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Sunday, May 26, 2013

It’s Time to Remember – Your Life in Lemuria By Pat Crosby with Reverend Mel Morishige

It’s Time to Remember –
Your Life in Lemuria
By Pat Crosby


A conversation between
Pat Crosby - with the Lemurian Council and
 Reverend Mel Morishige - Executive Staff Emeritus of Kirael
and the Honolulu Church of Light.

PART 1: The Birth and Retirement of Lemuria

Rev. Mel:  I’m here with Pat Crosby on March 19th, 2012 in Hawaii. Pat is visiting to work with the grid lines - especially the Lemurian grid.

                  I don’t think that there are too many people that really understand the process of grids - so we’ll be talking and asking questions about grids and her work with grids.

I’m not sure many comprehend or even know about of or are aware of the Lemurian grid and how it impacts the role of the planetary grids and Mother Earth.

It’s a fascinating topic for people that are into the energetic or energy lines or the vortexes and goes over most peoples’ heads.

Talking with you has really opened up my consciousness or these visions or visuals to new feelings about the grid lines. 

I don’t really pay attention too much to the grids unless something happens where I’m interfacing with it for some reason. Even when I work with energy outside like you had mentioned in Kahana Bay, it triggers for me feelings and thoughts about Kahana Bay that didn’t make sense to me before. When you brought it up it was - oh yeah that’s right!

Sacred Falls is another site.

One of the most vivid memories for me was when we were walking at Kaena Point (on Oahu) and you started talking about grids, especially the Lemurian grid.

How would you explain what you do and how you see the Lemurian grid?

You had come here with specific and yet unspecified things to do - knowing that there were tasks that you undertake. 

Some of them I think you have clear understanding of - yet you came here, there were other opportunities that made themselves known to you.

It was only after you got here and started working that things popped up - new things, new to the picture. Right now the guides have said to you that everything is completed for you.

I just thought about it - but it’s not really a completion.
It’s only a stage and I’ll be expecting you to be returning here because there will be probably more to do as other segments and stages are completed.

How does the Lemurian grid fit in with all the different grid lines and grid locations? What is it about the Lemurian Grid that is different or same or how would you describe the Lemurian grid versus the rest of the grids?

Pat:            Thank you, Reverend Mel! In your opening statement you’ve asked about 25 questions. (Laughter!)

Rev Mel:    I know! Sorry! I just let myself go!

Pat:           That’s good!

                   You’ve given us plenty of material to work with there! So thank you!

              Background of the project from channeler Pat.

                  I have learned the last few years, since the ‘90s, when I hear in my quiet time that I should do something or go someplace, that it is probably for real. Like most careful humans I will listen intently and make the message be repeated numerous times over an extended period of time so that I’m not feeling swept away on some fantasy of my own making.

I had been hearing - for probably a year - that I needed to come to Hawaii for the winter of 2011/2012.

The last time I got such a clear directive was when I made my two trips down to Peru two years in a row. Guidance had told me I needed to go. It took me two years actually from the time I first heard that message until the time I went.

During that time my mother passed over. I had a lot of third dimensional things to take care of. Suddenly it just seemed wide open for me to go. So I got in my car, drove from New York to Miami, flew down to Peru.

The journey unfolds step by step in front of you. You can’t really look too far down the path.

You know you are with an incredible array of beings who are guiding you. We humans have our training wheels on and spiritual guidance forces are helping us learn to drive and steer and go in a new direction.

Of course, from their point of view they see things from a broader perspective than we humans are usually able to see. It’s similar to horses needing to go in a specific direction when they are chained to a carriage or racing. They put blinders on the horse so the horses aren’t distracted.

It’s been my experience from every way that when we come into this third dimension at the soul level we consciously put our blinders on so that we can focus on having a third dimensional experience.

What fun would it be to come here, go to all the work to get a third dimensional body, maybe a third dimensional family and then be focusing on the higher dimensions that we came from? So we would totally not have the interesting experiences of the third dimensions.

I think in our spiritual life at a certain point we start to expand our vision back again and literally the blinders start to come off and we see a broader perspective.

That’s a long way to say: I have learned to trust - after I do my due diligence of feeling that I have gotten a real message from guidance versus some little blip in my fantasy world of my own making.

When I know that I am aligned with my soul team I’ll go ahead and follow through on what I’m asked to do.

I ended up in a part of Hawaii I wasn't familiar with way up on the North shore. As it turned out, I’m living near a very mystical, magical place called Kaena Point - which I can see from where I’m living!

I was only here a few days when I was drawn down to the beach to start my spiritual adventure here, learning about something called the Lemurian grid. 

Lemuria, according to Master Kirael’s revelations is 50,000 years since it was physically on this earth.

The Channeled information on Lemuria begins here – from the Lemurian Council – through Pat Crosby

There is a blueprint for everything that happens - whether it is building a building, a house, laying out a garden. We make a plan - sometimes in our head, sometimes on paper. 

If we are trained in architecture, we make a very intricate drawing. Nevertheless, we make some kind of a pattern we’re going to follow for the project we want to create.

The grids are patterns that the Creator sets in motion from the Creator’s own heart. The Creator’s heart is the essence of its being so it’s not just the physical heart like we think of being in a third dimensional body, but the essence of the creator’s intentions.

When the Creator gets clarity as to what it wants to create, (he/she/it - we don’t have the right pronouns in English language - it’s incredible - there’s no words that we call the Creator), it sends forth - from its own essence - a pattern.

It’s very interesting in the science of sound. We live in an interesting age, the scientific age. There are scientists who study sound vibrations. You can see videos. They've taken sand grains and laid them on a certain type of plate that’s sensitive to sound. They say certain words and the sand grains arrange themselves in a very specific pattern - often matching what the word represents.

Just for an example to illustrate this point, suppose you laid the sand grains out on the proper equipment and said the word “apple”’ The sound grains would arrange themselves in the shape of an apple.

In essence, that’s the way a grid works - a sound vibration is made. The Creator sends forth an intention. That intention creates a pattern.

An architect might create the drawing that came from ideas that were transferred into the architect’s mind from the client.

Let’s say I want a brick building, or I want a glass building, or I want a skyscraper, or I want a beach house. Whatever the pattern is, the architect takes this idea and begins to translate it and put it into some kind of a diagram.

We can call this diagram a grid. It’s showing us what we're going to create. As the process unfolds, the diagram on the paper starts to take shape into three dimensions - going from two dimensions on paper to three dimensions of physical construction. 

The builders come in and begin to work with the pattern of the grid.

They start to build on it, to prepare the site, to put the foundation inside, get the right equipment, do stress tests, etc.

There are many, many experts that come in with their specialized skill to help materialize what the grid is intending to create.

This process never exactly goes exactly smoothly because bumps come up along the road. Maybe the bricks that arrived were faulty in some way and so they had to be replaced.

Maybe the marble fixtures put in place and the client comes in and says: “Oh I think I’d prefer granite”. So they take the marble out and put a granite replacement in.

A grid is not something that’s static. It’s actually living. And there are many forces that impact upon the manifestation of the potential of the grid.

Lemuria, as many of us have heard and many of us have experienced in previous adventures of our soul travels, came from a specific intention from the Creator’s heart: A very beautiful weaving looping, soft, petal effect that came out to create a very loving, embracing experience in the third dimension.

This is the pattern that came out of the Creator’s essence, the Creator’s heart. The Creator was in such a good mood when creating this particular pattern. You know how some days you are just really happy when everything you create is beautiful and then other days you are a little agitated and so maybe your cookies crumble in the pans instead of coming together really nicely.

The Creator made the Lemurian grid in a state of really, really supreme, unalloyed happiness and sent forth this pattern.

Creator, of course, is vast. Great, great spiritual scientists have spent thousands of years trying to describe what the Creator is. It is vast as all the cosmos. We can’t even conceive in our human mind what that means.

Setting aside the question of the vastness of the Creator, this essence flew out from the supreme heart of its own essence to create an incredible, loving experience- to then be populated, to be filled in, so to speak, by the builders.

Happy Bubbles of Light Take on 3rd Dimensional Form

The builders were spirit beings who would enjoy coming into a dimension that includes matter and form in which they could have all the ecstatic experiences that that had when they were unencumbered with the physical substance - when beings were - shall we say - happy bubbles of light.

We can all remember those days when we feel really happy and light and everything goes well.

The Creator wanted to see what it would be like for these joyful, happy spirits if they could hold on to this happiness even if they moved into a denser band of the spectrum of its creation that included physical matter.

This process unfolded over hundreds of thousands of years. It wasn’t in a flick of an eyelash and it was done. It was an ongoing process like any construction project is and there were many twists and turns along the way.

The Creator creates endlessly. That’s what the Creator is and does. The Creator has different ideas at different, dare I use the word, times.

(The Creator is beyond time and space. In terms of our human ability to converse and communicate, we’ll use some of these third dimensional terms.)

The Creator had different ideas at different times that it wanted to try out.

Each time the Creator would always ask for volunteers - souls that were not currently encumbered with any particular physical mass or particular plan - who were more available to volunteer to go into the different experimental creations that the Creator manifested through its thought patterns - and who were sent out in motion to stabilize and create a new reality.

Originally, the beings that came into Lemuria were very, very ecstatic light-filled beings.

It took quite a few generations over an extended period of time, for them to learn not only how to be joyful and ecstatic in a third dimensional sphere of existence (we could use the word bubble because it was an encapsulated space in the cosmos) - in different levels of manifestation - based on the Creator’s intentions.

It’s impossible in the third dimension to take a survey course (if you would put it in that language) of all things and places and realities that the Creator has manifested beyond time and space.

A grid is the pattern of thought and feeling that emanates from the Creator.

Each one of these bubbles forms a unique and separate grid.

It’s a very raw and basic design. Then the builders come to build the construction on top of this design. They are all in alignment with that design. They go through the inter-dimensional process of fulfilling the Creator’s intention. 

They are part of the design team and the construction team.
Each bubble that the creator intends to come into manifestation has a particular idea behind it, a particular group of souls who specifically accepted this idea to come into this creation and manifest what the potential is of the grid.

Some of the grids that we hear talked about in today’s metaphysical circles have been the Christ consciousness or the crystalline grid. And lately the galactic grid has begun to enter the planetary conversation.

It is fairly new, if not totally new, to talk about the Lemurian grid in this time in space.

The reason  that Pat works with the Lemurian grid soul team is because she has a long history as a lightworker in different dimensions, different realities and different galaxies working at a very basic design level with a  design team that can understand the basic framework that the construction team then come in and build upon.

When the Lemurian project reached its full completion - and Master Kirael has really talked about and illuminated this process - it came time for that project to be put aside as a very successful and complete project.

There were new projects coming on to the table now so it was time to retire the Lemurian project.

The Lemurian grid held a certain electromagnetic space of potentiality in physical plane, intersecting with various multi-dimensional planes that allowed the weaving of the Creator’s intention to manifest in physical form as well as other dimensions.

The souls that came in did a spectacular job and they all got A+ big gold stars for their role in manifesting the full potential of the Creator’s design and the Creator’s brilliant ideas.

Retiring the Lemurian Project

When it was time to retire the Lemurian project, Creator called upon a team of galactics who specialize in working with laser rays from Creator’s directives. The galactics came in and shone upon the Lemurian continent - which was vast in what is now most of the Pacific Ocean - they shone their laser rays.

And just as your current science technology shows that laser rays can cut and do many things - including eye surgery, used in industry, and all kinds of applications - people are learning right now to use laser rays.

The galactics are masters of this technology. They also had the capacity to work at a planetary and even solar system and sometimes galactic level.

We might use a laser ray for eye surgery which is a very small area of expertise, skill and application.

The galactics had the capacity from their technology to use a ray for much bigger projects including planetary wide projects. At the direction of the Creator’s loving intentions, they shone the magenta ray through their technological expertise - into the base of the Lemurian continent.

The continents float on rock shelves called tectonic plates. They move. You have earth plates on your planet. You’ve had recent experience with the tsunamis and the tectonic plates moving.

The forces of nature have their own rhythm and sometimes the plates move just from the forces of nature working on their own cycles.

In this particular instance, the Creator requested that the galactics use the magenta ray and actually saw - like a galactic laser sawzall - the the base of the Lemurian continent from its rock shelf so that it could actually settle down into the ocean - what we now call the Pacific Ocean.

The word “pacific” is interesting. It means peaceful.

This was not a traumatic experience - as people have experienced with the recent Japanese tsunami, for instance. This was actually a very peaceful process. The continent was wrapped in a bubble of just incredible, sweet, divine love and all the beings, the souls who were embodied at this time felt particularly peaceful and joyful.

They were not traumatized. They were not upset. They felt pleased that they had fulfilled their volunteer effort in manifesting this desire of the Creator - this beautiful plan for a continent created in loving embrace - to actually manifest being loving souls on this very loving space.

As the continent slowly settled down, there was great joy and great jubilation and great celebration. The souls at that time were quite capable multidimensionally. It was quite easy for them to leave their physical bodies behind and just pull their soul self out of the third dimensional form - the physical body. 

It was time. The Creator was calling them home. They were all very happy about this.

It felt a little bit nostalgic because at the soul level we all enjoy when we've had a really good time and there’s a little pattern when it’s time to leave a very loving situation. But they were basically happy about it and felt jubilant and went home - back to the light, back to the Creator’s essence with great jubilation.

And they were received in cosmically sized waves of unconditional love so they were swept back into the loving heart associated with the Creator.

Lemuria’s time was finished and it had now settled down deep in the ocean. We like to say it was like taking a long winter's nap. The continent went to sleep.

The framework, the Lemurian grid that the continent was based on, also sank deep down into the oceans - carrying with it all the memories and traces of every action, every thought, every breath, every moment in its own memory banks - its own akashic records of all that was seen, done and heard in the great experience known as Lemuria.

Here’s an interesting thing about the oceans and planet earth: To embodied dimensions of humans, the oceans look very third dimensional. They just look like water - it’s blue or green or sometimes gray, whatever color it’s reflecting. 

And it’s deep. And sometimes it full of big waves. And sometimes, it’s extremely still…

To be continued...  
PART 2The Ocean - A Multidimensional Catch Basin....


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