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Friday, November 16, 2012

The New Dream Begins ~ 2013 Arrives! YAY! By Pat Crosby. Sedona Journal 2013 Predictions Issue Published Now

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We WILL survive 2012, despite the "end of the worlders." We are moving between the 3rd and 4th dimensions on a journey that brings us into unknown territory on every level — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, cultural. Global and personal changes are occurring at unprecedented speed. History won’t help us find our way — we have never done this before.

In 2013, as we continue experiencing powerful human transformation and a great shift in the worldwide consciousness, how do we chart the course of our lives? What guidance can we trust?

What are the beings of light telling us as they survey our near future from their perspectives. As we expand our consciousness, change our levels of reality, and reach new spiritual maturity, these beings know they are allowed to bring us new information, tools, and techniques — information once concealed from us — to help us enjoy and understand our accelerating awakening of consciousness. 

They can also show us how to use it to help ourselves and others create a more benevolent life for ourselves and the planet.

We want to feel the positive energy of joy and love these beings radiate - with humor! 


Now ~ Read this complete article by Pat Crosby

The New Dream Begins ~ 2013 Arrives!

A Message of Comfort, Wisdom and Expanding Vision from Reshel
(Feminine aspect of Lord Metatron) with the Lemurian Council of Light.
Through Pat Crosby

Mayans have called 2013 the New Dream ~ the New Beginning.

For indeed, you have in mass consciousness dreamt an old dream that has well run its course. Congratulations on running so many masterful lesson plans, Dear Humans!

In the old dream that is coming to an end, you got to experience your individual and group lesson plans for exploring the cracks and crevices of the 3rd    dimension ~ the realm of duality ~  the realm of ying or yang, up or down, yes or no, win or lose, polarity.

It was exciting, wasn’t it? Just watch the crowds scream with excitement when their favorite team wins ~ or boo and hiss when their team loses. Did you enjoy all those adrenaline rushes available when the 3rd dimension was in ascendency?

Now a big ending and a new beginning are at hand... the end of the 26,000 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes ~ of which much has been written and discussed. Many have tied their knowledge and revelations to the famous forecasts of the very adept Mayan astrologers and soothsayers. We say this information is all correct. Many great civilizations, long before the advent of the internet and current technology, were well able to read and chart the great cosmic cycles as revealed in the stars and the motions of the planets as they evolve and spiral in their various trajectories.

We also note and choose to remind you that each soul that incarnated in the 3rd dimensional time period did so of its own free will and choice. There are great opportunities to learn and eventually master the energy streams and patterns that are only available in the 3rd dimensional realm of polarity and duality.

Talk about a great game! How many of you souls were so excited to be chosen ~ to have qualified from your previous soul adventures and travels ~ to come into the very select reality streams of the intense and boxed-in features of the 3rd  realm of duality.

There is no reason to play victim about your own soul choices. Unless, of course, you have chosen in the path of your own soul journey explorations to experience the "victim" energy and thus set up your game plan in 3rd  dimension to partner with beings and situations that would enable you to experience, and eventually master, this unique energy pattern. Similarly for any other energy patterns you chose to experience in your human incarnations.

Remember, Dear One, you chose it all!  

As you knowingly came into this 3rd  dimension from higher realms of light ~ speaking specifically to light workers now ~ you had your heart and mind set on learning about and mastering very specific energetic patterns ~ patterns you give descriptive earth names to ~ such as anger, joy as expressed in the human physical system, loneliness (what a joke ~ remember your soul team is always with you!), apathy, abandonment, betrayal, depression and other experiences of being cut off or having reduced conscious contact with your full soul light knowing wisdom. Indeed, you more adventuresome and brave souls chose the tougher obstacle courses to hone and develop your energetic skills in mastering various levels of various realities in 3rd dimension. Congratulations! Jobs well done, Old Souls!

Yes, the Dream of 3rd was and is powerful. It is also rich in golden opportunities to extend your capability and knowledge and mastery of these very powerful energy streams. Embodiment in 3rd dimension is a gift from your own soul, your soul support team, and the Creator for you to experience and enjoy the unique lessons and joys available only in this 3rd dimension of form and function ~ this dimension of little discreet boxes.

Where else in the universe will you get to experience eating hot-fudge sundaes (or whatever your chosen goodie experiences are)? Experiences that combine the weaving of your various bodies with the physical ~ experiences running the gamut from the highest divine ecstasy to the pits of despair. Enjoy it all while you can, Dear Earthling, even the drama and the trauma ~ for life in the 3rd dimension is hard to come by and lasts for a very short time! This particular time line experience is nearing the end of its course.

Now the merging of the higher dimensions with the 3rd is imminent and all around you. It is no secret now that Mother Earth ~ Gaia ~ is raising her vibration to ascend herself ~ and carry all upon her ~ into a higher consciousness vibration. She has well serviced the Creator's intention to offer a place for the souls selected for the 3rd dimensional journey to experience fully the power and opportunities of this 3rd dimension. Many have studied very well, learned and some have mastered the lesson plans that are only available in 3rd dimensional experiences of time and place.

Now a joke, My Dear Ones!

Ha ha ha!

A lot of people fooled themselves! They thought they could get out of their 3rd
dimensional commitments and lessons plans as they supposed "the end of the world" was at end.

They thought they could ignore the difficult parts of their soul lesson plans, and just sort of “jump” into higher consciousness. Yet we know you cannot learn the deep wisdom lessons of each dimension without walking the unique journey of experiences available in each dimension in which you have the ability and opportunity to hone your skills, talents and gifts in the transformative cauldron of experiences at each level of vibration as you perfect your mastery of each dimension.

We are here to tell you, Dear Human, that it is not the end of the world. Perhaps you've noticed! We are all still here!

(As an aside, you can count up all the times the world was "supposed" to end throughout recorded history. In recent time, you can recall the famous Y2K predictions for supposed mass chaos as the clock ticked over from 1999 to 2000. Y2K never happened, did it?)

Some among you are very much on the journey of fulfilling your own chosen lesson plans. Dear Humans, with all the concurrent energies of the stars and planets, there is much cosmic support for the completing of these lesson plans, as you continue to milk as much information as possible from your earthly experiences in your present 3rd dimensional journey.

Those of you with lesson plans still in process can carry those lesson plans into the higher dimensions as the earth unfolds its own destiny and you continue to solve the mysteries, riddles and challenges you have set for yourself to master.
As we leave behind the greatly prophesied year of 2012 and enter The New Dream beginning in 2013, we sit poised on a great interface of different levels of consciousness ~ different vibratory frequencies and patterns. New energetic configurations such as the photon belt, the galactic grid, and the Lemurian Grid of unconditional love are interconnecting with your energy patterns now. We marvel at how cleverly everything is interconnected and woven together in perfect timing and synchronicity to support you and Mother Earth on your collective journeys.

The past few years have given you time to do a lot of inner and outer cleansing in preparation for raising your frequency. In the great cooperation with your Mother Earth and her higher self (Mother Nature) the interwoven planets and galaxy-wide alignments of doorways and portals have allowed streams of higher consciousness to impact you. They have greatly supported and assisted you all, individually and collectively, to turn over rocks in your consciousness, and to clean out deep forgotten closet shelves in your history, your memory banks, your inner life as well as your greater outer collective lives. The great cleansing streams impacting your planet have enabled you  to turn over mountains of established and embedded dying, obsolete and decaying trash within yourself and prepare fresher higher-frequency foundations so that you can receive new creations of higher-consciousness energetics poised to enter your planet and your DNA to assist you in raising your consciousness.

To help you understand these things more, here is a little secret (actually it’s a BIG secret) of how the web of sacred geometrical forms and patterns (aka grids) emanates from the heart of all things in the Creator's very essence. These magical configurations of form encode space-time-thought-intentions and emanate and stream them through the dimensional walls and layers. In this manner, they carry the complete pattern of the Creator's intentions into every nook and cranny of the creation and into the very innermost workings of your cells. 

These divine blueprints or patterns called grids are an effective methodology to manifest the potentialities of the Creator’s great thoughts. 

Thus today, you are experiencing the intersection of your individual, your group, and the Creator's thoughts and desired experiences encoded in the form of grids transducing these intentions into form.  The planets, stars, and galaxies all hang on grids ~ patterns of the Creator's intention. These grids are literally thought-forms of the Creator. As the energetic configurations of the grids flows out and moves through these patterns, they carry the potentialities of manifestation into the elements of the creation. The grids also connect with and stream galactic light codes around your planet and transduce them in a manner that they can interconnect with your human systems and consequently be absorbed and utilized by you.

Hence you, as dear embodied humans, are now experiencing the new evolving flowing patterns of the Creator's intention being made manifest. In this instance, the Creator's intentional grid of thought-intention manifestation is carrying you closer to home.

This journey home has required you not to pack, but rather to unpack your baggage from all your past journeys. This new journey requires you to travel light. The best things to carry on this journey now are clear mind, clear heart, clear body, as well as an abundance of love and good will and dreams of higher consciousness life.

We honor the great journey of you light warriors of spirit who have voluntarily undertaken the immense journey into 3rd density. We admire your data-collecting ability and your enduring in form in a world of hard-hitting duality. Your findings and discoveries are logged eternally into the cosmic records ~ and this accumulated knowledge and wisdom will be of great assistance to other worlds in other times and places that also undertake a journey of adventure in the denser realties.

The greatest light explorers and warriors among you have delved deeply into the density of the 3rd dimension and logged incredible discoveries of how to maneuver, weave and master those energies back into their created soul matrix of unconditional love.

Your findings and discoveries are immensely respected by those studying, and cataloging them in the cosmic learning information banks. The findings gathered from your experiential reports will greatly assist many other worlds and potential realities yet to unfold. Your findings loop back to the Creator’s heartfelt intelligence ~ giving feedback to align and refine other created worlds.

As a result of your 3rd dimensional explorations, the cosmic record keepers are pouring over your discovery data with wonderment while they examine your discoveries of the 3rd reality structure. These discoveries can only be made by those who inhabit a 3rd dimensional body. Thank you, Brave Souls that you are, for doing this important and highly regarded groundwork!

Now we are on the threshold of a new period of time ~ what some Mayans call “The New Dream”.  This dream promises to be full of light miracles as you begin to explore how to create in these higher frequencies of light and love patterns made manifest.

Crossing this threshold into the New Dream time is not an all-or-nothing event. It is more a merging, aligning and attuning your energy field and bodies to the next set of frequencies of your lesson plans ~ group and individual.

The gap in dimensional frequencies changeovers cannot be too large ~ or you would literally short circuit.  Instead, gracefully, you ~ with the assistance of your soul team ~ can gradually adjust to the next frequency level that best serves the interests and mission of your soul journey as directed by your higher self while you ease into new energy patterns.

We remind you there is no such thing as "higher" or "lower" levels of exploration or dimensional habitation. All playing fields are equal in the Creator’s universal view. Each of you is a specialist in exploring the field of interest most to your liking and choosing in alignment with the greater journey of your soul. All fields of exploration or density (dimensions) are realms of the creator's majesty and interest. All dimensions hold the essence of the Creator's love. All dimensions hold just the right opportunities for each soul to experience and fulfill its own soul mission.

In time, you, Dear Human-embodied Soul, will master all the dimensions of the Creator's playing fields, the Creator's beautiful sacred geometrical grids of intention and manifestation ~ aka known as dimensions of reality. We remind you there is no finite number of these dimensional opportunities. The Creator is always doing exactly that: Creating anew.

Whether you choose to continue in the 3
rd reality, explore the 4th, 5th
and other dimensions, know it is all perfect and exactly chosen for each soul in the loving network of the Creator's vast cosmic network of love interwoven with your own unique soul journey plan.

What’s next?

You've been through ~ and many are still going through ~ a sort of cosmic car wash... a lot of accumulated grime and soot is/has been getting scrubbed off!

Now, prepare to drive into the light of higher dimensional consciousness and experience the unique soul adventures only available in these currently unfolding realms of light and energy configurations.

Your soul team guides, supports and uplifts you as you expand into higher consciousness.

 We hold you in the Creator’s Embrace of Loving Lemurian Light.

Copyright 2013. Pat Crosby. 

Permission to republish granted as long as republished in entirety with full credit to author and no money is collected or received for re-publishing.


November 3 - 7, 2010
The 7th Day Dawns in the Underworld
We evolve to conscious Co-Creation of existence and experience

UPDATES PHOTON BAND - MAYAN CALENDAR: The Photon Band and the process of Transmutation


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