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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Double 7 Years  

Transitions Within Transitions 

Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

2023 is a 7 year. In Lemurian numerology, 7 portends many great changes. People in their 70s are also entering the decade of transition. This is a decade where one is outgrowing and shedding previous inundations of who one was. These ideations served for a prior stage of life - but will now begin to weigh heavily as you enter the next phase of your experiences on this planet. 

So whether it is you, a loved one, and any other persons you know in their 70’s, here is some helpful information to navigate this chapter on the human timelines. 

7 is time for the old energy patterns to go - along with the old physical items. These old patterns and old things once served you very well in previous stages. But if you try to hold onto them now that you are outgrowing - and have outgrown - them, it will only hold you back. Their weighing on you will keep you feeling more and more stagnated. You are an evolving soul - so if you try to keep yourself at a prior level, there will be increasing tensions between your old patterns, and the new ones trying to come in. Many people get stuck at this gateway. 

7 - The Lemurian number of transitions - is pressing hard on you to move forward. For humans, the energy of change is often met by the oppositional forces of inertia, doubt, and fear. You know what has worked in the past. The known gives thoughts of leaving well enough alone. 

Why give up a good thing, leaping off a cliff into the unknown? This is the fear parachute jumpers encounter when they first learn to jump. Free fall into space at 150 MPH? Whoa! But your soul team and your higher self are right there beside you. They will catch you. They open your chute at the perfect moment - to guide and calibrate your momentum for a perfect landing. 

Those who resist the incoming impending energies are not spared. They begin to stagnate. And/or shut down. They barricade their hearts and minds. The old energies press on all the systems of their body: Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, passion. Something’s gotta give. When one moves into fear instead of curiosity, passion, and enthusiasm, the energy begins to choke off the life force. It throttles your evolutionary journey. You miss so many golden opportunities to explore new territory as an evolving soul in an evolving body. 

The physical body has its own timeline. As a conscious soul, you come to respect this vessel that has allowed you to enter the experiential realm of the embodied elements. You have a physical container that has physical sensory organs. You are in a world of physical objects that you can spend lifetimes exploring. Your physical body has a seemingly endless capacity for experiencing all kinds of tastes, smells, sights, emotions, sensations, ideations. 

As you tune in more and more to your higher soul self and activate your conscious connection to your soul self and the spirit guidance realm, coinciding with having more time as the demands of career and family lessen, you have the opportunity for more focus on your conscious specific spiritual evolutionary process. 

This opportunity for spiritual focus and exploration has been one reserved for monks, hermits, and mystics. Now, in this grand stage of earthly life, you have a lifetime of memories to savor, to process, and to mine for the wisdom gold contained therein. 

In today’s information age, your self exploration and digestion of lifetime(s) of experiences is truly a golden treasure mining period in your life stages and experiences. It behooves embodied ones to learn how to maximize physical health as much as possible. 

If your journey includes illness, you have an opportunity from a soul perspective to study the effects of illness on your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs, your energy system. Where and when do you feel disconnected from the ever present spirit? What false and limited beliefs rise up in your face and threaten to drown you in misinformation? As a conscious spiritualized human being, this is part of your earth walk that presents a whole new group of challenges. It is up to you to work them and pan the gold therein, or give up and feel drained and hopeless. 
Published Sedona Journal
March 2023 issue

As always, we continue to walk side by side in tandem on your earth walk. You may or may not be aware of our presence, for we are in a different dimensional layer than you. Yet we are connected at the hip - so to speak. An energetic hip forged in mutual love, admiration, wonder, and respect. 

We hold you in the Creator’s Light. 

Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

C 2023 Pat Crosby

 Creative Commons distribution license. 
You may republish as long as all links are left intact, 
it is not for sale, 
and the content is left fully intact as written, 
and full credit to website and author are honored.

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Creative Crazy 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

 Link to this article

How Master Souls and Mediums Connect

1 Example

A tribute to Kahu Fred Sterling, medium for Master Guide Kirael - guide for the Great Shift on planet earth

 Kahu has recently “changed neighborhoods” as the Hawaiian elders call “death”

Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

I have had the opportunity to observe souls remotely as they depart from their bio bodies. In my permitted observations, each departure is unique. Kahu Fred Sterling’s leaving was particularly illuminating and instructive.

I had observed for some time that Kahu’s earthly tenure was winding down. His physical appearance was similar to what I have observed as hospice patients get ready to depart their bio body while detaching from 3D earthly life. He was glowing with more white light. He was becoming less animated, and more calm. He had a far away look. He felt less dense. His light body was shining more. Hiis physical body appeared more translucent. I observe this common light pattern in people as they are approaching physical death - especially in our elders in their 7th, 8th, and 9th decades.

Kahu passed on 11-11-22 New York time - a BIG collection of master numbers. And the particularity of two 11’s adding up to a master number 22 is particularly compelling. The special ascension day numbered 11:11 is a time when portals are wide open. This ease of accessibility leads many people around the world to participate in rituals, intentions, ceremonies, and observances to bring in, anchor, and stabilize more light and light codes. Our spiritual guidance realm is in full on engagement. Humans, galactics, angels, elementals, etc. are exponentially working to uplift the collective consciousness. We all float on these higher tides - including souls coming in and out of the earth plane - in many dimensions.

As Kahu’s soul was separating from and ascending above the earth plane,I observed a very large - HUGE - sphere of intense, deep, dark compacted golden light above the earth plane. The spiritual intensity was immense. This great ball of energy/light was many times greater than our perceived ideas of the size of our sun in relation to the earth. The immensity of this greater dimension truly could not be computed by my more limited earthly consciousness.

Published in Sedona Journal Feb 2023

As I continued to watch the shifting energy patterns over the next several days, I saw the much smaller ball of the same kind of intense concentrated dark golden energy slowly rise from the earth's dimensions. The pace of this rising had to be slow so the soul we know as Kahu could acclimate and calibrate to the increasing frequencies - just as divers have to slowly ascend so as not get the bends. The vision I was given is similar in Star Trek - where a small capsule, tethered to the mothership, is re-approaching to attach and click into place. The pace is a smooth gradual glide into the perfect connection position.

Kahu’s soul glide took the better part of three earth days and nights. As he made contact, slowly, slowly, slowly, his elongated light ball form gradually attached and then began retracting into this great ball of energy light that we personalize and call Kirael. Ki ra el is the sound signature vibration emanating from this great ball of intense compacted golden light. Hence, from the earth's perspective, we call it by its sound vibration: Kirael.

I called out to Kirael three times, as we have been taught to consciously connect with this energy intelligence. This time, for 3 days and nights,there was no answer - as had been reliably so in the past. Just deep silence. Stillness.

My intuition counseled to wait, observe, and respect whatever great process was taking place - for however long it took.

After three days, the passageway to connect re-opened. I saw Kahu’s energy was now firmly connected and embedded with the great ball of light/energy we know as Master Guide Kirael.

Over the next several days, I saw Kahu firmly embedded in the Kirael ball. He was like an appendage that could descend into the space between that great ball of light and our dimension and consciousness. As he was settling into this alignment, gradually, his consciousness, as well as Kirael’s were available again on the earth plane. This week-long process allowed for aligning, attuning, calibrating, and connecting.

I remember Kahu saying previously that he had a soul contract to work with Master Guide Kirael as his exclusive medium in this earthly form. I saw that Kahu was an extension into this dimension of the energy called Kirael. Kahu was not a separate soul as we normally might consider it to be. I could see that this was so in this dimension on this planet. When the time was up, he ascended and withdrew back into this great KIrael ball of light/energy.

Kirael now resumed my calls from the earth plane to connect - and flooded me with his loving strong blissful energy signature frequency as I had always experienced.

I could see Kirael is a vast realm of consciousness. His guidance emanates out from this great ball of light/energy into many dimensions and many planetary systems. A tiny fraction of his consciousness and energy communicates with our planet.This intelligence is vast. A subsection of this vast intelligence/consciousness attunes to our frequency to communicate from his great holdings of knowledge. Kahu lived as an extension of this energy into our sphere of comprehension.

So I think this is a fine example of how great consciousnesses are able to connect with earth embodied consciousness. Those we call channelers and mediums have the energetic devices to receive and communicate with these intelligence frequencies.

I remember Kirael saying thousands were listening to his discourses in his earth talks when Kahu was bringing forth Kirael messages. Several nights into this process, I slept-state programmed

The 10 Principles of Conscious Creation

to travel with Kirael in my higher consciousness and asked to know about this question. That night, I saw a vast cosmic audience of soul lights from many planets, many dimensions, listening with rapt attention and awe to the knowledge flowing out of this Kirael consciousness ball. Those who could receive in the various planes of existence were each translating the thought patterns of this great loving intelligence into the various languages and dialects throughout our galaxy - and beyond.

I liken it to simultaneous language translations at the UN - where people from many different civilizations can all receive their format of the messages being given. Each listener had the message transmission stepped down to their dimension of receiving and comprehending. In all dimensions, the message rides on the vibration of divine unconditional love.

It is a hologram of high intelligence and vision that flows through entire structures of communication devices: Channelers, mediums, and listeners.

So we talk about channeling and mediumship - we have no idea how big these messages might be in their origin. And who might such mighty consciousness beings be themselves channeling - as higher levels of consciousness permutate down through the dimensional layers. How many layers or dimensions are there? How many dimensions are down shifted to accommodate the receiving ability of the receivers in each dimension?

In Kahu’s passing, they (Kahu and KIrael) gave us another gift - of allowing us a bigger glimpse of how these messages unfold to reach us here on earth - in our various levels of understanding. Each receives guidance from on high - modulated to the frequency of each one hearing. How compassionate is that!

A few years ago, I was traveling in remote Peru in the high Andes Mountains around the great amethyst portal of Lake Titicaca at 12,500 ft (3812 meters). I spent 4 days and nights with an indigenous family on a remote timeless island without electricity doing ceremony as guided by spirit. Returning to the mainland on a local packed market boat, I saw among the sacks of potatoes, corn, lama wool, babies, and families, a wizened old beggar-looking man. He caught my eye through the crowd. He flashed me a multi dimensional vision of his golden antennae coming out of his crown chakras - similar to the antlers of deer - reaching into the higher dimensions. This simple shaman - in a glance - showed me how these etheric communication receptors operate. It is interesting that in many cultures, shamans are often shown as having an antler-like headdress.

9000 year old Shaman art

I was flashed a view of how the indigenous wisdom keepers received and transmitted so much wisdom. For example, In 5000 year old cities in Peru, there were altars with stones mirroring exactly the 7 sister stars - the Pleiadians. All around the world, time old indigenous civilizations have knowledge of star systems way beyond physical 3D observation. Here is one simple vision of how they are able to receive such intelligences.

I am guided to share these stories as they will activate soul memory and connections for readers who are ripe in their soul journey . No worries if this does not resonate with you at this time. Seeds are planted - and sprout at the perfect time and place. Soul memories awaken when the time is right.

I trust these stories will awaken some deep soul memories for readers who are ready. Those who are drawn to read these words are ready. Of course, soul energy is way beyond earthly concepts of timelines - so No Worries, Maties! Go about your life, and be happy now! All is in divine timing and perfection. Your happiness vibration is a great gift to the ascension of our - and any - planet.


Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

C 2022 - 2023 Pat Crosby

 Creative Commons distribution license. 
You may republish as long as all links are left intact, 
it is not for sale, 
and the content is left fully intact as written, 
and full credit to website and author are honored.

Images courtesy free image search on Duck Duck Go

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​Pat, I read your message on Kahu's transition on FB and it made his process even clearer to me, thank you a lot ~ D

Thank you Pat for this wonderful insight into Kahu's passing, I had a deep feeling since March 2022 that he was slowly disconnecting even stronger from the earthly and moving into so much more light.I loved both Kahu and Kirael deeply and there was a deep deep feeling of loneliness within me, which is now being filled with these golden particles of light/love. Blessings to you Pat and thank you ~ D

I am called to thank you for your Jan article about Kireal/ Fred. I always find your offerings deeply meaningful and I am grateful to you.

Good morning, Pat. My name is _______ from Florida. I just finished reading your article in the Sedona Journal. And Honey, I just wanted to call to bless you. The last sentence that I read in your article is about being a gift of happiness. I go about life being happy. That is my gift. I'm so happy to have met you. I'm calling to bless you. God bless you for the work you do, Honey.  Bye-bye, Dear!

Dear Pat,
You are a blessing. Your channelings helped get me to this point. I don’t have all the anxiety I had. I’ve had 2 miracle healings from God.
El, NM

Shaman Art

Monday, November 21, 2022

Holy Shifting Timelines

Predictions for 2023

Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council


Thriller Timeline  2023

The family of earth includes you in bio body, and also you in spirit who are overseeing this rapidly shifting planet. To remind you, we all work together - many taking turns in and out of bio bodies. Some have never assumed an earth biological body, even though we have had long tenure with this amazing little powerhouse of a planet, which is now shedding its density layers and shining ever more brilliantly. This lovely little planet is an apple of the eye in the Creator’s vast vision. Our team includes embodied humans, ancestor humans, future humans, angelica, christed galactics, divine masters of many dimensions, and our one true source of all that is.

You hear many ideas, many fantasies about what is afoot in this shift. Much is known about the unfolding progress and process of any planet in the midst of its frequency raising  adventure. This little planet is not alone in this journey. It is part of a web, a grid, of interconnecting galactic nodes that all work together to bring changes through interconnections. They are shared on the warp and weave of creation.

Although much is known of the overall process, unique twists and turns exist within an overall grand plan. There are many intricacies and individual choices that color the unfolding process. Each embodied soul has free will choices to make at each juncture. As when you follow the architect's blueprints for a new structure, exigencies arise in the process that lead to revisions, additions, and subtractions. That is the power and purpose of your free wills, my dear embodied soul members of Planet Earth Team Evolution.

Link to this article

2023 = A 7 Transition Year 

In Lemurian numerology, 7 indicates transition from 1 cycle to the next, as 7 week days conclude with a new week beginning. The 7 cycle from 2016 took you collectively and individually through a wild ride of surfacing many previously buried things into the light for study, reflection, purging, and transforming. Every realm went through a turning inside out, upside down: Politics, weather, society, norms, laws, policies… What came into view ran the spectrum from ghastly to wondrous. 

The global pandemic caught everyone’s attention. No one could ignore it. It did not matter what their minds thought about it. It was here as an agent driving vast change. In the new cycle beginning in 2023, there will be more time to process all that has been brought under the microscope for scrutiny. Quantumly, scrutiny is dual: What you are scrutinizing is also scrutinizing you. Your self reflections increasingly reveal what makes you tick - on so many multidimensional levels - individually and collectively. Much of it remains a present mystery currently being examined, and then solved and/or evolved.

Energy Changes in the Wind

Ours is not a prediction of who is going to do what, when, and  where in the 3rd dimension. Nay, ours is a prediction of what energy is going to do what, when and where. We can tell you that the laws of karma still apply in the multi dimensions. For what thoughts and intentions are sent out, manifest. And they boomerang back to the sender. As density lessens, thoughts become lighter and more sublime, Returns are faster. You cannot pollute the lighter dimensions with heavy, dark, or negative thoughts. They truly cannot penetrate the higher realms. They precipitate out and dissolve as lighter density demagnetizes them.

Energetic shifts you can expect in the current 2023 timeline


Exterior events include upheavals in the great shifting underway. These upheavals are like panning for the gold of truth amongst all the detritus which has piled up hiding it. There will be more upheavals in politics, weather, opinions, old paradigms…  Astrologers explain the force of Pluto driving revolutions. Note that Pluto is part of the galactic grid we have mentioned above. Pluto is not “causing” these upheavals. Rather, Pluto is an embedded guidepost to help you unravel meanings of signs along this grand journey.


Young souls will continue to act out. Outrageously. They have little experience in materiality. They are learning by driving themselves off of cliffs. This will not change, as this is the planet of one room schoolhouse learning. Young and old souls are welcome here. What a riot!


You older souls reading this may think there is nothing left for you to do in this embodiment playground. Nothing could be further from the truth. As your 3D activities lessen, you have more time for reflecting on your soul growth. This takes the form of letting your intuition evolve, and your lightbody increases its glory as you open and allow more interface with light codes and other evolutionary offerings at this time.

About your expanding light body here

The Spectacular Bejewelling of Your Light Body


Things will get more intense before they get better. And we mean MORE intense. The veils are shimmering with transparency now in these increasing frequencies and new paradigms. All that was previously veiled is increasingly visible as the veils become windows instead of light blocking shades. The horror of it all. Karmas continue to balance - especially for the younger souls, as karmic returns are their main teaching vehicle.

Karma is neutral. It is neither good nor bad. It is just a mirror, a reflection for a soul to see the results of actions. As souls grow in experiences and wisdom, they are better able to reflect and learn from experiences.

Younger souls need more in-your-face karmic reflections to “get it”. Don’t panic. Karma is a great teacher. Pluto and other astrological influencers are helping everybody along. Souls come here to learn in this rare school of density. Souls in the guidance realms that have birthed other planets through shifts of consciousness know the ropes. They continue to guide this planet, its realms, and you through the birthing pains to a happy outcome.


We remind you old souls who are drawn here to remember, that you are choosing to increasingly uplevel your gamesmanship. Each time you master one level, you are eager (!) to take on the next level, with increasing complexities and intricate lesson plans. Your life blueprints are true action thrillers, with many twists and turns of plot storylines. You would not have missed this golden opportunity for accelerated learning on this fast track for anything in the universes.


And just what are you learning? What is the game plan here? The lesson plan? You are learning to love in increasing layers of density. Just when you think you’ve “arrived” and reach some level of enlightened understanding and action, WHAM!  the game board tilts, you are upended, and a new level commences. Shock to your 3D self. Glorious opportunity for your soul self. You are not a victim, Dear Old Soul. You are a champion player in the game of multidimensional mastery. You came here for this grand opportunity for exponential soul growth. Glory on! Don’t be shy. Go for it. The Timeline is Now!

Shifting Timelines

Uniquely in these rough and tumble transformative times, you can spring ahead in your timelines. As you lessen density, you also have opportunities to switch timelines. These may show up as sudden jolts in your interests, your friends, relationships, locations. etc. In quantum multidimensional opportune times such as these, you get multiplied bonus points for each and every lesson learned in mastering love incarnate.

Switching timelines is like switching majors in college. First you are majoring in let’s say, biology. Then your interests change. So you switch to mathematics. Then maybe literature. Then maybe… you get it. You can change direction. Nothing is written in stone. No need to be bound by past directions. As earth density and magnetism lessen, you can make changes easier and faster. These are changes in your thoughts, emotives, biology, relationships, comprehension…

Can You Love?

It is easy to say you are loving when it is a lovely day in your garden or on the calm beach, with friendly people, good vibes, delicious food, a full belly, a roof, peace… But can you stay balanced and in your core love during a war zone? Hurricane? Flood?  Biology screams for survival. What does your soul scream for then? No worries, Old Soul. We have lesson plans for every occasion!

You are hearing from many sources that it is important to stay in your love center. We applaud this a gazillion times. We are here to help you attain this lofty goal. When you falter, or fall down, or miss the mark, we are your coaches, cheering you on, inspiring you, arranging time outs so you can regroup within yourself. We place signs in your path to encourage you. White feathers, anyone? 

Whether you are aware of us or not, we remain right beside you, shielding you, protecting you, inspiring you, whispering guidance in your heart and mind. We do not desert you. We are in this together - for the really long haul. You have long haul guidance. Ask to open up more and more to this gift available to you for the asking. Always ask for guidance from the realms of love and light, in accordance with the highest good of all, this or something better.

How Multidimensionales Learn Together

As you learn and enlarge your love capacity, we do the same. For in our various dimensions, we are all learning the game of love. Do not think that we without bio bodies do not have our challenges. Ours are much different than yours in structure. But the intent is the same. As we support and coach you, we learn from you how to traverse the energies.

Our view is bigger than yours, but our hearts beat in tune with each other. As you glow more, so are we able to increase our loving light from the joy we experience in your expansion. Think how parents grow in wisdom as their children grow in experiences. It is the same for all of us.

We spell this out because we want you to know that you are not insignificant little sinful blobs - broken mistakes in the creation. On the contrary, you are fully capacitated to walk the path of spirit in all directions, and in many dimensions. With your biology, you are uniquely qualified for grounded multidimensionality. You are essential for grounding the shift on this planet.

Lesson Plans for Old Souls and Young Souls

So-called young souls are new to embodiments. They arrived on this planet with great ideas of how to express love. Then they hit the hard tough love walls of being human. Density of dimensional layers blinds their vision. They get shell shocked, and knocked unconscious. Thus their learning to love in human form begins. Unlike you old souls, they do not have soul history to remember, so they struggle mightily with their lessons.

As old souls, send them your love and light and good and great thoughts. Also send love and light to yourself and other old souls as you work through your own soul lesson plans. Also, stand back while young souls slug it out in their early stages of embodiment research. 

You embodied old souls are very much needed in this shifting process, for you have the soul capacity to hold and anchor the newly forming higher consciousness grids in place on this planet. Your soul capacity is different from your bio body capacity - which may be diminishing as you get physically older. Take time to thank your own personal servant through thick and thin - your amazing bio body. 

Your loving intentions and thoughts are the food and fertilizer for the growing high consciousness grids. These grids are not formed from nothing. They are formed by intentions. As we all envision a more golden loving planet, it is only humans who can anchor these ethereal ideals into physical reality. This coming year is going to allow you to understand much more, to resolve many confusions of duality, and shine your light and love with greater focus, intention, and strength. Your opportunity for soul growth is exponential. Seize it!

Published Nov 2022 Issue

Do not think you are doing nothing, that your life is over, or question what is there to live for, Old Souls. Whales are not the only form that holds memory on this planet. Your forms hold the stored memories and intentions driving this shifting process into manifestation, and eventually completion. Yes, there is the photon belt, the procession of equinoxes, galactic alignments, and such. These remain the structure for new possibilities. But these possibilities will NOT become human reality without YOU being right here, in body, anchoring these energies.

Young souls cannot do this. Only YOU, Old Souls, can perform this essential formative function. So stay calm, and carry on - til Creator calls you home. Then, you will help in a new way for you, and an ongoing way for us.

Psychologists tell us that it is wounded beings that attack other beings. And that is the story of young souls just getting started on the grand journey of embodiment. When you look at young souls and then look at your journey, you can get a glimpse of how far your soul has traveled. You can measure your soul age by how much compassion you have for yourself and for others.

Do you blame and judge? Or understand and have compassion? Compassion sets boundaries - which is itself a sign of old souls - that you know when to say yes, and when to say no. You develop discernment. Old souls' growth and wisdom is not spiritual bypassing. It is a testament to many great battles fought and won over many many lifetimes.

We spell this out for in the year ahead, you will need to set many boundaries. Your main boundary is to maintain your soul integrity and honor where you are in your own evolution. For as the old boundaries of human structures fall away and dissolve, it is your own soul sovereignty that will pull you through.

You cannot count on anything external. And that is the grand opportunity your soul has to experience and learn in floundering times. Some may leave their bio body behind. Such dedicated souls continue to help the shifting process in lighter dimensions - along with we all. They will just change their workplace, clothes, and neighborhood.

You are Needed, Old Soul

So thus we invite you, even implore you, Dear Old Souls, to stay the course. Do not tire. Do not give up hope. Do not feel all is lost. Do not get depressed about certain 3D goings on. Do not take sides. Do not judge. On the contrary. The energies are so ripe for the insemination of your high and divine thoughts and intentions right now to bring the promises of the shifting higher consciousness into manifestation in this very place, this very planet.

Intend for the highest good of all, this or something better. Intend for a most beneficent outcome. Stay the course. Continue to fulfill and invest your divine golden inheritance that you have earned. You have paid your dues many life times over. You are needed. You are essential. You are loved.

We hold you in great esteem, with great gratitude. We are proud to serve with you in the family of light. We hold you in the Creator’s Light.


Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

C 2022 - 2023 Pat Crosby

 Creative Commons distribution license. 
You may republish as long as all links are left intact, 
it is not for sale, 
and the content is left fully intact as written, 
and full credit to website and author are honored.

Images courtesy free image search on Duck Duck Go

The Spectacular Bejewelling of Your Light Body

5th Dimensional Pyramid of Light Healing. Guided Meditation

Thank you for being here Lightworker. You are appreciated!