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Thursday, February 19, 2015

End of Fear - Clearing Your Holy Trinity of Chakras and Getting Free of Entanglements

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The End  of Fear

Multidimensional Gut Level Healing - A Necessary Step in Ascension

By  Pat Crosby and the Cosmic Council

First published in Sedona Journal of Emergence, 
January 2015 "Don't Let Your Problems Eat You"

Dear Ones,
We note how much fear humanity experiences:
  • fear of loss in so many departments
  • fear of what you have known
  • fear of loss in income
  • fear of loss of lifestyle
  • fear of loss of good food
  • fear of new government policies that may unseat what you hold dear
  • fear of massive contagious epidemics
  • fear of things that go bump in the night
  • the list goes on and on...
Do you feel churning in your gut when you read the news? Does your mind churn with endless scenarios of impending disasters? Are you experiencing panic attacks? Does your heart monitor go off when the phone rings? Does it seem you cannot find any solid ground? Does it seem that what used to work is no longer holding - no longer relevant? Do you wonder if you, too, will be among the homeless masses - being chased by police and denied meals as more and more communities outlaw feeding the homeless in public spaces?
How big and how long does fear fantasy last?
Have you noticed how much the media is building up fear, uncertainty, worry and anxiety? We have.
Why is this? What is the purpose of all this fear mongering? Is it real?
Yes, you, Dear Lightworkers, are not immune to this planetary phenomenon.  

Indeed, when told the truth, YOU, Dear Lightworkers, are driving a lot of these changes - as you hold the celestial vision of how great life on earth can be and many of you are here specifically to implant this new vision in the planetary matrix, the planetary grid systems, and in the evolving consciousness held by humanity’s enhancing DNA patterns.
It seems many of you have forgotten why you are here, though. So we take this opportunity to help you remember some critical things from your soul memory.
Fear Lives in your Gut - Your Survival Center. Clear your Gut and Heal Your Fear
Fear is an old pattern on your planet. And it is a pattern that is getting a new spin around as the accelerating frequencies of the new energies dig deep and root out all old patterns that are hiding and seeking refuge under rocks, inside closets - and deep inside the crevices of your belly – your gut.
Many humans love the thrill of dramas. Your mass media make a great living catering to this addiction. People‘s minds devour all the endless horrible possibilities, speculations and events. People then agitate themselves into going to war and fighting in an attempt to kill the fear: Wars of arms, wars of words, wars of passive aggression, wars inside houses, wars inside your mind, and wars filling continents. What an amazing display of an amazing game. How creative are humans! OMG!
Where is your spirit in this game? Out to lunch?
We ask you now, do you like this game? Where - in the far reaches, the far corners of your mind - do you get a thrill when you think of acting out your aggressions? Where do you feel contently smug when you think of the exact set of words for the perfect put down, the perfect smack down? What is the weird joy of gloating that comes from getting it over on somebody else? How much of your “entertainment” consists of “winning” it over somebody else?
Do you surge with energy when you think of revenge - or of somebody getting “What they deserve”? Many people - and whole cultures – do, you know.
Does your anger (reaction to fear) swell up in a massive fire that burns your common sense and leads you to destructive acts and words? Do you self-inflict the anger on your own guts - turning the blame on these hapless bystanders of your tangled energy morass? Do you think they like being kicked in their own guts by all these savage emotions run amuck?
Do all these crappy behaviors make you feel good? Make you feel better? Make you feel safe? Do they prevent - or stimulate - the war mechanism (inside or outside of you)? What is the fascination with words of war on this planet?

Where do these words of war originate?
Where do any words originate? Ancient masters of the Kashmir Shaivite traditions of the Himalayan mountains have reported their esoteric research that words begin in the 3rd chakra - the chakra of digestion and assimilation. The 3rd naval chakra breaks down energies, and supplies the forces to recreate new energetic patterns of the newly released and freed broken down energies. (Yes, recycling is a cosmic action. It occurs on the micro and the macro levels.)The 3rd chakra fuels new creations - on a subconscious level below the experiences of the conscious “educated” mental mind.
Is the output of this chakra what you want? Or is it what comes from pollution in the channels? Or from strange unconscious filters? Or from social programming by other un-informed humans? From FEAR? What is the origin of FEAR?
Are you sick of this game yet? Sick and tired of broken relationships, destructive behaviours - individually and system wide?

3rd Chakra Multidimensional Digestion
Holy Chakra # 3 - Near the Navel. Center of Digestion. Run light through it to unclog and set it free.
Yes, it’s in your belly - the melting pot, the cooking chamber, the digestion zone of all energies, the fire pit of life. Most commonly, you think of your belly as digesting your physical foodstuffs - breaking down the combinations created by the plants and animals to sustain life - picking apart the nutrients and recombining them to give you your turn at life.
Your digestion also digests words on many other levels. Multidimensional is your digestion, yes? You know your navel chakra is the flywheel of life that integrates all the cosmic forces that enable life on earth to exist. The “petals” of this chakra spin, rotate and twist to collect and integrate (ie digest) cosmic energies - just as the movements of the plants twist, spin and rotate to collect the most energy rays from the sun to enable their great process of digestive transformation - transforming minerals into plant compounds and utilizing oxygen to sustain life.

Holy Chakra # 1 - Root Chakra at tailbone area

Your grounding, creation and digestion chakras - chakras 1, 2, and 3 are essential to life on earth - today more than ever.
This holy trinity of life-on-earth chakras functions together as a unit to hardwire your spirit into your human body and enable your body to survive and prosper - to thrive.
So why are so many plagued by digestive problems of all orders of magnitude - from small digestive upsets, to major diseases and allergies. What gives? Why is this essential survival system so out of whack, so out of alignment? What is the force that is keeping your chakra survival package from functioning? Why is it stuck?
We offer you a few insights into this complex problems, Dear Human Family, to assist you in developing your own power to manage, assimilate, and become friends with this innate internal system inside your very own being, to become friends with it and give it the power of your mind and spirit to function fully, optimally, harmoniously, and at ever increasing capability.

In other words, BE the master of your own digestion - your own assimilation - instead of letting the problem eats away at your guts, your vitality, and fill you with dread fear of survival. Eat your problems. Don’t let your problems eat you!
It is time for humans to comprehend the multidimensional power of their digestion system and its role in individual and planetary ascension.

How to Assimilate and Process the New Energies, End Fear - and Improve Your Multidimensional Digestion in the Life Creation Temple in Your Belly

Think Love, Choose Love! Such a spiritual platitude you might think. Yet love is the highest frequency energy. Love is the greatest healer. “Perfect love casts out fear” said the master. This is not a wimpy spiritual prescription. This simple set of words carries the divine power to connect you to the cosmic source of all energy - the cosmic engine that drives all creation. When you align and connect with this source in your own gut, you bring that empowerment into all your systems, beginning with your delicate and essential digestion process - the process of assimilation of all energies encompassing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual complex.

Talk Love - to yourself, your cells, your digestion, and to others. Yes, your words carry the full creative impulses from source. Do you allow the corruptions of your mind through negative programming to instill their malware in your brain? Do these bad programs corrupt your output - making you spill forth pollution of words, thoughts and actions? Do you inject this malware into the cells of your body by bad mouthing them? Do you reject becoming a malware-spewing bot - programmed by others? Are you calling your body parts names? Insulting them? Telling them they are too fat, too thin, too sick, too this, too that? Thinking they are incapable of doing the job of maintaining and sustaining your life on earth - spirit in human 3D form? Do you think you are a factory reject? Do you think the creator-design team made the biggest mistake - and it is YOU?

YIKES! Run the malware removal program. NOW!
Think again Dear Human - for you are created in perfection - and we are come here to remind you and help you in reclaiming your holy divine pristine birthright. So instead of saying: My digestion hurts, my digestion doesn’t work, my digestion is broken - it has (insert disease name here) - we suggest you speak love to your organs of digestion. Tell them you love them - literally. Pat them. Rub them. Massage them gently. Compliment them. Instruct them with the power of your spirit-guided mind talk to function well, perfectly and in divine harmony. This simple step of creating conscious intelligence talk to your cellular structures will work miracles.
We do not suggest you bypass appropriate medical, healing and nutritional modalities as you amplify talking consciously to your cells. Indeed, these modalities are developed to support you and assist you as you go through a healing and upgrading ascension process of reclaiming your full birthright. Just don’t give these external modalities your full power as you use their boost. Direct your power to re-creating the condition and health of your own bodily structures - your own cells and all their components. Begin by consciously directing your cellular processes.
As an aside, so as to not mislead you, we remind you that some “ailments” are a chosen part of your soul journey and life lesson plan. More on this in another communiqué…
Increase your nutritional awareness. We marvel at how much unconscious eating happens on your planet. How much junk and harmful chemical and artificial food goes down the gullets? How much money (energy) is spent on pouring these unhealthful substances down the tubes and promoting them. When you walk through a “supermarket” how much there is really food and how much is junk of different categories?
As your ascension journey unfolds and your vibration continues to increase - individually and globally - you will naturally gravitate to higher and higher frequency foods. (By foods, we mean anything that goes into you - physically emotional, mentally, words, energies… etc). Some food is sustaining and some, alas, is toxic. You choose.
You will pay more and more attention to the “unconscious” realms of your body - including your organs of digestion, assimilation and elimination. You will attune to when there is harmony of input in and energy out. You will begin to feel more and more distinctly when things are out of harmony, out of alignment. You will have the soul power and the intelligent wisdom to know how to course correct - to make higher vibrational choices. You will know when to seek external help from those trained and dedicated to helping you be healthy. Your choices will evolve to become happy choices, rather than OMG I HAVE to eat this (awful stuff) because it’s good for me!
Consider the ancient spiritually-tested practices of light fasting. Food acts as “energetic glue” to hold forms and constructs in your current bodily pattern. By giving the body a chance to “unglue” for short times by fasting, you allow the cells to reconfigure by newer higher frequency energy patterns - ie to ascend in vibration.
A good basic and generally safe technique can be found in the ORIGINAL classic “Master Cleanse” book by Stanley Burroughs - easily available online.

Spiritual traditions worldwide have histories of fasting for spirit enhancing reasons. We encourage you to delve into this practice and find a method that seems right for you. We remind you, especially if you have health complications, to work with qualified health professionals who are spiritually aligned to advise and guide you through this process and monitor your health.
And remember, a little goes a long way. We advise you to not go to ANY extremes during these delicate times of new energy coming into the planet and into you. Always, please, be gentle and loving with yourself and all your components that hold the sacred temple of your soul in form.
Direct light especially throughout your Trinity Chakra complex (chakras 1, 2, 3). Utilize whatever rays and healing methods and revelations you have learned so far (and more are being revealed) to help clear the old compacted chaotic energies (miasmas) from your lower abdomen - your life creation cathedral inherent in your body form.
Call upon the forces of light to inspire you how to send healing transforming light into your sacred chakras system and align you with the expanding ascension energies.
Galactic Chakra Course available online for instant download and study.
This 8 chakras course has very specific guided audio meditation to conduct ascension light throughout each of your chakras and connect them directly with divine intelligence while clearing out old compacted energy holding patterns that no longer serve you.

Chakra course - with AA Michael, secret Indian yoga teachings, and ascension multi dimensional revelations and empowerments. Emphasizing spiritual and ascension functions of your chakras and how they work with enhancement, expansion and connecting with your and galactic DNA. More of this topic in future messages. You can download this course from the above link and begin galactic work on your chakras immediately.

(Note: Sliding Scale payment option for those in need. Contact to arrange.)

Where is the Magic Genie Granting Wishes?
Reclaiming your birthright of perfection is not an instantaneous waving of a magic wand by some high-frequency being of light and love! Reclaiming your birthright is a journey of discovery, guided by you, your higher self, and your soul team to help you grow in earth and cosmic wisdom - to become masters of spirit in form. It is a journey of ups and downs. The ups encourage you and show you the way. The downs show you where there are more discoveries to be made. Dig in, Dear Earth Partner!. We’re here to support you - and we remain only a thought away. Call us up - we’re faster than 911! The “Magic Genie” is your own soul power working WITH your human intellect and mind power. Empower that connection now!
Universal Copyright 2015 Pat Crosby.
Article may be redistributed without charge of any kind as long as entire contents and all links and credits are included.

First publishing rights: Sedona Journal, January 2015 issue.

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