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Sunday, June 22, 2008

6.22.08 What Happened To YOU On The Solstice. Ra-chell (Reshel) Pat Crosby. Text & Audio

What Happened To YOU On The Solstice of June 21, 2008
Channeled Transmission from the Golden Mountain Sanctuary.

Ra-Chell ( Reshel )through Pat Crosby.

AUDIO of the following transmission at
7:44 minutes


Hello Dear Friends of Light,

I am Ra-chell, of planetary service to our lightworker friends on earth, in the galaxy of love beyond time and space.

Today is another momentous day in a string of golden pearls that are here to enrich and fortify your planned and spontaneous experiences of your embodied sojourn on the glorious golden and water planet you refer to as earth.

Some call her Mother Ship Gaia. Each language on your planet has a special name of reverence and awe for the beautiful mother on whose body they live. And from her bountiful body they draw their sustenance.

Much has happened in the celestial realms of late. And consequently, much has happened on your mother earth body as well. And consequently, much has happened in YOUR bodies.

For as a babe is tied to its mother through the umbilical cord, and then the breast milk... the enriching sustaining fluids of the mother are transmitted to the to the offspring even so.

Isn't it a wonderful journey of joy and companionship. Nurturing, sustaining, growth. Not only of the form of the babe, but also the consciousness of the mother. And the participating father.

What new mother has not observed in awe how her delicate and amazing babe re-unites her to the divine consciousness that her veiled time on earth has blocked more and more as time swam by.

But to grow the new life form within the intimacy of one's body, to deliver the gift of the new life unto this planet amid the blood, sweat, and tears of joy and accomplishment, and then to gaze with rapt wonder and awe into the eyes of the fresh newborn spirit onto this earth plane is an experience that can only be lived to fully appreciate.

Yet even in the telling of it, we remember our own un-founded joy of reuniting in our own spirit light whenever we contemplate the delicacy of the veil between the born and the unborn. The born and the newly born. Similarly, the embodied and the recently passed over. Passed over into the high dimensions of love and light.

This solstice time of 2008 is another quickening of the birthing journey into higher consciousness that you have all undertaken. Oh, Lucky Souls that you are - to be birthed one more time into a higher vibrating dimension. To glimpse anew with new-born wonder into the freshly revealed dimensions that your human intelligence is only beginning to understand.

Do not fret! All unfolds in a perfectly designed divine sequence. There is nothing to fear, to regret, to polish, to attain.

Just enjoy the new vistas that your new birthing day has unveiled for You!

Yours in the most perfect of love and light.

I Am, Your Friend in Ascension & Unfoldment,



Hello Lightworker Friends,

How did you spend your solstice? I went up to the beautiful gateway on our Golden Mountain and prayed for the spread of unconditional love and forgiveness to flow through the planetary grid systems. And through ME!

I felt and soaked up all the radiations of love and good will that were being created and broadcast by like-minded people that were circulating in the planetary light waves.

I invoked the loving presence of my spirit guide friends, and enjoyed their guidance, council, and loving embrace. Deep in my heart, was a deep stirring of the revolving rays of healing for all the past errors of judgement and mistakes which we have all made as we journeyed through the thick and confusing and befuddling obfuscating mud of our own confused and limited creations of the past.


In response to the request of some of our new newsletter signups at I enclose the following links to help you through this journey of rapid expansion underway on this planet.

ASCENSION SYMPTOMS - click on NEWEST Energy Alert - check the current weather report. Also the Gabril Overview 2008.

Please remember to align with the new planetary energies. BREATHE the golden light particles 50 times daily. Breathe them in through the top of your head, to your pineal (3rd eye), to your thymus, to your heart, throughout your whole body system.
Breath OUT through your nose, while holding the golden prana particles INSIDE yourself.
More on Golden Particle Prana Breathing at



Are you discharging a lot of mucus? Mucus carries old energy patterns out of your body. So keep blowing and discharging. You can utilize the I FORGIVE & I RELEASE mantras to carry out the old energies that surface with the rise of old memory traces.

Is your muscular-skeletal system releasing a lot of old stuck energies. Especially if you are doing the golden prana particle breathing and release work, you may find your spine and neck region releasing and letting go.

The product I like to support and nutrify my physical system and cellular consciousness is a high frequency juice made of seaweed, aloe vera, and Russian adaptogen herbs. This combination is very detoxifying and easy to drink. Detoxifying your physical system is essential to raising your vibration. If you feel drawn to use this product, see

I got some funny toys from the dollar store this week. A silly green squeeze ball with protruding eyes. I just laughed and laughed when I saw it. So I bought two of them. I love squeezing it... it strangely calms and relaxes my nervous system. Plus I smile and laugh every time I see them. I realize my inner child needed some play time!
And toys! A good antidote to Constantly Negative News the matrix is putting out.

Do you have plants around you? Plants hold the nourishing sustaining life force. It is such a joy to see the unfolding panorama of flowers - from buds, to full blooms, to setting seeds for future growth in my little flower pot collection. Also, watching the cherry tomatoes grow in size and vibrancy every day is a very powerful waking eye meditation that keeps me centered on the daily life force that is alive and thriving on this planet - amidst all the chaos and transitioning. Plus I am looking forward to eating them and receiving the abundant gifts of planet earth into my system in the very near future :)

It is the simple things that illustrate the timeless simple truths that are so nurturing right now.



I am now getting to the tail end of my big moving project, so will be ready to travel with the Forgiveness Gold workshops again. Please let me know if you would like to sponsor one near you.

Private spiritual counseling sessions now available to help you through the planetary shifting process - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually

To YOUR Successful Ascension Outcome,

Pat Crosby

Are you being guided to find a healing retreat center? This one is fully charged and ready to go.

Copyright 2008, Pat Crosby

You are welcome to forward and publish this information non-commercially as long as full credit, source and links are given.

Pat Crosby

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"One can study a caterpillar forever and not understand scenario butterfly." R. Buckminster Fuller

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Angel Gabriel on 2008 Planetary Grid Changes

Gabrial gives an overview here of changes in the planetary gridwork for 2008


Pat Crosby

Monday, June 9, 2008



Greetings! Dear Ones!

It is always a pleasure to work with those of you embodied ones who are heading full speed ahead - accelerating into the upcoming and current shift in consciousness engulfing your planet now - and in the days and many moons to come. We LOVE your passion and enthusiasm to fulfill the Creator's great vision of the unfolding of its vastness and creative potentials. And the love YOU constantly express for the thrill of the journey you are on.

It is - contrary to some fear mongering thoughts floating about - a time of GREAT joy. And GREAT celebration.

We SALUTE you!

We remind you, that you - as conscious and divine souls - have both been hand-picked and have joyously volunteered to come here and be the human guinea pigs of this new process of the unfolding of the Creator's light and love.

The shift energy is about you now. It is well-known to so many. And those who do not know the name of all these new feelings and awarenesses are equally cognizant of the vast unfoldings underway on your planet now.

Let's examine a few of the ramifications of this great energetic shift on the process you refer to as your human forms.

Right now, it is popularly thought of by most of your planetary inhabitants, that your energetic systems are directed from the ground up. Or from the outside in, if you will. In other words, you eat to sustain your human experiences. There are sayings on your earth plane along the lines of "First the stomach, then God". And so forth.

So what we would call to your felicitous attention now, is that this process of thinking awareness will now be reversed. (Indeed it never was otherwise, but that popular thinking made it seem so.)

Instead of humans thinking that they will be sustained from eating and from supporting the physical body which will then support the other bodies, the common awareness will shift to understand that is the life flow of the Creator's breath and energy that gives life and substance to all forms. Without this central sustaining rod of the Creator's golden light particles, there will be naught else.

Think of yourself now, for example. You know you have a central column of light. At least you have heard of such a thing if you have not yet consciously realized its presence within the core of your being. So this central core of light is made of the substance of the Creator's golden light particles, that shimmer and shine and dance within the essential core of your being.

Then by the power of the thought forms of the Creator, partnered with the thought forms of your soul light and essence, you build layers upon layers around and on top of this core column of golden light prana life particles.

The myriad forms and expressions that are created are as vast and far-reaching as each of the individual soul units that partner with the divine Creator force to build a unique expression of the Creator's vastness of potential of thought reaching into form.

There is also an interweaving of the shape and substance of the created thought forms, manifested as bodies of all sizes, shapes, and inclination, with the surrounding layers of the environments into which each thought form creation is birthed and sustained.

For instance, whales and creatures of the sea, have life-thought forms adapted to living in this aquamarine environment. Creatures of the air - birds and such - have thought form bodies created to fly and spin in this very light environment of the air dimension.

Earth-bound creatures have heavier, denser bodies to co-exist in harmony with the density of mother earth. They have organs of sustenance - lungs, intestines, stomachs, etc - that are perfectly balanced with the external environment (though keep in mind that all the layers throughout the creation are perfectly interwoven and mutually sustaining as one giant living thought form. Hah... the environmentalists will love THIS statement :)

So, you can imagine, as the great tumbling "snowball" of intense compacted light comes roaring into greeting and contact with the earth plane, the whole game - the whole interwoven ball of wax - will have to shift on a dime to accommodate the new energetic configurations.

Now! Isn't that exciting! Wouldn't you just LOVE to have a front row center seat to watch this spectacular show! First time run! Ever!

Better than that, my Friends of Light! YOU also have STARRING ROLES in the unfolding spectacular. AND Center Stage, at that!

Watch the Show!

So now, let us let you in a little bit on how the events will unfold. For now, we will discuss the changes you will see, find, and experience in the thought form you call your "body".

First of all, your denser bodies of "matter" will no longer be needed to be so dense. For the energetics of the photon experience are much lighter and finer. Many of you are already experiencing phenomena of what you experience as being less dense. This experience is happening in your physical systems... as sometimes you experience a sensation of "floating" or having your physical body sort of trail along someone next to your light body. Feeling light, or what you call "dizzy". (Not to worry that is just you re-equilibrating with the environment as you are loosing density. It will soon pass!)

In popular speech, you have the expression: "That person is dense!" - referring to the heaviness of their mental body.

The phenomenas many are experiencing right now of finding their memory becoming less magnetized - meaning they can no longer make the mental connections they once had - is one expression of the lightening of the mental body. Indeed, what you need to know in the moment suddenly appears in your mind when you are able to put aside any old heavier thought forms that would block the entry of the newer lighter mental awarenesses. (Again, don't worry! You are not "loosing it!" You are gaining it! And a LOT more of it, to boot!)

The emotional body - as you continue to clear and unblock it - will be running clearer and clearer as a stream of liquid light love - which will act as a solvent and lubricant between your physical and mental components - bringing in clear streams of the Creator's love, light and INspiration. Right now, and in the past experiences, the heaviness in the emotional stream kept the mental processes at a slower, sticker, tarrier rate of expression and comprehension. You know, that heavy, sluggish feeeling. As the opening and draining of the toxins and pollutants in the emotional system prevails, and as the increasing presence of the photon energies engulfs the earth plane, the emotional body, too will become far less dense and able to flow smoothly and confidently with the clear light of the Creator's unsullied expressions.

This is a time you can only look forward too, too much.

So though you may be experiencing some uncertainty in the changing of the order, the changing of the guard if you will, the anticipated outcomes will only fill you with the great opportunity to experience and be in the clear stream of the Creator's light and the Creator's vast love.

Your physical system will not run on such dense fuel anymore, either. It will be fed from the inside out with clear radiant photon energy. So a lot of the density of your physical system will be undone. This is almost a reversal of the process that happened in First Times in ancient Lemuria when bodies were being created and descending out of the light system to become denser in the heavier earth matter systems.

Now this great circle is coming round that you are ascending back into the light - one dimension at a time. So you will not need your heavier earth bodies anymore. It would be like longing to keep your heavy hiking boots on once you get home from your strenuous journey and want to take your heavy boots off and put your feet up on an easy chair to rest and relax. And breath freely. Keeping those old heavy boots on would be extremely uncomfortable once the hiking journey is completed. If you didn't take those old heavy boots off, you wouldn't rest well, and your feet would overheat, and you might get rashes and fungus inside them all over your feet. Better to lighten up!

Now, you want to unburden yourself of the heavier energies, and get ready to rest, relax, and PARTY! Wah!

Rest assured, Dear Ones, WE want to party with you. And so we shall! And we look forward to when you can openly and clearly see and communicate with us. What a grand time we will all have together!

So a few changes to expect in your physical systems. You won't need those furry hairy body coverings in the lighter density.... so they can be shelved. Put in a historical museum if you like. The greater subsistence and sustainance of photon particles will mean less reliance on physical food. And the lightest least dense foods at that. Eating heavier dense foods in your new photon enhanced bodies would be the same as if you were eating rocks and soil clumps in your current physical bodies. You would find them unpalatable, too heavy, too dense, and unsustainable. If you did eat them, you would get quite sick. (You can see the parallels with people today who are still eating heavy dense earth foods - and paying the price in terms of ill health and diseases brought on by too heavy food intake choices.)

Your bodies will look and feel far more ethereal. Instead of noticing other beings by their physical bodies, shapes and sizes, you will first notice their light bodies, and how much light they emit and shine forth. So you will get great joy and exuberance in looking at each other. And as the heavier denser nastier emotional reactions fall away, you will be spared the mental torture and anguish of comparisons, judgings, and blamings that plague most of the human world right now. You can see the awful results of these old dense emotionals acting out on the evening news any day of the week.

Isn't that exiting? Don't you just wish for the wonderful chrysalis stage of the 3 days coming up - so you can wake up transformed into a shimmering ethereal magical butterfly? What color would you like your wings to be? How big? You can begin now to envision the new thought form you would like to inhabit. Remember, you are co-creating with the vast Creator force. So write out your self-expression blueprint now and submit to your committee on reformatting - on which you hold a most central and prominent position.

We remind you, that this is a project you most openly and enthusiastically volunteered for. So Go for it! Make the MOST of it!

Yours - most truly in Light,

Your Celestial Friends and Well-Wishers, Guides, Angels & Companions on the Great Shift of Consciousness.
Planet Earth.
June 9, 2008.

Through Pat Crosby

Published on

Copyright 2008. Pat Crosby. All Rights Reserved. This article may be published in full as long as full credit and web link is included in non-commercial places.



Imagine a collection of golden particles over your head.

Energetically, Breathe them INTO your body through the top of your head. Exhale through your heart chakra.

PHYSICALLY, breathe in a style used in many martial art forms: Breath in long and slow through the nose. Exhale slowly through the mouth with a little SHHHH sound.

The PHYSICAL intake of air co-incides with the energetic intake of the golden prana particles.

BREATH 1: Breathe the golden prana particles into your pineal gland (3rd eye). If you are not sure where this is, just INTEND for the particles to go there.

BREATH 2. Breathe the golden prana particles into your THYMUS gland (where you Tarzan thump your chest.)

BREATH 3: Breathe the golden prana particles into your heart chakra.

SUBSEQUENT BREATHES: Bit by bit, fill your entire body with the golden prana particles.

Depending on your intuition, start with just a few breathes a day - 5 or 10 or so. GRADUALLY increase each day til you can do 50.

Breathing in and saturating your system with the golden prana particles will help you lighten up, clear density, and align you with the increasing photon particles on the earth plane. It also aligns you more and more with your own higher self and the Creator of all that is.

It is great to start and end your day with this breathing - to connect and align yourself.

The process will inspire and teach you through intuition as you go along.

Learn more about Prana Breathing at


Releasing Heavy Old Emotions and Energies.
Sadness Releasing Song.

This week, we gave our human Pat a Sadness Releasing Song. You can hear it at

June 09, 08 post.

Just listen to it. Or if you are inspired, Golden Prana Particle Breath while you listen. If you feel so moved, you can also ask your guides and angels to help you release.

Some people find using the mantra I RELEASE helpful for anything that arises in your mind or feelings. Just RELEASE the energy behind whatever old creations arise. Think of the old creations as swamp bubbles coming up from the murky swamp to be POPPED into oblivion. Sort of like apoptosis of cancer cells (self-destructive exploding). Wouldn't you like to be rid of that old stinky bloating toxic emotional gas?

Get it? Whee! Have FUN releasing and feeling lighter.

We stand by to assist you... just call on us to give us permission to help you.

Your Friends of Golden Love & Light in the Creator's mission.


Pat Crosby

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"One can study a caterpillar forever and not understand scenario butterfly." R. Buckminster Fuller

Published on

Copyright 2008. Pat Crosby. All Rights Reserved. This article may be published in full as long as full credit and web link is included in non-commercial places.


Dear Hearts,

This song was gifted to our Friend and earth spokesperson Pat to help her release her mountain of old sadness.

Perhaps it will help you, too.

Releasing Heavy Old Emotions and Energies.

This week, we gave our human Pat a Sadness Releasing Song. You can hear it here.

Just listen to it. Or if you are inspired, Golden Prana Particle Breath while you listen. If you feel so moved and even more powerfully, you can also ask we guides and angels to help you release.

Some people find using the mantra I RELEASE helpful for anything that arises in your mind or feelings. Just RELEASE the energy behind whatever old creations arise. Think of the old creations as swamp bubbles coming up from the murky swamp to be POPPED into oblivion. Sort of like apoptosis of cancer cells (self-destructive exploding). Wouldn't you like to be rid of that old stinky bloating toxic emotional gas that is messing up your life expression?

Get it? Whee! Have FUN releasing and feeling lighter.

We stand by to assist you... just call on us to give us permission to help you.

Your Friends of Golden Love & Light in the Creator's mission.


Would you like more comfort and support on your releasing and empowering journey?


HOST a FORGIVENESS WORKSHOP in your community? Or have a private coaching session?