures, you get a memory flash flood of the frequency vibration perceived as purple though your earth based sensory system - your vision. 

You are right: Your soul self is giving your human self a great big huge sign that all is well as your akashic memory banks are beginning to flow into human remembrance.

You are validating so much I was in confusion about. I’m gonna have to be more accepting - longer than I thought. I went down to the river; I told God I came here to do what I came to do. I’ll be a good sport about being here on planet earth

Human culture and bodies have not yet been able to decipher and decode many of these higher awarenesses. You are definitely a wayshower, anchor and source of spreading this paradigm capacity into the earth plane - as the times are ripe to receive these transmissions.

Again, we say congratulations, Eleesee, for staying the course. We know the human part of your journey is hard right now as your human body lifespan is going through its winding down period. Simultaneously, your soul remembrances are increasing. 

Use this time now, with your decreasing mobility and sensory abilities, to reflect and contemplate the greatness of this universe, and the great part you play in it. No doubt you have many spiritual books to contemplate and study for deeper levels of meanings. If you are drawn to it, the Indian epic Mahabharata goes deeper into these cosmic issues.

Thank you for reaching out to us for guidance and confirmation that all is well. Yours is a great journey. We have the greatest appreciation for your journey, and remind you to do so also - as you look beyond the limitations of your biology to the greatness of your soul. 

You are returning to what you knew before you did the hero’s journey of squeezing yourself into a little box called “human”. That is some major shapeshifting!

We remain with you. Continue to ask us to guide and comfort you through these most progressive and topsy turvey times. You are beyond, before, and after this temporary turbulence. Ask your spiritual guides in general or whoever comes through for support, sustenance, and guidance as you continue your earth walk.

Do I have contact with Babji and Sananda when I am off this planet?

You are eternally connected to Babaji and Sananda. You all work together on a soul level as part of the Creator’s work team on this special grid building​ project. It is a galactic project - of which earth is a​n important node.

When I leave here, where am I going?

There is no place to go. You have already arrived!

Excelsior! Eleesee!

We hold you in the Creator’s Light

Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

Dear Lovely Readers,

Eleesee's story gives some glimpses of the intersection of our human and soul self in our lightworker journey. I think it holds relevance for many who are questioning the who, what, and why of our human incarnation. Eleesee has given permission to share her story - which is a universal lightworker story - though I have redacted any personal identifying details. Her story is offered both in tribute to the many elder lightworkers as well as to help us all with understanding what we are doing here on this strange, great, and amazing planet.

~ Pat Crosby

C 2022 Pat Crosby

Images: DuckDuckGo Free image search

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I woke up and saw this wonderful email that you sent out about one of your clients journeys!


That was wonderful Pat!

Pat, thank you!!! I read this yesterday and today I find myself reflecting on how long I have really been on my journey of becoming who I am here to be. I thought it was 10 or 20 years, but now I know it has been my whole life! I can see it clearly. Wow! I needed this reflection and contemplation. It really brings into the light that I have always been exactly where I am meant to be, and I always will be. So grateful for your post and the journey of reflection that it lead me to. Sending out deep gratitude and love.

Thanks for sharing this Pat! My head is finally clear enough for me to have been able to make all the way through the transcription.

You have given me much food for thought around our/my multidimensional and multi-planetary/galactic existences and connections!

Thank you again for sharing this with us, and I look forward to you sharing more of your awareness, gifts and talents!

I honor you and your ability and service of channeling entities that assist others to find peace now, and to realize the Divinity that is within us all, and that we are here to remember and find and share the love that we all truly are!


Thank you for this Pat. I have recently experienced much loss, I have been on a path of surrender and trust for the longest while. I relocated to a small town in mid January 22. I have hankered to move here for many years. I now live in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and we have recently experienced the worst possible flooding and damage due to a sun tropical storm. I knew I was meant to be here, that I am a grid worker/keeper. Despite the trauma and total destruction, no water as pipes were damaged, I am at peace being here. Durban is on the Nilotic meridian which is purging and cleansing right now

Dear Pat,

Much relevance in this post! Many thanks to both of you.

Lately looking at hypno material of a friend in 2016  on the subject of "encapsulations of time." Means something like collecting together all the beautiful and good in one's life to carry forward to one's "next project" ... meaning for all of spacetime. I saw it recently in a dream as "colorful packets" on a conveyor belt amid a lot of gray ones. I had a computer to select the colorful packets and let the rest go to recycling...

A, email

Re-reading Eleesee this AM. So helpful!
A, email

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Monday, January 10, 2022

Creative Crazy by Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

Creative Crazy 

 Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council 

 Hello Beloveds! Happy New Year! 

Guess what! ANOTHER new year. 

Sigh - hasn’t it been quite a run the last few? Previously, you may have looked forward to new years. Now - perhaps you are not so sure. What is up? What has been going on? Is there any end in sight of all the craziness your media reports daily. Or, if you don’t consume mass media, what crazy things do you hear from your family or friends? 

Even more bothersome, the crazy your own mind throws up in your face from time to time. Have you lost your marbles, too?

We ourselves wonder at how creative your crazy has been. But not to worry. Crazy is what happens when old orders are being upended. 

Crazy is what happens while we are waiting for new organization to come into being. 

There is a pushing and a pulling as different forces teeter-totter with each other to see what new balance will be able to be sustained - in keeping with your rising frequency. 

 It is a wild ride! 

But then, you have been hearing this the last few years. And we tell you the wild ride phase has to continue a bit more. You are approximately half way through the breakdown of the dying, and the establishment of the incoming. Such is the way of the cycles of transformation. As you so often hear - the caterpillar has to turn to mush before the beautiful emergence of the new form. 

Consciousness remains both mysterious and magical in reshaping itself. It is a study in fascination that keeps all realms of the Creator’s myriads totally enchanted as well as dumbfounded with amazement. Your earth scientists will never catch up - but good trying! So don’t think it’s just you - that you alone are having your minds bent. Ha ha - we, too, gaze in amazement at the goings-on of your planet. We, like you, seed the changes with our intentions for the highest outcome for all. How that actually manifests is like - well like - watching the mush turn into butterflies. Messy for a while - as birth tends to be. 

 What really captures our eye in this play of creation is the incredible resilience your species shows. As those of us assigned to monitor and guide your growth, we are delighted to see how much the consciousness bar has risen overall for your species. If you yourselves give a brief glance over your recent history - rather your own lifespan - or the longer span of your form of civilization (say a few hundred or few thousand years), you can also account for the general rising of consciousness and awareness. 

From our perspective, we measure frequency. So, as you know, the overall frequency of your planet is off the charts. The Schumann resonance number continues to climb. 

Violence as a first choice to settle disputes is now put on the back burner by more and more people. 

Mass media has increasing articles on conflict resolution, relationship resolution skills. People are being taught how to leave toxic situations when they cannot be resolved to higher vibrations. People are coming to accept that it is OK to be OK. Greater numbers of people no longer routinely accept that nothing can be done about things. People actively educate themselves, take action, and promote higher solutions wherever they are on this planet. 

Of course, huge backlash continues - yet the backlash to the backlash is increasing and evolving consciousness. The evolution of a magnetic planet is very much a push-pull activity. Yet - we see overall, the payoff for what you lightworkers and healers have been striving to create. Our perfect trio partnership includes you all in the 3D feet on the ground collective, we in the intentional realms, and our collective soul force combining to activate all of the above. 

Planetary wide heroic journeys such as this occur by microstep forward, steps backward, sliding sideways, falling into ditches, surmounting peaks…. 

And so it goes. Yet we all keep going. So this brief report at the beginning of another earth year, is just for us to remind you that all is moving forward. 

Things are going well. The end of the transition struggle is coming into view - dimly at this time - but still in view. The best is yet to come. 

So Happy New Year, Earth Being Co-creators. We are so proud to be part of this team with you in this overall rise of consciousness. 

 Excelsior - Going Higher 

 Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council 

 Copyright Pat Crosby, 2022

Article may be republished as long as it is without charge, republished in its completeness, and full credit to author and link back to original post here.

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Republished from Sedona Journal, Jan 2022. On sale in bookstores, Amazon, and online.   


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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Predictions 2022 - STAND YOUR GROUND - Sedona Journal - published Nov 2021


2022 - A Year for Mastery of Truth

Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

Reprint from Sedona Journal Nov-Dec 2021 - Annual Predictions Issue

Have you had enough rock and roll yet? Well, Me Pretties - it’s not done yet. The planetary waves set in motion for so much discontent, so much inequity, so much unhealed trauma are now approaching crest height. A tsunami of change awaits down the pike.

But First, More Shifting Must Occur in 2022

As you are hearing everywhere, remaining in your central core of truth and light is imperative to making it through these times. Your spiritual teachers - great and small - known and unknown - are emphasizing staying in YOUR center, staying in YOUR truth, recovering and maintaining YOUR sovereignty. All while connecting to your God cell and higher wisdom. And to your pure heart of unconditional love.

Your courts and legal systems are overturning all kinds of rocks - looking for hidden gems of truth amidst the forensic mountains of evidence, combing public documents - demanding long hidden files be open for all to inspect. Media is going berserk with new discoveries in public awareness each and every hour.

There is No Rest for Those Weary - And Yet Fascinated - by ALL that is Coming into Light

Like any surgery, this exploration is messy. Much rot and decay is coming into the light.

In the 2021 message to you: “Diamonds Under Pressure”, we effused the beauty of your evolving light bodies. We held out this image of you being squeezed and squeezed and squeezed til all your lower vibration density was transmuted into gold light and rainbow gems in your emerginging crystalline bodies - programmed with the powerful truth and immense beauty of the higher reachers of creation inself. That process continues - and is expanding with its power. This journey offers you the potential of the ages to transform and enlighten yourself. You are living in a golden opportunity for spiritual evolution.

You can Expect a LOT More Revealing in 2022

The support for this journey of transformation under pressure is supported by the expansion of your tools for learning and healing. Subjects that were taboo even 10 years ago are now mainstream. Prince and Princess Charming do not have to keep up the fantasy pretense. No, the fantasy Charmings are coming out of their royal closets to tell you exactly how it’s going down behind closed doors. The Charmings are exhausted and suffocating from all the pretense that encased the old paradigm of keeping the upper lip stiff.

Where is the healing in that? Where is the joy in that? Where is the ability to smile with life in that? Political order and stability pillars are being redesigned. It is no longer important to keep up the facade. No, indeed, completed pillars are also being undercut by the tsunami of change.

It is Critical for Tears to Flow - 

And Hearts to Soften and Open in 2022

It is a well known observation that humans dislike change very much. Indeed, they will fight to the death for old ways, old customs. Those who have staked their identity on external norms are having a hard time holding on right now. The power of change is getting stronger and stronger.

So what about you, Individual Human? Are you getting stronger and stronger? As you are forced to train for the tsunami olympics - day by day - witnessing things you could have never imagined, being scared out of your habits by the sheer driving power of the course, hanging on to flotation devices through hell and high water.

The choice remains yours. Do you use each wave as chin ups? Do you use each wave to pull yourself up even higher? As you survive each wave, do your swimming muscles get just a little bit stronger? Sometimes you get water up your nose - so you spit and sputter. That is normal in training and in the olympics. But what do you do with that water? Choke on it? Swallow it and swim on? Spit it out and snort? Do you let it overcome you?

But that is what self compassion is for. Do you beat yourself up for being weak? Or see the challenge of chinning up? When you feel you have failed, do you step back with appreciation for how far you have come - even as you can only guess how far you have yet to go?

Do you give up old thoughts? Old paradigms? Old wounds? Old systems? Do you ask the Angels of Forgiveness and other higher frequency beings to assist you to disentangle - individually and collectively as you cast your intentions for higher resolutions out on the cosmic waters?

Training can feel exhausting. Yet each time you pursue just a little bit farther, you get just a little bit stronger. And that is the win of the game, isn’t it? Getting just a little bit stronger. Perhaps at a pace that you cannot measure while you are in the drink. But to a bystander in the stands, your journey is amazing. Powerful. Exciting to see the new heights you are reaching in the intense workouts.

Perhaps you imagined ascension to be a walk in the park, a stroll on the beach, a piece of cake. Aah - dream on - dear Champions. Your time of rest will come - but right now, there is an olympics to win, soul medals to achieve. Your companions, the trainers, the fans are galaxy class. You are being coached to keep on swimming - and don’t let the idiots get you down! And don’t you be an idiot!

But just in case you slip and do something idiotic, don’t worry. The trainers, audience, and judges give you endless opportunities to pick yourself up and go to the next level. What did Buddha conclude after his training was complete: Ah - not too little, not too much. Just right. Not too tight, not too loose. Indeed, the middle way leads to perfection. To quote Goldilocks: Not too hot! Not too cold! Just right!

So as you gage your own training success in 2022, remember the wisdom of the sages great and small - from on top of the fabled sacred mountain, to the neighbor next door, to the elohim, to the wee fairy folk: Not too much, not too little - but always just right.

Training in Your Daily Life in 2022

Know you are in training. Training doesn’t last forever. Training runs its course. Then training reaches its benchmark. Then you are ready for the show. Then you are ready to be measured. The feather of balance shows you yourself how far you have come. You can then realise how far you choose to go yet.

We remind you - you choose to come here. You choose to train. You choose to be in these olympics. You are not weak. You are galactic class. You have done many marathons in your soul history.

When you are out to sea and can’t see the lifeboats, and the water is spluttering inside your mouth and you are wondering if all is lost, suddenly, a flash of a white flag, and over the next wave, you see the safety boat - right in your line of sight. They’ve got you in their beam. You are on their radar. You were never lost at sea. No - your training boat was right with you - seen or unseen in the struggle to chin up to the next level.

Feeling lost at sea is also part of your training - for you are developing your emotional body strength - a body that also develops through workouts. In the recent past, the emotional body was stifled. Blocked. Disengaged. Punished. That strategy was for the lessons of another time - learning the dark side. But those strategies no longer serve, Indeed, they choke you up with seawater up your nose. These times call for the arms of clarity, truth, evolution, finding your way through - not survival coping. Those hanging on to the jetsam of an abandoned strategy are having a harder time staying afloat - as their “life rafts” are actually dissolving in the sea of changes.

Sea of Changing 2022

External conditions - many of which dominate world news headlines - serve a higher purpose of allowing souls who have completed their current earth lesson plans, to move on - often en masse. These completed lesson souls have a glorious team of escorts on the other side, assisting them to leave this earthly plane behind as they plan their next soul journey. We can expect to see more and more of these rocking and rolling events over the next few years - as the earth and all her inhabitants continue to recalibrate to the incoming frequencies. As more and more portals open, more and more light codes enter the earth and human domain. Those who attune and magnetize to them, will continue their lesson plans here. Others are guided to their right and perfect vibrational fit. You can steer your own ship by continuing to heal your wounds and raise your frequency.


The cosmic time wheels have turned counterclockwise ⅙ turn in the second half of 2021. So more new paradigms and lesson plans are poised to enter our planetary consciousness. You haven’t seen anything yet! Hold on for a wild ride yet to come. It will be exciting - so prepare for more grand adventures, Ye Warriors of the Light! Stay steady in YOUR truth - the soul mastery of who you truly are.

Things that will Continue to Intensify in 2022 - 

A Year of Mastery

Many things that have been put in motion over the past years will continue to pick up speed and momentum.

Divine feminine archetypes are gaining speed and momentum as the patriarchal paradigm continues to recalibrate and rebalance. At critical mass, this shift may manifest through their historic iconography - such as Mary Magdalene. Her spirit is especially poised to heal the wounding of the divine femine in human beings - as it has manifested in sexual trauma, repression, and manipulation. These scourges of the feminine energy are being pushed back as the ongoing balancing of the divine feminine and masculine continues with greater and greater force as momentum grows.

The Lemurian energy grid of unconditional love is increasingly effulgent as it swells with birthing more and more golden light Creator particles into the planetary matrix - swallowing the darkness and metabolizing it into light.

Light code formations are getting more and more frequent with greater complexity as they usher new and continually complex multidimensional paradigms into this planetary grid - and as humanity evolves to receive - and then activate them - in our multidimensional matrix. 

People are becoming more and more able to receive and integrate galactic and cosmic light codes. Most of this work is happening subconsciously. Although more and more lightworkers are able to actually see the codes and colors, frequencies and sounds enter them and integrate. It is very beautiful to observe.


More and more humans will come to see that the galactic neighbors are us in 2022. It is not about we and them. Or we vs. them. It is We are Them - and they are us. Our understanding is unifying.


Things we don’t even know exist will come into your world. You cannot be prepared - except to be prepared for something totally new. See reference to the turning of the cosmic wheel in 2021 above.


The Great Mystery continues to rotate, play, and evolve. 2022 abounds with uncharted waters. Anything can happen. Wild cards will be frequent. Buckle up! And Stand Your Ground!

Stay Grounded in your Stand. Yes. That’s Right. We say it again. Over and Over. STAND Your GROUND! Ground in Truth - the first and primary principle of conscious creation. It is the only way to see your way through. 

The energies of 2022 support you mightily in your efforts to increase your truth discovery, awareness, and implementation. 

Do not be misguided by the chaos of those fighting being in truth. You be a beacon for truth - grounded in the unconditional love of the Goddess light, and the stalwart truth of the Creator. 

Truth is above the duality dimension of taking sides. Truth is unconditional love.

I wish you great success in 2022

I Hold You in the Creator’s Light

Excelsior - Going Higher!

Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

Copyright Pat Crosby 2021

Images courtesy Creative Commons via Google search,_Ann_Street,_Brighton_%28NHLE_Code_1379913%29_%28September_2019%29_%28Interior%29_%2810%29.JPG

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Republished from Sedona Journal, Nov 2021. On sale in bookstores, and online.   


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Comments received by email


Just read your article on Getting Stronger: A Year for Mastery of Truth. Thank you so much. Fabulous.

Wishing you well and sending unconditional love.

Nancy Eos MD

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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Carolyn’s Story. My Unexpected Joy of Passing Over. By Pat Crosby

Carolyn’s Story

My Unexpected Joy of Passing Over

By Pat Crosby

My long time and dear friend and soul buddy left this earth plane unexpectedly one morning,

She had emailed me at dawn, just before she passed - wondering what was happening to her.

She was my Reiki and healing student, as well as housemate in our healing center, and then neighbor for several years, and shared our spiritual path - so we were used to discussing energetic things together.

By the time I called her mid morning, her neighbor reported that she had no pulse by the time the ambulance arrived.

That same evening, she came in loud and clear on the etheric telephone. She requested I let people know what it is like in the first 12 hours after leaving the earth dimension.

 She said: “It is my legacy, my gift, to let people know how wonderful it is, and what will happen. I also want to let people know how their prayers matter.”


Hi Pat! I’m here!

Wow - you are in so much light. You are so expansive. Your golden glow is filling my heart. How are you?

Good - good. I’ve arrived now. It was a bit of a journey.

After the pains in my chest last night and worry wonderment as to what was happening to me, I fell asleep. That is when my earth heart stopped. I fell into a deep sleep - like a coma.

When I woke up, I was in this room filled with light. It is like a golden bubble. There are other people here who have just crossed over. It is very calm. Everyone is in a peaceful meditative trance. Deeply relaxed. Feeling at home.

It took awhile - for a while I was in a kind of foggy haze - like coming out from anesthesia.  As my soul bubble of light gradually rose upwards during this day, the air got sunnier and sunnier - like getting above the clouds. There were some beautiful golden angels holding my hands - one on each side - escorting me. It was like I was sleep walking in a trance. My eyes were closed - and I was happy to just be helped along. I could feel so much love, so much radiance. I had no fear - just calm acceptance. I felt totally cared for - never alone.

Then my spiritual master arrived in a beautiful golden light form. The angels handed me off to her - She took my hand and  glided me along into even higher, clearer golden light.

I feel now like I have just woken up after a deep long nap. I feel very refreshed, very clean. Like a vacation on a perfect sunny beach. All is golden light and clear.

I still see an overlay of my physical self - like a transparency over my soul. But even as we communicate now, that personality veil is getting thinner and thinner, and my soul light is getting stronger and stronger in my consciousness. It is very calming, very reassuring, very pleasing. It is like watching a false identity just fade away.

I am just beginning to look around at my earthly life now - from my lofty perch. I can see everyone doing everything. I see my daughter being worried and fretting. I see my dog and cat a bit confused. I see my home that I loved so much. Even as I gaze at them, they are getting thinner and thinner in density - til they will fade away from my memory and be as but dreams - as indeed they are/were. I am told I will have several earth days to observe them, send them my love, talk to them if they are open. Otherwise, I will just bathe them in golden light from my heart center. My end-of-life blessing to them.

Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for arranging prayers. Thank you for sending prayers and Reiki healing light to assist my journey. I definitely felt them all. They felt like little bursts of gentle breezes, sweetly lifting my soul bubble higher and higher. Sometimes I thought I might stall or get stuck in a cloudy patch as my soul was ascending through the layers of density, but then a little prayer breeze would come along and scoot me up another notch or two. It was such a lovely experience.

Especially when you sent the Reiki antahkarana rainbow bridge of light. My soul saw that array of light beams, was immediately drawn to it, and grabbed on. The rainbow bridge just automatically boosted me up like on an ascending escalator. There was nothing for me to do - but enjoy and marvel at the ride. Like being on a tourist site-seeing train ride.

Our friendship on earth was so important to me. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for our sisterly companionship through many different chapters - ups and down - in earthly life. As my density is clearing rapidly now, moment by moment I am having greater and greater clarity about the meanings of all the various events and happenings and people in my life. The unfinished business grudges are just disintegrating and evaporating as I turn more and more to the golden light.

Tomorrow, I am meeting with my soul team to begin our life review process. They have told me they will help me gather any potential understandings and life lesson learnings before I move on​ ​to the next level. They will accompany me as I visit past places, chapters, and people, pets, and plants in my life. They will help me understand, and let go. Surrender it all back into the light from which it arose.

It is like I am in a reception room. It is full of recently departed people/souls who are this vibrational level. We are all harmonized with each other. Our angels and golden light beings are outside the golden bubble room, observing us, and shining light on us. It feels so very safe, like we are cared for deeply and in a warm sun room. And being monitored and prepared to move to the next level.

Below, I can see another bubble which is more cloudy. There are souls who are still working through their confusions about different things. It will take them a little longer to process their passing over and life lesson plans. Their angels are also outside their bubble room, guarding and observing them like nurses outside the hospital nursery of newborns.

Above me, I can see a brighter more golden bubble room. Perhaps they are dimensions? I am being acclimatized and prepared to enter that atmosphere when I have finished processing this level, clearing, harmonizing, and getting ready to move on.

The prayers wafting my way from the earth plane continue to gently help me rise and clear gently, and surely. These prayers are very powerful and so much appreciated. I am able to send blessings in terms of golden light bubbles from my soul heart to them already. I am grateful to be here.

The earth journey was getting more and more difficult in terms of physical and material ease. So although I was a bit shocked - nay - surprised - when the time came - overall it was quite easy and pleasant. And now that I have arrived here, I would never think of coming back to that earthly life now. It would be such a depression of my current energy.

I am grateful to my daughters and sons for all they have done and are doing in my life. They have been a great blessing and joy in my life. I trust now that my ex husband will be free to move on in new ways on his journey. I feel the anger in my heart towards him slowly dissolving and being replaced with this lovely golden nourishing sunlight.  However, that is something my soul team will help me with tomorrow and over the next few days.

Anyway, as I said, the shock of transitioning has worn off already. I am now in the wonder of it all - and wondering why I EVER thought worriedly about leaving my body - what you call dying.

I look forward now to the phase over the next few days of surveying my earth life and all the people, places, things, and pets I shared it with. In this way, I will gain closure - and I hope closure will come to all those I touched and who touched me.

Thank you again, Pat, for being my good friend, neighbor, companion, and soul sister through it all. You have made the journey easier and friendly. I so appreciate all the help you gave me during some difficult chapters, and look forward now to sending you some light as I progress through the different rooms of light in this - my new golden journey of light.

The most important thing for me in my earthly life was meeting my spiritual master, and learning from her. Her light, her love, and her radiance continue to light the way for me now. I feel her protective presence all around me, overlighting everything that is going on. I feel like a little chick under her wing of grace. That is SO precious. I feel so taken care of, so comforted. So reassured.

I am told we (me and my angel guidance team) will visit my earthly experiences a few more times over the next few days. Feel free to pass on my messages to those who are open to receive a “message from the dead”. Ha ha! I never felt so alive as before.

This is my parting gift to humanity: To let you know the journey of leaving is beautiful. SO beautiful - you won’t believe it. Don’t be afraid. Just be joyful and trust in the light and the great goodness of the universe.

Your sister-friend in light,

Known to you in this lifetime as Carolyn.

~~~ Pat Crosby

Copyright 2021, Pat Crosby

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Received via email

Carolyn's story was absolutely extraordinary. To know and be re-assured about the journey when first passing over is priceless. It was new information. Of course to know that everyone's prayers, and mantra, and other blessings sent had a manifest physical impact of support, help and ease was beyond rewarding. When my sister died in 2019 my intuitive counselor told me she was in "a bubble of love" feeling safe and protected. Carolyn's story reminded me of that as well only more information. And of course to know absolutely that her spiritual teacher was there to help her cross over was deeply moving. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. It makes me so happy to know that Carolyn herself appreciates that the whole community has been sharing it with each other. Beautiful!!
~ Deborah - Boston

Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience.
I feel the same way about you as Caroline does. I hope that in some way I do the same for you
Happy New Year Pat!!!
~ Tracy, New York

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2022 Predictions - What Lies Ahead? How to Navigate Trouble Waters

Monday, October 26, 2020

PREDICTIONS 2021 Diamonds Under Pressure

Predictions 2021

Diamonds Under Pressure

The Cosmic Council with Pat Crosby

Reprinted from Sedona Journal

Predictions 2021

Nov-Dec 2020 special issue

Has 2020 squeezed you enough yet? Is the pressure getting to you? Cracked/cracking you open? Leaving you feeling discombobulated? Disassembled? In pain?

OK! Good! Congratulations! You human diamonds-in-the-making are being created under immense intense pressure. You human star travelers arrived here in different waves to be the special ops forces of galactic changes - wherever you go on assignment. You are worthy of these challenges and paradigm shifting opportunities offered here.

We speak to you now of the current state of the ongoing transformations of the earth grids, light codes, and the intertwining of the galactic and cosmic grids with your earth bodies and your daily life. The decks are clearing, the stage is being set, for the re-creation of every aspect of your daily life on planet earth. 2021 is advancing to a whole new level of truth in manifestation.

(As an aside, to support this higher vibrational earth program, some diamond beings are also being dropped off on earth to assist and model your earth re-creation project.


Vajra in the star language Sanskrit - indicates great strength. The vajra symbol of the thunderbolt, the divine symbol is used in many spiritual traditions.Thunderbolts carry the full power of transformation - in a split of a split second. If you’ve even been caught outside in a thunder and lightning storm, you have glimpsed this great power. You feel it in the electrified air.

Fear and awe, combined. Respect!

In the year 2021 - you are headed into powerful strength and powerful transformation effects of the diamond vajra energies flooding into your planet.

Your Light is Getting Stronger in 2021

Now - as the descent into matter process is reversing, and you are spiraling back into knowing your light essence, you are floating out of the quicksand of form, remembering living and being the light. Isn’t that grand rediscovery? How much are you remembering yet?

As cycles reverse now, you can spiral out of dense dimensions, emerging from limited form awareness like caterpillars from chrysalis - carrying the new wisdom of your harvested soul lesson plans this time around. Your emergent light body is spectacular to behold - staggering the belief of your conditioned human mind. Oh my God, you whisper to your higher self in moments of clarity: ”How beautiful am I”.

This, we acknowledge, is on “good days”. Other days, you may feel you have smacked the wall. But not to worry, it will all come out in pure light and truth in the end.

In the process of being squeezed til you become diamond strong, diamond brilliant, your humanness is undergoing immense pressure to codify, clarify, and strengthen your inner gem potential, honed to bring out the magnificent gem clarity of your soul. Your rough edges are being chipped and cut away to reveal your innate marvelous brilliance.

In your travels through many dimensions, your pure soul light essence conformed to the structures of these different dimensions. Your soul cooperated and coalesced into substance.Your light body played hide and seek with itself - camouflaged in form and substance. You got soot on yourself coming down the chimney into 3rd dimension. Your radiant light body dimed to get stuffed into a limited material costume. Your human biological senses adjusted to only inform your human brain of 3rd dimensional seeing. And vice versa. What a costume party! You had fun pretending? Intriguing is it not? Page turner? Cliffhanger? Depressing? Shocking? OMG - what next?

In 2021, your remembering will become stronger and stronger as each chapter, each month, unfolds in its many fascinating episodes. Through it all, keep your eye on the emerging and increasing light within and without. That is your recommended focus - like a captain eyeing the lighthouse in the midst of an intense storm.

As your higher senses re-ignite, you perceive far more than the 3rd dimensional material plane. You see/feel/remember the radiations from the higher dimensions from whence you originate. Your cosmic DNA activates, informing your human consciousness of your divine consciousness. How grand!

As you adjust, and attune to these brighter dimensional visions, your longing to live in them accelerates. As you have flashes of your own brilliance, you adjust - gradually, easefully, gently. Or maybe not! Some are jolted into remembrance. We suggest you pray for a gradual, easeful ascension!

More and more humans are sensing cosmic lightness as the drudgery and sheer heaviness of formed reality falls away while higher senses re-awaken. More and more humans are evolving and opening their higher senses, integrating, and merging them into perceiving the light in formed matter.

Truly, the process of evolutionary capacity is rapidly revealing more and more every single day.

The pressure of this soul re-birthing is intense. It’s a very big baby emerging into remembering. A big arrival of new energies. New perspectives. New light codes of possibilities and realities.

Mothers, you remember the joy that comes AFTER the intense birthing process.

Tear down? Renovate? Replace? Upgrade?

Is always the question with old things that have served their purpose - not up-to-date. It has been the big process of 2020 (a 4 year of rebalancing). So much that was unbalanced had to be rectified. Foundational truth had to be shored up, rot removed. The process was/is intense. The demolition process continues, even as the newer structures are arriving into place - replacing/upgrading obsolete structures.

Sometimes there can be great charm in renovating and updating an old well-crafted comfy home. Othertimes, termites, mold, and rot have done so much structural damage that collapse is imminent. Attempts to band-aid broken structures unfortunately leave shaky, dangerous, wobbly, scary structures: “Danger - No Entry” In other words: “It no longer serves”.

Let it go! Let it all go!

The celestial architects of light plans - the Elohim - are on special ops assignment from Creator - designing new systems as cosmic forces are earthquaking old structures off their foundations. Reducing what was into rubble and raw building material.

The twin towers, destroyed through hateful intentions and actions, resurrected as a brilliant new paradigm of searing, blazing blue light beams reaching into the heavens. Thus many were inspired to come on pilgrimage there for recovery, healing, re-imagining. Imagine! There is no hate! Only love!. Only divine light! 2021! Imagine! How the hateful intentions of 911 were transformed into a glorious pilgrimage spot of inspiration and inspiring compassion in humanity. Human Lightshowers, hold that vision with us for the new upgrades appearing in 2021!

Isn’t that a magnificent example of the power of your intentions, prayers, and actions, Lightshowers? That is the power you carry. That is the power that is expanding now. That is the power of our project of raising the vibration of planet earth and all that is in form.


2021 Diamond Cutting Light

You are here on your mission to bring increasing light into this world - both in magnitude and spectrum. What is new for 2021, is the intent and capacity of the light you anchor. 2021 light is searing, cutting - lazar rays of truth, cutting away the dross - revealing the magnificent diamond brilliance of the gem truth encapsulated within coarser substance. This light is breaking down that which is spent - composting it for new lush growth yet to come.

The searing demolition of the dross is unveiling the profound light of truth - highlighting it, making the potential in the 3rd dimension now visible.

2021 brings immense inloads of the searing light saber of truth - cutting through layers and layers and layers of corruption and historical disassociation from truth.

The game of hide and seek with the truth is winding down. Truth demands now to be fully revealed, and is fighting vigorously for her victorious outcome.

Truth is a body entirely onto itself. Truth is the foundational principle #1 of creation in Lemurian reckoning. (Kirael 10 Principles of Conscious Creating). Truth is amplifying in 2021.

Royalty-free greek mythology photos ...

Truth - A Good Virus

Consciousness of truth is spreading like a good virus on the planet right now. It is intense; so many cultures have referenced the intensity of constantly hacking away the weeds of untruth with their iconography of a sword and justice - rather it be Pallas Athena, Kali Durga, Lady Justice, the wrathful deities, Archangel Michael…

The good contagion of truth is on a heavy-duty upswing throughout 2021.

In contemplation and meditation, your human mind lets go, unflinches, and allows the ocean of truth to reveal itself above the chaos of dissolution.

2021 = 5 - Divine Consciousness in Lemurian Numerology

In Lemurian numerology, the 4 year 2020, focused on balance. So much that was out of balance was topsy-turvied, shaken profusely. We’re sure you noticed, Lightshower!!

5, the sequential number, represents divine consciousness. As we clear the decks - individually and collectively - of old energies, we create space for more loving divine compassion to flow into our lives.

This rebalancing (still wildly going on) is a prelude to the next level of divine consciousness - re-creating from the #1 foundational principle of truth.

A 5 pointed star shows initiatives going out from the center - the heart of the star. And so it is the emerging next step. As that which was unstable, unbalanced, was knocked apart, there is room to recreate from a heart centered divine awareness. Even some politicians have started giving voice to creating something new in love and compassion.

Free Stock Photo 3621-pink glitter star ...

Lemurian Living Love is Expanding in 2021

The Lemurian grid essence is compassion, balanced with the divine feminine, and manifestation of unconditional love. The foundation of creating in the truth of love has been laid over the last few decades by lightshowers in many dimensions - including humans.

The project we guided - and have written about in several messages by our current channel - (“The Resurrection of the Lemurian Grid”) - has been nurtured and shepherded to awaken the sleeping flower-of-life intentional grid, fractal it forth into the 3rd dimension, and connect it with the galactic and crystalline grids to establish a powerful interdimensional delivery service web of higher frequencies into the human/earth dimension. Now this flower of life grid is being mass intensified by lightshowers from many dimensions and many traditions - including from human team members. Planetary meditations have focused on the flower of life sacred geometry grid anchoring and expansion on planet earth. The fruit of these great intentional meditations will yield even greater in 2021.

The Lemurian grid of unconditional divine love, in its curvy, brilliant heart-love magenta pink vibration, is the ground of all creations in life. AKA the flower of life, this sacred geometric cosmic template segues down through the dimensional plasma walls and is now securely grounded and being anchored into, around, through, and on planet earth. This grounding process of this love template will increase exponentially in 2021 - the year of divine consciousness spreading love.

2020 has humanity begging for change. 2021 is delivering - changing fear to love.

100+ Free Five & Dice Vectors - Pixabay


Healing, love, and charity all begin with each one of us individually. 2021 is a year to truly practice: Charity Begins at Home! Begin with your very own self!


We remind you to ask the Angels of Forgiveness (Elohim creator class in our Cosmic Council) to help you let go of any old energies that do not serve you moving forward. Just ask them on the fly - anytime you notice your mind veering off track into any old energies of resentment, anger, regret, complaint, pain, etc. Ask the Angels of Forgiveness to remove all this old parasitic energies from your energy field. Ask for grace to replace those with higher frequencies of gratitude and healing. As our messenger Loryna Byrne says - hire unemployed angels!

SleepState Program - Lemurian Principle of Consciously Creating #9

As you go to sleep - ask your higher self to activate and enlarge your healing each time your higher self travels while your physical body sleeps - with grace, comfort, and ease, for the highest good of all. Ask your higher and personal self to download and activate all the healing energies and intentions each time - with grace, comfort, and ease. Ask for the highest good of all, this or something better.

Journaling - Good

By scribing, you intensity and clarify your learnings - which will then be recorded in the numerous akashic libraries in the cosmos. Scribing also helps you codify your lessons, too, thus optimizing your journey and growing your personal and soul wisdom and compassion.


Choose to have the higher outlook of expanding wisdom. Choose to increase your skill to hold on to all the energies simultaneously. It is said enlightenment is the ability to hold all points of view simultaneously. Evolve yourself beyond the pairs of opposites, beyond duality. Remember all is created and held in love. Move yourself beyond blame, judgement, opinions. Pray to see as the Creator sees. Pray to express your own Creator skill and powers to see and love all things magnificently. Pray to see from a higher perspective. Pray to live in this higher perspective. Pray to be that higher perspective. In this way, you fulfill the full potential of this shift of the ages.

Breathe Golden Light Particles

Which will increase your vibration, and flush out old junk, and heal yourself: Mind, body, heart, soul.

We reiterate and affirm what so many others have heard and reported. As the shift intensifies, opportunity grows in your capacity to receive, hold, and radiate love exponentially. These times are truly the most golden of golden opportunities to evolve your soul in wisdom, skill, and love. You came here to experience this. You are here to own this. You are here to be this. Take full advantage of these truly wondrous adventures you are fully immersed in.

Do not be pulled under into the chaos of the unbecoming, the undoing of the past paradigms. Rise to the occasion of the breakthrough of dimensional barriers - to float through all things, observing all things, loving all things.

Beloveds, this does not mean to not set human boundaries. For that is also the wonder of this shift. You are above, and below. You are above it and also in it. As a master skilled player, you follow the rules of the various dimensions.

Have a blessed year of many discoveries, advancements, and revelations of divine grace and divine unconditional love.

We remain with you - holding hands and hearts throughout the dimensions during this magnificent journey of the ages.

Happy 2021!

We hold you in the Creator’s Love,

Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

Copyright Pat Crosby 2020

Article may be republished as long as it is without charge, republished in its completeness, and full credit to author and link back to original post here.

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Channeler’s Note

This message was received, coded, and amplified over 7 weeks. Truly a Cosmic Council, various beings would pop into my mind while shaping the impressions, snippets, mind videos given to me whenever I would tune into Predictions 2021. 

At each stage of the editing, other various beings would interject commentary - for me to integrate into the narrative. A few of the beings I can say by human reckoning names: Archangel Michael, Angels of Forgiveness, Reshel (feminine aspect of Metatron), the platinum light Elohim, Kirael, and the planetary lineage sustainer 5000 year old Babaji - who has gotten even more active lately in upgrading human religious and spiritual systems. 

They send their blessings to all through their glistening encoded words.


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