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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5th Dimensional Pyramid of Light Healing. Guided Meditation. Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby

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Learn how to create your own healing pyramid of light and call in a divine healing team to help repair the rips and tears, bruises, hurts and traumas we all experience in the journey of being human. 

Guidance reality gives us a method of intersecting with their gifts to help us adjust and attune to the rapidly accelerating frequencies coming onto our planet as the shift unfolds.

Meditation includes clearing the dysfunctional family shadow energy - so important for the shift - individually and collectively.

You are clearing not only for your self, but for the collective unconscious of humanity as you do this guided meditation.

By your doing the journey of clearing, you are creating a new paradigm of fresh higher frequency answers to enter into the planetary and galactic "wikipedia" - the crystalline matrix archive of information and new solutions on our planet.

Learn how to bring 5th dimensional energies into your 3rd dimensional reality and relationships.

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