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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pat Crosby - Cosmic Council Predictions 2014 The Accelerating Effects Of Light-Code Streams On Planet Earth. Sedona Journal reprint.

2014 Predictions Article for Sedona Journal by Pat Crosby
Published December 2013

Cosmic Council through
Pat Crosby

Dear Light Code Partners of Earth,

2014 will be another truly astonishing year. As the seeds of higher consciousness continue to sprout and more and more obstructions to their growth are removed, we will see exponential shifting of each one of you - individually as well as collectively.

As the shift continues to accelerate, we remind you that the impact of the increasing frequency of the particles of light on your cellular structure and your DNA patterns continue to amplify geometrically.

The Shift IS Unfolding - Unfailingly  

Collectively, you have all already achieved a critical mass of grounded new energy; hence the end is certain. The shift is well underway. And YOU are highly appreciated and necessary anchors in connecting this new energy onto your planet Earth.

The shift process into new energy has ramped up throughout 2013.

Thus we have noticed, as have you, Earth Partners - that there is a sense of being on a runaway horse, of things being out of control, of your sense of always being behind the eight ball, of feeling rushed for no particular reason, of being overwhelmed.

Your earthly political systems are in a free-for-all overhaul, as old concepts are being turned inside out and thrashed in the court of public discussion – often no-holds-barred discussion as your news headlines continuously report.

Long standing arrangements are being dashed to smithereens - and most of it seems to make no sense at all.

Historical religions are turning inside out as new leadership replaces authoritarian hierarchies.

Old systems and structures are being dismantled, de-energized, and de-magnetized.

Why so Much Rapid Change? Will it continue in 2014?

New light codes sped up their trajectory onto planet Earth’s energy fields in 2013 – The Dawn of the New Dream. The marker date of December 2012 threw gas on the fire of accelerating change. These changes are being instigated by the new multidimensional light and sound patterns that the newly released light codes are delivering to our planet earth through the planetary and galactic grids and the symbiotic receptacles in your DNA – which weave the codes into your human body process energy matrix.

These changes are a synergistic multiplication of the new energies accessible to the planet through galactic alignments and openings. Joyous human celebrations, expectations and intentions synergized to bring in and anchor these new energies.

Your intentions have been very strong and effective. Never underestimate the power of your intention.  Never underestimate the power of exponential group minds united in intention.

Light Codes continue to Amplify your DNA Capability

Light codes of the shift are multi-dimensional energy transference loops. They allow access between your planet and the far reaches of the galaxies. They allow access to the abundant realms of knowledge held in planetary and galactic archives. They reach through wormholes and make accessible realms of knowledge previously inaccessible to your earthly experience.

Shift light codes access multi-dimensional and galactic archives – (a topic far more complex than this present discussion allows. Another time, Dear Humans!)

These code-accessed archives are the records of all thoughts, words and deeds (so to speak) that have occurred in all these realms of the Creators’ glories and revelations – in the miracles of the many manifested co-created worlds.

Here a few capabilities of the multi-dimensional light codes of the shift that have been impacting your planet and her system with increasing amplitude:

  • They are bringing new patterns, new templates of light.

  • They are bringing new thought forms encoded in these patterns.

  • And most important to your journey here now – they are bringing new solutions to old old old puzzle problems infecting your planet.

2014 - Time to Take Out the Trash
Because of their high frequency vibration, these escalating light patterns (codes) are literally forcing old patterns of greater density and lesser frequency to be melted away in an energetic embrace and intertwining melding of the frequency of unconditional love.

As humans continue to absorb and integrate these higher frequency codes, they are able more and more to receive increasingly great amounts of these new light codes - hence their spiritual evolution has the opportunity to exponentially increase as the new patterns loop through their human DNA and planetary energy weaves.

Many of your human minds strongly identify with these old patterns. They/you have built your 3D life purposes, identity and raison d’ĂȘtre around these old patterns and the energies that drive them that are anchored in historical habits.

As these old patterns are dissipating and the new patterns (light codes) are moving in at accelerating pacing  there is a strong cognitive dissonance impacting the majority - if not all - of humanity. The conditioned human mind tries to make “sense” of all the new energy unfolding in events around the world - and in your own bedroom.

Nothing seems to match anymore. Old “tried and true” solutions that were focused on “coping” are no longer working.

We see this mismatch playing out on the public stage in your various political arenas. We also see it playing out in each of your individual lives.

There is no safe ground for anyone right now. We do not mean it is “unsafe” - rather we mean there is no solidity in taking refuge in what used to be. For it is this “what used to be” that is being replaced by advancing solution technologies based on love, harmony and the highest good for all.

Effect of the Accelerating Frequencies on Your Earth Bodies

The new code patterns are intricately woven with the patterns that your DNA has held in place in service to you for so long as you focused on learning certain life and soul lessons of the third density. Now your DNA patterns are being activated and exponentially amplified at an accelerating pace which allows you to connect energetically with the new higher frequency patterns infusing your planet.

This process of adapting to the new infusions is one that takes some time and much adjustment. In the meantime, you are having “growing pains” - or shall we say, “ascension pains”.

Although things no longer feel a comfortable fit, and much seems to be out of alignment, these are symptoms that you are growing at exponential rates. Your process of vibratory evolution is accelerating as you read these words - wherever in time and space you are when the impact of these words. In other words, during YOUR now. The codes embedded in these words – impact, activate and affects your consciousness.

Another process well underway and that will continue significantly in 2014 is the clearing out of the old patterns in your cellular structure, your DNA patterns, and by extension your social and societal structures.

Much is Changing and Will Continue to Rapidly Change throughout 2014

There is no holding back this tide of change - for the cosmic forces at work under divine intelligence are flooding your planet with their newer energies and encoded messages. You will continue to go through these very rapid and tumultuous changes in the coming year.

How to Grow with the 2014 Changes

We suggest you take time to look back at how far you have come. Congratulate yourselves on how magnificently you have navigated this shifting journey of uncountable lifetimes so far.  This current earth journey is one of great magnitude and great achievement for the mastery of the ascension process that is underway on your planet.

You have all had great unfolding in time-space to learn and master the lessons uniquely available in this 3rd density.
Each and every one of you is a true warrior of spirit - and doing the amazing journey that must be done. There is no turning back: You courageously knew that as you chose to come into this life during this emblematic process.

Even those who seem to be holding onto the past patterns of limitation are serving this ascension process, for they are driving public dialogue and debate of fundamental seminal issues. These are long-standing problems of great impact which humanity now has the will and means to solve with the exponentially increasing galactic knowledge flowing to the earth plane through the infusions of the galactic light codes.

The intensity with which the public debates swirls and storms on your planet is bringing everybody into the planetary conversation. People are awakening from apathy and unconsciousness. When things in your neighborhood blow up, when the weather brings the “storm of centuries” to your front door – or your flooding basement, when your dear friends and family are personally caught up in the swirling manifestations of the new energies, people sit up and take notice. They are forced to engage - ready or not - willing or not. No one on the planet is exempt from this deep cleansing process of revealing truth.

Through this often explosive process, human beings are being prodded to take a stand and thus help shape the form the new energies are taking on your planet – both in your social structures as well as your personal life re-structuring. Humanity is being forced to co-create solutions by events erupting all around them. We say this is a good and powerful process to help each soul examine events in the light of higher consciousness and thus come into clarity. This is a process that is blowing away the smog of confusion and limited vision and perception.

Who would have thought just a few years ago that so many changes would happen so rapidly - in realms of marriage laws, church hierarchies, political systems, your healing journey…?

Aren’t you glad we are all shifting? Or are you? What is YOUR stance in the truth of your soul knowledge? You see, Dear Human Partner, it is beholden for EACH of you to come to some evaluation, some conclusion, some deciding point for what is and what is not important for you. It IS your time to make YOUR soul decisions and direct the trajectory of your ship of soul for your future journeys. No more coasting along hither and yon wherever some current blows you. It is time for crystal clear decision making. Do you choose love? ForGiveness? Higher vibration solutions? Or do you wallow in the old past karmic merry-go-round trauma-drama cycle sinking you in a quick-sand pit of tarry confusion? Is revenge sweet? Or a sticky poison killing the spirit and/or body of everyone involved?

Did we not tell you the changes during the shift would be immense? Yet who knew exactly how they would play out. That is where your co-creation has been magnificent, Beloved Earth Partners.

How to Accept and Adjust with the Shift

Your Shift Muscle is building! Aren’t you happy to hear that? And guess what!? The topsy-turvy planetary rebalancing and realignment underway strengthens in 2014!

Good news, though! You are getting used to it!

When we say “strengthens” we mean not only the shifting process, but also your ability to co-create your chosen manifesting intentions anchored in knowledge and love.

Here are some tried and true ways to help you through the birthing canal journey of the higher consciousness that is all around and beginning to affect you - in a very good way!


Spend time touching her, feeling her. Sit, lie, and walk barefoot on her surface. In this way you can attune your biology and cellular structures to her rhythm - and she to you. You are in this together: Humanity and Mother Earth. Hence you will feel and will be less out of sync with the energetic pulsing changes continually flowing into your planet. Hang onto your Mother Earth as your life saver that she is. Mother Earth is transducing the energies into a vibration you can handle – and she appreciates your feedback to her through your energetic contact with her.


Nature is the higher self of Mother Earth. Nature brings soothing tranquility to our hearts, minds and spirits when we appreciate the beauty of her sunsets, sunrises, cloud formations, mountains, plants, birds, butterflies, and so much more. Mother Nature continues to awe us with her power of transformation - as she has shown us so many times. In this awe of her abilities we have the humility and reverence for the great powers that shape our universe as we acknowledge her awesome majesty, beauty, and gifts of her benevolence in the form of the food and beauty she provides to sustain our journeys here in 3D – and her commitment to fulfilling her contract with the Creator to provide ground for the Shift of the ages to unfold.

There has never been a better time to practice and stay mindful of these seminal spiritual guiding principles. We are on a great journey together. You usually cannot see where you are going - yet we, the guidance reality are looking out for you and giving hints, clues and signs that you are navigating the journey well. OR we are showing you where you have to make a course correction for the highest good of all and to fulfill the purpose of your incarnation. We are on a “walk about” with you, Human Partners, as we discover together new ways of being in the new energies.


You can pray (send out light forms and rays) in a positive loving manner for yourself, for others, and for the planetary ascension journey. You can send light to the areas undergoing so much rapid change - weather wise, politically, socially, etc. You can send light to planetary leaders. Send your light with no agenda – just for the highest good of all. Gold and violet are good colors to offer to the world, its changing and to Mother Earth.


Tell your cells and body parts that you love them - especially the parts that are hurting. Tell Mother Earth you love her. In this way you can consciously help reprogram your mental-emotional weave to incorporate higher frequency patterns into your mix.  You are effectively upgrading lower frequency patterns by this method. You will also be sending these high frequency thought forms out as thought radiations that will illuminate all who are touched by them -  including you. For it is well said: Send your bread (light) upon the waters and it will come back to you exponentially. Mother Earth is healing, as are you, in this magnificent journey.


As more light and high frequency codes come onto the planet, the more old patterns will light up - hence giving you the opportunity to move your awareness from unconscious to conscious observations of your own old patterns. As you stare down your old patterns and bring them into the light of your awareness, you can choose to replace them with higher frequency patterns. You are greatly assisted in this process with the new codes of light all around.

In this process, we encourage you to not be in denial, guilt and other lower frequency patterns. Instead, we encourage you to just be open and honestly observe what has been, and the effects created by your previous choices. Observe how higher frequency responses will bring happier results and more peace and harmony and calm into your life and relationships.


As you live on a planet of free will, no beings can interfere with your process. Yet these beings can be of great service in your journey if you ASK them to help you. Ask however, whomever you feel guided and feel love for.

Particularly the Angels of ForGiveness are here for the shift and they invite you to ask their help in releasing old density and patterns that have held you bogged down in the past. They don’t judge past events – they simply remove the karmic imprints from your energy matrix that old events have left as scar tissue and constrictions on your energy field. But you MUST ASK them. Just say: “Angels of ForGiveness, please help me release (forgive) such and such event, or person…”

(More help from the Angels of ForGiveness at )


In this regard we suggest you always choose love. There will be times when your old patterns will fight vigorously against your choosing love. Old programs will flare up, scream and holler and throw temper tantrums for lower frequency reactions such as revenge, hate and anger.

The new energy invites you and supports you to acknowledge these old patterns, and then with even more consciousness -   to choose love – the highest vibration.

We remind you that we, the guidance reality, are always on call to be of service to you with our Creator-given gifts and commands to assist you in making these transformative upgrades. Simply ask us and we can assist. Remember we are constrained by the laws of free will on your planet, so it is you who are in control and you who can ask us to apply our gifts to assist your journey.

We hope you will ask us. We love to be of service to you :) You are not alone - we are always with you when you call.


In these regards, Dear Earth Human Partners, we acknowledge the fortitude of your recent journey. We applaud how you are collectively bringing the ascension process to new peaks of creativity and manifestation. We watch in awe as you release and transmute old energy patterns that have sickened your planet.

We bow to your feet in awe at your perseverance to keep going even when the going gets very tough. It is this toughness in the journey that drives you to become greater and greater masters of your own destiny. And, in so doing, to gather  amazing data for the galactic records of how planet earth came to shift from duality and war into unconditional love during a most amazing journey.

You truly are Olympic champions…. you drive themselves to ever-increasing feats of accomplishments - and not (or maybe sometimes) by sitting on the couch eating potato chips!

2014 holds many many many possibilities.

As 2013 winds down, we see the magnificent and profound planetary conversations taking place on every subject matter, in every heart, in every mind. All sides of the conversation, ALL points of view are getting a full public airing. Nothing is off limits - for ALL is being brought to the light – the good, the bad and the ugly. No more denial as everything is washed clean in truth and clarity of great (and messy) examination in the light.

2014 will continue this important dialoging enlightening process. Resolution on both individual and collective levels will come when all sides of the conversation have been thoroughly aired. This important and critical process is not short-lived.

It is important to bring EVERY point of view fully into the light of consciousness.

In this process, each soul can fulfill their own self-chosen lesson plans and not be short-circuited in their journey. In this process, Humanity can collectively choose the next pathways of human events. In this process, you can - individually and collectively - make conscious choices which will shape the new realities you are now co-creating.

We salute you, Co-Creators of a brand new, - spanking brand new - increase in higher consciousness that is pervading your earth for the first time in a very very very long time.

You ARE becoming masters of your destiny as you climb through the shrouding layers of density that have kept you in reduced states of awareness.  We remind you that even in the shrouded parts of your journey, you are engaged in deep soul wisdom lessons - lessons that can ONLY be learned while in the 3rd level of density mastery school.

YOU are Champions of Truth

Not an easy journey you have chosen, Earth Partner Friends. Rather, a journey of champions. We salute you again and again! And we are grateful to you for doing this journey.

Yes, Dear Lightworker Family, it is time to pat yourselves on the proverbial heart. It is time to take some time out to reflect on what you have achieved, where you have been, and where you might be going next.

It has been and is time to take for healing, for processing.

As you assimilate new energies and new codes, it is time to allow yourself some peace of mind and heart that the shifting process is unfolding in a way much more magnificently that could have been imagined only a short year ago.

More and more of humanity is waking up to the reality of new possibilities that serve the highest good of ALL. In our book, that is a magnificent thing. And OUR book is YOUR book - for we are ALL in the Creator’s family of light.

And even though we are on our side of the veil (that old duality talk again!) we are very much with you on your side of the veil.

And we remind you again that we are bidden to not interfere with your creations. However, if you ASK us, we are totally available to assist and empower you in so many ways that neither you nor we can yet imagine.

The shift is happening in many realities, in many dimensions, in many realms as we are all being rebooted into the ever-expanding circles of our amazing Creator’s constantly increasing possibilities.

We remain with you, we honor you, we trust you, and above all, we so admire and cherish you - for you truly go where no other being has the capacity or courage to go.

To best be with this vigorous new growth process, we offer the wonderful adage: Be Happy - Now! And Be HERE for the ride of the ages!
We are all staying tuned to see how far you will go in 2014 until you slide into 2015.

We are all betting on you! So no contest!


Copyright 2013. Pat Crosby. Creative Commons.

Permission granted to republish this article as long as post is printed in full as written with all links included and no charge is made for the article.

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  1. Pat, you have outdone yourself with this post. Thank you!! Perhaps this one, especially, really registers with me as our annual Celebration of Love event quickly approaches. As you well know the new scared geometries, The Geometries of Love, that I have mid-wifed these past 10 years, speak so much to this conscious participation in our evolution, and to what I call 'the next octave of human'. They are all about LOVE - the next octave of LOVE, beyond our ability to cognate, Keep up your amazing work with 'forgiveness'. We will move forward much more quickly on the evolutionary path as forgiveness & love become our primary decision evaluators.