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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Predictions 2017 - The Shape of Things to Come - Light Codes in Motion - Faster, Easier Communication Circuits. By Pat Crosby

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The Shape of Things to Come
Predictions 2017

Light Codes in Motion

Faster, Easier Communication Circuits

Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

1st Published - Sedona Journal Predictions 2017 

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the Cosmic Council - messengers of divine love and guidance in these rapidly changing times.

We remain your family of light communication. Know that we have always been, are, and continue to remain constantly by your side as you go through so many many many planetary  changes at this time. We are connected through a divine weave of communication - as we shall now begin to enlighten you from our perspective.

How We Communicate with You

By communication, we mean not only conversations such as this channeled message - from our species to your species through a human transducer. But also of the many whispers into your intelligence, and also of the rapidly increasing circulation of galactic light codes through new grid communication networks set up in recent years. These grids are now rapidly expanding their capacity to carry light codes from one “end” of the galaxy to another. These networks will expand exponentially in 2017 - as will your ability to download and act on these information carrying light codes.

These codes are carriers of the galactic data bank and have immense accumulated knowledge. The grids circulate these knowledge laden codes. It’s like a new branch of the cosmic library opened - and users have full circulation access of the whole galactic archives.

We also want to speak of galactic communication circuitry - of grids and light codes. We want to speak of how beings on your planet communicate in multi dimensions: Structures of communication, transfer of knowledge, and electromagnetic, wave, and other systems of passing information - of communicating souls to souls regardless of the dimensional separations interacting and re-structuring you in your 3D experience.

These structures encompass the simple miracle of how a field of grass or mob of trees communicates with itself, how humans communicate with plants, how species communicate among themselves, how human brains and DNA are expanding their ability to communicate within itself and with others, how light beings communicate with en-fleshed beings, how the galaxy is communicating with you and your planet. This list is for starters - and not at all inclusive.Today, we address some on the front burner of changes impacting your planet and solar system for 2017.

Beautiful and Mysterious Amazing 2017

As the next cycle of time unfolds its beauty and its mystery in the amazing year of 2017 and beyond, your human apparatus will continue to adapt to the increasing frequency of the various waves, light codes, rays and impulses arriving to your planet. Your receiving capacity continues to adapt and expand to receive and decode - and then act on - the information received through this ever increasingly accessible multi-dimensional communication network.

2017 Holds New Bundles of Surprises and Delights
an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing

The year 2017 holds a new bundle of surprises and delights for the connoisseuring humans among you: Those of you impassioned by the light, students of the divine mysteries, conveyors and transducers of the light.

Numerologically, 2016 has been a 9 year; one of completion. 2017 is a 10 year and a new giant 1 year - one of divine union, and beginning a new phase in the project of expanding  consciousness which is unfolding in the realm of human-galactic partnership, co-creation, and evolution.

2017 heralds a new threshold for those of you consciously (or unconsciously through the purpose of your soul mission) who are bringers and anchors of divine light into your human-planetary mix.

Let us begin with the humble and essential grass.

How a Field of Grass Communicates

Do you remember several grass-themed songs such as “God Bless the Grass” and “Big Yellow Taxi” which reference  the grass coming back - even through a little crack in the parking lot - the grass comes back?

God bless the grass that grows thru the crack.
They roll the concrete over it to try and keep it back.
The concrete gets tired of what it has to do,
It breaks and it buckles and the grass grows thru,
And God bless the grass.”

Listen Online Here

Joni Mitchell - Yellow Taxi

Grass is an amazing everyday miracle - unfolding right before your very eyes. Grass is a fundamental transducer of photon light into a highly useable and plentiful support of organic life on your beloved earth. Grass grows everywhere. Regardless of your opinion of where you think it should grow - or not - grass continues to evermore transduce golden sunshine light  into foodstuffs. Animals eat grass - and grow amazing and strong bodies.

The cycles of life are sustained by the ever present grass. The tiniest, tenderest, most fragile blade of grass breaks up the rocks and create soil supportive of other more tender life forms to take root.

Grass Communication Network - How it Works

Grass illustrates the “school of fish” method of communication. Did you ever watch in wonder those videos of hundreds and thousands of fish that all move in perfect unison? Schools of fish that in perfect synchronicity turn on a dime? Flocks of birds do likewise. Notice those flocks that fly through the air and turn in perfect synchronicity?

Digital reader links for further info

How do schools of fish swim in harmony? - Nathan S. Jacobs TED-Ed

Tuna Tornado - Giant Fish School

Dance of the Sparrows

                            Scientists Discover That Bacteria Have a Collective Memory

The humble and strong grass does likewise. Look at an unassuming mowed and manicured lawn. If you put some chemical or fertilizer anywhere on the big lawn, the rest of the lawn knows immediately what you have done. The brilliant communication structure of the roots of the grass system act as a bundle of nerves - we might say the “brain” - of the grass.

If you start to mow the grass, the entire field immediately activates the message to grow!

Immediately, the nervous root system of the grass sends light impulses throughout itself alerting the entire structure of the grassy yard or field that a change has occurred. And immediately, the whole field of the grass makes changes to adapt to this recent change.

If fertilizer is applied, the whole root system sends notice  in the form of a field of light transmissions - appearing somewhat like a sheet of lightning flash -  that a life-enhancing event has just occurred - so it is timely to convert energy to grow bigger and stronger.

If  “weed control” is applied, the whole root system sends an emergency notice to take corrective life-preserving steps to its entire body in one flash of light. Hence the biology of the grass must make emergency action to create some new biochemical and other processes to adapt to the new element - to bypass it, and grow even stronger and bigger. This communication is a light flash event lighting up the entire field of grass.
Hence you have the arrival on your planet of the “super weeds” - plants that have adapted to, communicate the need to adapt, and created new mechanisms of growth and sustenance for themselves as a species - out vibrating other forces that would decimate them - and surviving to new levels of tenacity.

Life is like that - ever adapting, ever changing, ever strategizing. Growing, experimenting, solving puzzles.

Energetic Field “Brains”

Similarly, there is an energetic “brain” that governs, guides and regulates the movement of schools of fish, flocks of birds, and mobs of humans. This brain includes a field of electromagnetic pulsations, rays, geometric light codes, and waves. This field is stirred by rays. Rays are created by mental activity. As you say, thoughts become things. Intention creates reality.

This instantaneous communication occurs throughout the “brains” of the grass - its root system structure. The root structure is a highly efficient transducer of multi-dimensions of energy input: Intentions, the elements, new solutions. Clairvoyants and shamans can watch the light quickening of the plants systems when  a new message is coming through. Rapid emergency survival messages can be seen as flashes of light - similar to the flashes of lightning during a storm - except the whole field flashes in one rapid communicating sheet of light. This light may be of various frequencies - ie colors - as needed for a transformative shift.

Non-emergency messages can be seen as a gentle glowing throughout the field of the grass.

Sometimes the light is in the root structure of the field of grass. Sometimes, the light infusion comes from extraneous sources. More of this below.

Note that these processes are 2 - way: There is a sending of new vibration. And there is an ACCEPTING of these new vibrations by the grass.

The movie Avatar brilliantly illustrated how the field of roots communicates multi-dimensionally. You remember that scene where everyone was sitting in group communication with the light impulses emanating from the Mother Tree of Life. Everyone was plugged into the circuitry for instantaneous group energetic communication.

How Humans and Plants Communicate


Light intelligences communicate with herbal and healing plants on your planet by encasing and infusing certain plants with fields of various frequency lights and vibrations  - bathing the plants in these lights to install certain frequencies that can be used by shamans, healers and  medical researchers, to make vibratory adjustments and healings in human and animal bodies. These transduced fields of energy frequencies are installed with intention from the higher sources of light available to your planet. This communication is truly mind over matter - as intention directly influences the vibratory capacity of the plant to infuse another structure with its vibration. The plant then becomes a carrier of intention. This intention is carried by multidimensional geometrical living entities of light - known as light codes. Or as we could say, light shapes - modulators of frequency for specific intended purposes.

Shamans in traditional societies, and observant humans everywhere can learn to see, feel and intuit the healing light fields of plants, absorb these unique and specific fields into their hands, hearts and minds and transfer these healing vibrations to those they serve with their healing gifts of light and frequency.

Herbalists capture these vibratory patterns into tinctures, ointments, and various preparations that convey the light shapes (or light codes) from one medium to another - say from a plant to a human. In this instance, the plants are transducers of light codes into human structures.

Many shamans are plant whisperers - and listen as the plant spirit explains how these processes are done.

Certain light beings are charged with installing healing lights into certain plants on your planet. The moon, stars and sun also impart certain vibratory frequencies and rays into certain plants.
Plant healers can shift the DNA of plants that are ill or infected and instruct the plants to create new biochemical survival processes.
Thus plant shamans, healers, herbalists and sensitives are conversant with the times, days and methods of capturing the various plant frequencies into products amenable to helping human, animal and earth “problems”.

Mega healer John of God channels spirit entities that also install specific and unique healing frequencies into herbs that are tailor-designed for each human recipient. In other words, these herbs work as inter-dimensional transducers and transferers of energy from other dimensions into the human realms of body processes. The whole process is driven by intention. Intention works through transmitting of light codes.

There are multitudinous methods used by multitudinous beings to provide healing and sustaining transducing means of light onto your planet. There are multitudinous ways for these beings and plant spirits to whisper to receptive human minds just how to harvest and utilize these encased gifts of light. Spirit medicine practitioners are found in all cultures.

There! More mysteries solved for your ever curious and inquiring human minds!

What Are Galactic Light Codes?

Galactic light codes are very compact “zip files” of massive amounts of stored galactic knowledge. They are stored in multi-dimensional geometrical shapes created by intentional design. Humanity is now in the process of receiving these bundled files, unzipping and downloading the transformative blueprints into their DNA to create amazing unprecedented transformation of your biology, human layers, and your planet.

The connection of the galactic, Lemurian and crystalline grids was initiated in 2013 at Lake Titicaca, Peru to permit new circulation of galactic data knowledge bases - ie galactic light codes - into the human matrix of development possibilities. As humanity increases its capacity to receive - and transmit in pure light - the grids expand to carry more traffic.

The grids are plasmic in nature - and can expand and compress with demand. This process is a 2-way street of development. 2017 will show exponential capacity of both these components in the galactic communication exchange of knowledge. In other words, knowledge is flying around the galaxy at the speed of thought on the newly configured communication grid networks.

Further Study Here

Remember you 3-D embodied human beings are on the forefront of gathering knowledge and experiences of flesh-in-body in a material matrix. Your experiences are being encoded and transmitted through the galactic grid system to bring your data research collection (what you call living) to beings all through the galaxy.

So please do not discount the importance of even the simplest of actions, thoughts, emotions, intentions you experience - even  the most “humble” of human lives are collecting data on the experience of life. Through the grids, this knowledge is shared galaxy wide with beings from many dimensions.

What’s New in this Process for 2017?

Thus we hope you can see as the impulses, rays, waves, light codes, etc. that are increasingly entering your planetary field and circuitry increase in their frequency and capacity, all life and systems on your planet are receiving this information and adapting rapidly. Some of these changes are emergency adaptations to forces that could be destructive. Others of these changes are evolutionary spirals of increasing frequency as higher frequency and new codes of information become available. Your systems and structures - individually and collectively - are adapting to receive, transduce, and act on this new encoded information. Your earth is on a trajectory of ever-increasing knowledge of how increasing vibration can hold in physical form.

As is often said: You are becoming galactic humans - consciously. For indeed - you are and have been galactic humans for quite some time. You just had your light switch dimmed down. Now your light is getting dialed higher.

Hence you see an explosion of new thought, new inventions, new patterns of social interaction on your planet. Those wishing to hold onto old patterns are fighting against a galactic tidal wave of new energies - so their success in holding old patterns is doomed. We hope you choose to recognize these events as an amazing and unique opportunity to restructure life as you have known it on your planet for the highest good of all.

As the light force embodied in human form that you are, you are on the forefront of creating and anchoring  these new patterns. We remind you we are “human whisperers” - and gladly pass on the knowledge of what we have learned in other planets, other systems, other worlds - to assist you, our brave human relatives - in carving out a higher frequency civilization on a planet that is rapidly increasing its vibration.

Hence we wish to partner with you as the energetic “brains” of this planet - transferring our knowledge, our skills, our consciousness to your planetary neural network. As we receive your data transmissions (your experiences) through the grid circuitry, we co-adapt what we do in our partnership with you, Family! Always, for the highest good of all.

The movie Avatar brilliantly and artistically portrays how light codes (seeds) can transform consciousness through interactions. Clips are available on youtube of “The Tree of Light”,  the “Tree of Light Memories”, and “Seeds”.

More Info at these Links

The Tree of Light

Tree of Light Memories


DNA-GALACTIC Communication

On this front, your refined etheric (and physical) DNA is also adapting regularly to all the new sources of information flowing onto your planet.

Your DNA is porous cell-wall methodology to allow light codes (galactic seeds) that are entering your planetary matrix to enter the cellular realm, and deliver their payloads of higher frequency operating instructions and methods - and to interact with the multidimensional  functions of manifestations your DNA governs.

DNA is a 2 way communication system. It receives higher intelligence information and instructions. It also imparts on-the-ground - (in-the-cell) - feedback to the communication network of human-galactic - and soon cosmic - information sharing.

Some esoteric scientists are currently investigating and documenting how various waveforms and other methodologies are allowing the nitty-gritty of this communication with DNA to happen.

For our purposes today, we note that this communication IS happening. Hence your cellular awareness and intelligence can make immediate responses to both enhancing as well as destructive forces with which it interfaces.

Your biology is not structured in stone. Your biology is living, breathing, adapting light patterns that are part of and influenced by a “planetary brain” of awareness. So just as the grass adapts and immediately begins to increase its growth rate when danger comes near, so the body of humanity immediately begins to adapt when either destructive or expansionary forces come near.

How amazing are your human bodies - governed by the light of divine intelligence. They can  perceive any life threatening or altering energy - whether in the form of chemicals, rays, etc, your humanity-body begins to adapt, evolve, transmute and transform.

How to Consciously Work with the Light Codes in 2017 and Beyond

We remind you that the above process is influenced greatly by your human processes. You have the amazing power - greater than nuclear power - of allowing your system to receive new information and energies and to grow and thrive - or to shut down the new energy and information and be affected negatively by events in your web of ”news” communication and other forces currently circulating on your earth planet.

MUCH has been written on the mind-body-spirit connections - so we will leave it as that for now.

2017:  Culminating Old  - and Beginning New  - Cycles

2017 is a culmination year, a year of finishing various processes that have been underway in various past years and cycles.

2017 is the beginning of fresh cycles of humanity coming to understand more and more how much innate power you have to control your destinies - collectively as well as individually.

2017 is a year when you will up the ante on your conscious partnership with your galactic family.

Amazing fun ahead - for all parties!

The Internet - Mirror of Galactic Grids

The vast planetary communication system created over the past few decades - your internet - allows the spread of information almost instantaneously. Old programs are deleted. New operating systems evolve. All data is archived somewhere (ie akashic records). New apps evolve. New programs are constantly created. New technologies drive changes. More and more people are getting connected. New technologies speed everyone to communicate.  

As higher frequency information circulates more broadly, changes accelerate. Lower frequency thoughts wake up dormant lower frequency vibrations - showing in words, and actions of lower frequency. “News” headlines are FULL of these low-frequency stuck communication loops.

Isn’t this an exciting time to read the news! We listen to the conversations among humans and see it as a “stirring of the pot”. As the destructive emotions and thoughts bubble to the top of the pot, they can be skimmed off - and the energy they contain can be transmuted to higher purposes.

The ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana, tells of the churning of the great ocean of consciousness. All rises to the surface from the unfathomable depths. Each person has the choice to align and vibrate with the energies of their choice.

Truly, everyone on your planet has endless opportunities now for life-changing transformation on a scale never before available to humankind. This process is one reason the galaxy is fixated and fascinated by the amazing changes taking place on your little planet in space.  This process is one reason souls are scurrying from all over the galaxy to incarnate on planet earth and get a front-row seat in this amazing transformative multi-dimensional journey. A journey that only be fully appreciated by being in human embodiment.

The planetary communication system revealed in internet comments - show how the various frequency forces are interacting with each other. This broad spectrum global internet conversation is enlivening, as the full range of human emotions and mental processes  becomes readily available for observation. The emotional bodies of humans are getting a thorough workout. And they are getting feedback as to the functionality of their emotions in terms of human survival and human enhancements and quality of living.

All of these processes are driving transformation. No need to feel dismayed at some of the lower frequency communications; the current incoming programs and codes have the capacity to transmute all energies back into pure light - the ground of creating new realities of a higher vibration. Think of the internet forums and comment sections as a place to compost all kinds of old garbage into fertilizer for a new world!

This is a bloody and raw process; it cannot be otherwise - for this is a necessary step to scourge the depths of the human species psyche - to keep raising the bar on the human vibratory frequency - by emptying out the pot of old shit, composting and regrowing with beautiful fragrant flowers.

The Victory of Light is Now Assured

Do not be dismayed when you read and hear these low vibratory displays of energy. Know they are expunging poison from the body-brain-intelligence of humanity.

There is too much light energy and new frequencies pouring through the planetary structures and into your into your DNA now. The tide cannot be turned back. You lightworkers have guided the planet through the minefields and into the clear. The victory is light is now assured.

Dear Ones. You are to be congratulated! You all have a light medal of gold glowing in the heart of your soul - a badge of honor and recognition you will carry with you through all of eternity yet to unfold as you are the in the forefront of driving the light quotient higher on planet earth.

Don’t confuse the struggles of the battlefield with the glorious outcome of the victories of spirit.

You have all - collectively - consciously and unconsciously - brought in this great shift in consciousness onto your planet. This shift is underway. Like human birth, it is a bloody and sometimes painful process. But the birth of the new human is underway - and the positive joyful delivery is certain.

So continue, Dear Humans, with the pangs of the birth process. You are not alone. We act here as your labor coaches, guides and doulas - supporting you, encouraging you, enlightening your every step of the way. Step by step by step… big and tiny… step by step by step. This is a journey we have done - and know the way. We share our cosmic knowledge with you now.

You are galactic pioneers of exploration, discovery, and transformation!

Call Us!

We remind you we are a thought away. When your pangs seem intense, just call out our names and we lend you our light and frequency to support your birthing process. Pangs do not mean you are failing. Pangs mean the end is in sight!

If you can’t remember or don’t know our names, no matter. A short form of calling for us is: GOD - Help! We will get the summons and be on it!

Eternal blessings to our wonderful earth family. We love, admire, and respect you - with no end in sight - ever.


Copyright 2016, Pat Crosby
Creative Commons. Article may be reprinted in full, with link and author credits fully included.

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hanging Out to Dry - A Short Story by Pat Crosby

Read Online at

It was agreed. Tacitly.  As long as there was no fuss, everyone could offer to hang themselves up quietly.  The least little commotion, the soldiers would come in and rough things up to get the job finished on time.  

So the quiet little huddle of friends quietly and with brave (forlorn) faces offered themselves up - one by one by one.

Security was so tight, the walls so thick, the distance to the outside so big, no one even questioned if there were any other choice.

First to go was gentle and brave Beth.  As the soul group stood looking at each other as in a  dream, Beth murmured, as in a dream: "I'll be first".  

The bravest among them - The Arranger - took her soft young form and hung the orange blouse on a wire hanger.  She arranged it lovingly with great care.  When all the wrinkles were smoothed out by the gentle caress of friendly passing over of hands, the one who was to remain, the one who performed the role of mother of the little band of souls - The Arranger - like sending her precious ones off to school for the first day - passed the hanger over to The Commander. Not being of the roughest class of soldiers, he took the little soul dressed in its best orange blouse into the room next door and gently hung it up to dry.  

The minds in the waiting room were carefully calculating the longest moments in time available to spend in the preparation without overstaying the boundary allotment by the ticking clock.

The back recesses of their minds revived childhood stories of Peter Pan walking the plank - hearing the tick tocking of the clock on the inside of the waiting crocodile at the end of the inevitable gangplank.

The receiving solder patiently waited outside the half-open door for just the right moment to come in - to receive the next item for him to hang up to dry.  He prided himself on his sensitivity in this most delicate of duties.

He almost imperceptibly glanced at his wrist watch from time to time to be sure the job would be done before the end of his shift.

Neither did he want overtime, nor did he want the gruff commander on the next shift to finish the job roughshod and clumsy.

He did care that the job was done right and skillfully, with conscious consideration.  He desired that no clumsy, pushy buffoon would come in with the next shift and make a muck and insult of the gentle nature of the souls getting ready to be hung out on his watch.

The little band sweetly and bravely clung to each other. They were educated and cultured.  Making a fuss was anathema to their upbringing. Each was committed to making no awkward display for the sake of supporting  her brave sister souls. Each secretly and in the privacy of her own thoughts - wondered if the dream would end and everyone would wake up and shake their heads at the strangeness of dreams as they prepared to go about their own days.

The hypnotic group trance prevailed.

It was as a dream, and they were all play-acting.

As no wake up call happened, after a seemingly all-too-short pause plus  the pressure of the guards timed presence outside the door, the next brave soul stepped forth from the huddle.  She had affixed the sweet still smile to her lips. They were all thinking the same spiritually correct thought - which they sincerely believed at that moment - that death was just a little lull in their consciousness - and next they would awaken in some glorious realm filled with some unknown kind of light.  Some kind of a golden light surrounded with the essence of spirit.  Perhaps a reunion of some sort. Like the high-school reunion they had attended last year. Everyone looking at each other, marveling at the changes, trying to make the best of them, and looking for old signs of recognition amidst  cries of "Oh My God!  Is that really YOU?"  All the way secretly wondering "What Happened".

A quiet timid soul, seeing the dilemma of her soul sisters, stepped forth next.  She offered up her floral printed summer cotton dress. It had a full skirt, soft, swaying - good for swirling in the wind. It would look charming hanging on the drying rod. The perfect covering for a summer day breezy event.  

The Arranger lovingly accepted the gift of her dress into her hands.  As with the first, she too arranged this offered gift  with great care and precision. The little band of waiters watched intently.  Soul-fully.

When all the wrinkles and creases were smoothed out to perfection - as best as one could in this impromptu waiting room - the considerate soldier stepped through the doorway and received the hanger into his hands.

He took it lovingly. Softly he went into the room next door, and hung up this dress next to the blouse - on the drying rod.

The little group in the bedroom bravely noticed that their huddle was noticeably smaller. Two down. More yet to come.

One by one, each stepped forth to go next. Very orderly, in deep stillness, and quietness.  Each was focusing on keeping her mind still and getting ready for the great surprise of the moment when her own turn came to be hung up on the rod. Hung up to dry.

Each silently wondered if they would notice anything.  Any sensation?  Just stillness?  Would they feel alone?  Frightened?  Relieved?  Would some friendly hand come to sooth their foreheads, like their mother did when they were little children with a fever in the night?  Would anybody care?  Would anybody notice?  How would it feel to be hanging helplessly?  Would they have regret?  Would it be just like going to sleep, and waking up someplace else - like falling asleep in the back of the car on a trip and groggily waking up to being sleepily carried by a parent in the middle of the night into a waiting warm comfy soft bed?

Would it have been better to try to escape the hanging?  Make a big fuss, and maybe get man-handled and shot after being roughed up?

Quicker?  Hence easier and more certain?

These unanswerable and unspoken questions hovered in the air - just out of conscious reach.

The silent majority of the group proceeded peacefully - with resignation - to their hanging.  Each put forth her best garment for the special event.

The smallest among them put on her soft white nightgown. She looked so pale and thin. So delightfully delicate.  Just a waif of a young woman.  A shadow of her former giggly buoyant self.  She was last to go. The Arranger thought to give her some extra encouragement. So she gave her an extra firm send-off hug. Instead of the light barely-brief hug all the others had received from the circle as they departed, The Arranger wanted to give the Littlest One some special attention. Perhaps to relieve the hidden anxiety in her own mind. So she gave the Littlest One an extra firm hug. As if this-is-really-happening, be-brave-goodbye hug to her little form.  She pressed the Littlest One into her ribs, into her breast, and into her heart. A Momma Bear hug. She felt the warmth and living throb of her littlest body. She could feel the trembling underneath the quiet surface of her passive face - so carefully arranged.

Like the deep current under the calm surface.

All too suddenly, The Arranger realized the mistake. Instead of the fleshly hug being supportive, it touched upon the carefully put-to-bed fear of The Littlest One that maybe - just maybe - the hanging up would not be so peaceful and lovely after all. It would be too final. There would be no escape.

The Arranger gently, firmly, and quickly pulled her energy and body back from the too-physical-for-comfort embrace.

As she arranged the little white soft flannel nightgown on the smallest hanger, all so gently, all so carefully, she stretched out the time of the arranging to the max - as long as she dared without breaching the time allotted for this arranging. Each smiled wanly at each other. Each focusing on the reality beyond the hanging period. Each thinking how they would arrange their minds.

Gone were the reassuring partings of friends - the bravely called out:

"See you."  

"It'll go quick - no worries!"

"It won't take long at all and we'll all meet on the other side."

They had discussed how they would find and recognize each other on the other side.

Like high school girls going off to college - wondering how they would meet and find each other on the new larger campus.

Would they still look noticeably the same?  Or would they have to look for some subtle invisible signs apparent only to the soul knowledge?

The Littlest One was arranged in silence. When she was all smoothed over, she was handed out the door to The Commander - who took her and hung her up in the room next door.  He shoved some of the other hangers of the previously dried over a bit to make room for the newest, last and littlest one. Still wet with life. The pale white nightgown shivered in the breeze.

The Arranging One - having finished her day's work - thought fondly of her friends - wondering when her turn would come to be hung out to dry. Would some friendly hand arrange her just so, smooth out the wrinkles, be sure she was hung up straight on the hanger?  Or would it be some careless untidy person who just threw her form haphazardly, all out of shape onto some rough object?  And then abandon her roughly to her fate on the drying rack? Swinging and swaying haphazardly instead of orderly and nice?
The Arranger turned her mind to the pleasanter choice of scenarios, and went to sleep.  She whispered soulfully to her friends  just before she passed into sleep:  "See you on the other side. Watch for me. Don't forget me if it takes too long."

Vaguely, during the night, her consciousness came back into the bedroom.  She heard the soldiers talking softly in the drying room next door. She saw that they had removed the items that had thoroughly dried. But one blouse was still damp. She was still holding on. The orange blouse wondered why she was taking longer than the other ones to dry. She was numb to any sensations of this world, but her mind wondered if she were indeed going to dry, or if she would be taken down and brought back inside the room.

No one noticed her concern or question at all. The soldiers just squeezed each item to test if it was dried enough to take down. They left her to her solitary alone hanging waiting dampness.  She hung wonderingly. Immobile. Helpless. Just waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Watching watching watching. Hung in limbo.

The Arranger went back to sleep - the questions barely hanging in her consciousness.  How long would it take to be finished drying?

And what next?


Author's comment
This story weaves together highfalutin spiritual concepts, realty politics, past life impressions, many people passing over, fear, consequences, living and drying.

Reviewers' comments: 

"Genius! Like Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, Harry Potter.!
Rosie, San Diego
"Shedding clothing is an interesting way of explaining the beginning of something. Cute story - not morbid. It is like the story of a girl who decided to come down with all the light that was missing from this planet. She said "I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go." She came down - and forgot why she came. So a second volunteer came down and sang on her window sill til shel remembered."
Marge, Virginia

Copyright 2010, 2016 Pat Crosby.  All Rights Reserved.
This blog post may be reproduced in its entirety with ALL credits, link back to this site and author's name included - as written.

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Much to ponder.

     I have a sense of animal souls or of angels incarnating in animal forms in the story... they see themselves as gossamer beings.. in the warrior world of this earth they are meat to be hung out to dry (as in the etymology of that expression).

     Also, an experience of mine this weekend: Driving south on the state highway from my house, a heavily shaded road, I was angry that a car approaching me had no lights on. I hardly saw it until it was close, and animals would have no chance. On my return, like clockwork, there was roadkill, a furry being, on that shaded stretch of road. When I passed that way again, crows were carrying off the meat. Departure of a gossamer soul?

Audrey, VT