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Thursday, May 27, 2010

How the Flower of Life Came To Exist in the 2nd Chakra and Gave Life to Humans. Archangel Michael through Pat Crosby

This message comes from the input from Archangel Michael, Reshel - the Divine Feminine Aspect of Lord Metatron - and the Elohim Beings I call the Angels of ForGiveness aka The Spirit Guides of the Portal of Lake Titicaca.  There were other beings of light present during this transmission - not all of whom have known earthly names.



How sweet and powerful it is that the evolution of light - The Ascension Project- is happening so beautifully now on your planet and for you all.

Those of us in the realms of light and beauty hold you in the fulfillment of the vision for the grandest of outcomes in this truly revolutionary project you are all so joyfully engaged in.

Amidst the joy, is the turmoil of the cleansing process that each being must do if they are going to ride into the new and higher frequencies about to burst upon you and your solar system. 


Let us address today the clearing and emblazonment of the 2nd chakra - your center of creativity and co-creation on earth.

It is true, as humans have descended through the spirals and vortexes of matter into the 3rd dimensional plane, that they have encountered the various and wild forces of duality and polarity.  These forces often act as a wildly swinging teeter-totter set of forces, throwing the inexperienced up and down and frequently off balance.  And giving plenty of knocks on the head!

This wild joy ride has the aspects of both wild fun adventure, as well as the counter-polarity of opposite attractions - the things you call "problems" and "issues".

Yet it is these very problems and issues that serve you by driving you to try harder and harder to find the light again, and to re-balance yourself.  And to master the planes of duality and opposites.  It is such a blessing to have this set of experiences and opportunities to gather gargantuan soul wisdom.  Many beings in the universe envy you your good luck and great fortune to be embodied in the 3rd dimension of physical.

It is a grand adventure, when you are able to remember this point of view!

However, to regain your composure and free and easy access to the realms of increasing light in these transformative times that are upon you, it is necessary for you to clean up some of the sloppy left-overs of experiences still in your system from the time of exploring dualities.

Here are some gifts of light technology and understanding that will help you in this clean up process so that you can move forward more smoothly and swiftly on your ascension journey.

You must understand, that as you utilize and practice these gifts we now lay upon you, you will become stronger and develop your ever-increasing mastery - and as you regain access to the knowledge of who you fully are.


As the Creator saw fit to immerse itself into the living human form, it chose to drop down a thread of light.  A strand so thin and refined, with the strength of an atomic lazar beam.  When it had reached the desired dimensional depth, the light beam wove an infinity sign.  In glowing, vibrant golden light.  The ray of light flowed over and over again - enjoying the caress of itself, and magnifying with each caress its entry into a new dimension.

After some time, the Creator wove a 2nd infinity sign, connected in the center with the first infinity loop - forming a rose-like design.  Again, the Creator caressed this design for an infinity of time til it felt satisfied.

After some time, and in a creative burst of enthusiasm with itself, and in the loving embrace of it's female side, the Creator wove a 3rd infinity loop - this time intersecting again in the middle with the first two loops of infinity.

Now, this picture is the 6 sided pattern referred to as The Flower of Life.  Master Drunvalo Mechizadek has revealed and taught much about this process, and how the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life aspects itself out to create many realms of existence, being, and form.  We refer you to his extensive and wisdom-based work for the particulars.

Interestingly enough, the great philosophies of India have accurately documented these facts of life in their iconography and sacred writings.

See one depiction here

Notice how they have captured the information of the 2nd chakra having 6 petals of the lotus.



As embodied human beings, you know all too well the drudge and sludge that accumulates in your pristine chakra system - your divine gears of life that transduce the eternal cosmic splendor  - the ingredient of which you are all made - into substrata of particles and energies that can be combined in endless permutations of form.

Here are some meditation exercises for you at this time - carefully calibrated to the needs to today's ascension aspirants.

You will obtain as much benefit from these guided empowering meditations as you take the time to practice them.

1.  Imagine over your head a cloud of golden creator particles.  Particles of the living light essence of the Creator Mother-Father All That Is. 

Breathe them - etherically - into the top of your head - your Crown Chakra.

As this exercise unfolds, breathe each subsequent breath in through the top of your head.  Breath OUT through your mouth - martial arts style.
Etherically, breathe the golden prana particles - The Pranicles - out through your heart chakra - allowing them to flow and coat your entire form with a golden shield of protective golden light.

The more you practice this PRANICLE  BREATHING, the more radiant, the more protected, and the more ascension-ready you will become.

Continue breathing in the pranicles of golden light essence on each and every physical breath.

Next guide the incoming golden pranicles into your 3rd eye - in the center of your head.

if you are not familiar with any of these chakras, just ask the divine intelligence to guide the particles to the best place for you.

Then, guide the pranicles into the back of your head... the Ascension Chakra (the soft indentation in the center back base of your skull.

Next breathe the golden pranicles into your thymus gland - in the center of your chest.

On another breath, breathe the golden breath of the Creator into your heart chakra, in the middle of your chest.

Next, breathe the golden pranicles into your 3rd chakra, around your belly button area.

On a subsequent breath, breath the golden pranicles into your 2nd chakra, in your lower abdomen.

Find this complete and other chakra audio meditations at

Listen to a free audio of the Golden Pranicle Cleansing, Healing, and Empowering Breathing at

Pat Crosby


Archangel Michael

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