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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reshel Grid Gathering of Masters, Sept 2008, VA

The Reshel Grid - JAIA Dev Ascension with Bill Buehler and Peter Champoux

Brought to you by Pat Crosby for Reshel

Contact Peter Allen for more information & to register


A Gathering of Grid Masters

Peter Allen, Founder of JAIA DEV ASCENSION Network

Presents : "THE RESHEL GRID - Gateway to the Future"

Featuring Authors William Buehler & Peter Champoux

Charlottesville, Virginia - September 22-26

Featured Co-Speaker - William Buehler

Portal gridsWilliam Buehler is a retired U.S. Naval Commander who has an in-depth spiritual overview & expertise of the "Reshel" grids that exist on the planet. He is considered the patriarch of Reshel Grid 'rediscovery', mechanics and function. He is the founder and author of the 'Shamir Letter' . He has accumulated his knowledge over thirty years of intense study & application while interpreting and participating in Light Synergy groups. A man of integrity, humility and vast knowledge, Bill will share his profound knowledge on the topic of Reshel Grids, their ancient origin, function and role in the upcoming Ascension. This is a rare appearance and opportunity you do not want to miss. Email:

Featured Co-Speaker - Peter Champoux

Peter <span class=Champoux" name="ACCOUNT.IMAGE.47" v:shapes="_x0000_s1027" vspace="5" width="113" align="left" border="0" height="129" hspace="5"> Peter Champoux is an author, geomancer and expert on ley energies and energy centers on the earth. An expert on earth grids, he discovered the Arkhom matrix of the American Northeast, and related landscape patterns across the continent. He is the first to extensively investigate the influence of these geometries on human settlement, historical events and cultural evolution, revealing a close interrelationship between human behavior and earth energies. His book, the GAIA MATRIX is a must read, and heralded as a major source of telluric energy information.

Workshop Details & Registration Info



5-day workshop
September 22-26, 2008
Monday through Friday
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM each day

Abundance Exchange: $500 ($525 includes Saturday trip)

This workshop introduces participants to a powerful Metatronic spiritual system designed to provide a safe and effective support matrix for the transformation of
human consciousness. International Reshel authorities Bill Buehler and Peter Champoux will be leading discussions of and processes using the Reshel Grid
Matrix. Through the Reshel we will create a gateway to the full-light universe of Christ Consciousness.

Saturday, September 27
Day trip to the sacred site of Trinity Point, Philip Knoph-Guide (enrollment limited)

Meet at English Inn
10:00-11:00 AM, leave at 11:00 AM for Trinity Point. Guided process at key energy points.

Workshop Venue:
English Inn
2000 Morton Dr., Rte. 29
Charlottesville, VA
(mention Jaia Dev Ascension Network for special rate)

Contact Peter Allen for more information.

Trinity Point - From Bill Buehler

Subj: Trinity Point in the Bakhira intercontintal grid: Sinclair 1398 mission, Westford Knight, Ascension.

Refs: 1. Attached. Intercontinental "Bakhira Grid", a

Reshel system. (Note: the attachment "Bakhira Grid" needs Google Earth software, can be downloaded free for trial.)

2. (2.2 MB) Trinity Point geometry. (Bird outline in orange). Pyramic axis 053T, very near to the Pyramid's 51.8 slope angle.

3. Westford Knight engraving. Ref 1 is more accurate with a slighltly different alignment but not significantly.

4. Bakhira Grid (NE half). Actual grid center plots farther east from Port of Spain, Trinidad, but the rest of the grid is much as plotted here on a conical projection map. The Westford Knight engraved elements are also shown. Note the ARKHOM grid on the Knight's shield.

5. Bakhira Grid. Use Ref 1 as the most accurate alignment.

6. Newport Tower with hypothetical Reshel structure and function.

7. Attached. Nova Scotia Reshel axis and connecting ley between the two Shelburne centers. The axis between them is the same size as the Nova Scotia system. Shows the Arkhom and Nova Scotia main axes.

8. Reshel system (half of it); subsystems are listed. The two halves are contstantly cycling through each other to create specific "vaults" or reality frame, the 6-pointed "Key of David" or VAULT OF PASSAGE is one of them (... a merkabah/chariot form that transports between the Maha-Ratri membrane through the Star Grail to the Maha-Rhim membrane via the Golden Pillar ...tetra/ennead IRIS EYE/ penta.)

9. The ARKHOM grid. This doesn't show the Reshel but its there.

10. Pyramid Socket volumes: cosmic life rhythm correlating to the Circadian Rhythm and 4 human biorhythms.

11. RE Pyramid sockets

12. RE Pyramid sockets

13. Reshel AERIOPAX using the two pyramds, apices meeting. Primary form facilitating the Ascension and LP-40 Transition event.

14. one Templa Mar process grid, used in Midwest convocation installation in the Mogollon Rim site.

15. Templa Mar process, one curve of three in the format.

16. Titan Oceanus grid. 17. Zeno chart with original grail harmonic plotted. Since expanded into the Imtara Rhis grid.

BACKGROUND I've been asked to give a brief description of a small but important site in Virginia near Churchville. Its called "Trinity Point" by its sponsor: Philip Khnopp whose family owns the land. The name derives from three large hills (over 1600 ft elevation) using the same geometry as the Great Pyramid. My interest in the area was aroused when I found that it coincided with the huge Bakhira Grid apparently coded in a stone at Westford, Massachusetts, a engraving representing a Knight with a sword and shield where the sword's hilt has a strange 3.5 degree offset (apparently to Trinity Point).

To place Trinity Point I need to present at least a very brief summary of a very large and strange story involving the Clan Sinclair Templars in 1398 CE and their mission to Nova Scotia and the Americas-to-be.

I'll keep this as short as possible.

COSMOLOGY: This Time continuum was created about half a million linear years ago to accomplish a specific mission in creating a new form of Human and DNA. The dynamics for this "experimental" Oritronic Universe came out of the Vault (Great Nebula) of Orion including the 24 Breastplates (systems) of Metatron (highest archangel). One of these systems is called the "Techad" or as used by the Knights Templar and later Masons the "Reshel" or "Chief Corner Stone of El"; this system is the primary one facilitating the conduct of the continuum objective and also in the return to normal, Metatronic universe reality. Thus it is encoded in scriptures... the Judeo-Christian for our purposes here... and in temple and earth grids as well as being used in light group process.

It includes Time Gates for purposes of coordination across Time with agencies under the MICHAEL MANDATE: "MANDATE OF THE VIOLET FLAME: (MICHAEL MANDATE: Root of the ABACUS MANDATE, a simplified summary.) "Established by the AMETHYST THRONE (high level of Archangelic Hierarchy) under the authority of the Archangel Michael to proclaim and govern the development of Light Redemption within the Oritronic Universe. "It's main tenet for Earth is the unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races, through the redemption of the Nephilim "Fallen Factor".

Since all human races on Earth contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal consciousness', this principle of solvency must occur beginning at the DNA level of each individual on the planet. "The Nature Races (Devas, animals) are also involved in the synergy of Light Forms toward development of full Light Metatronic receipt. All beings on Earth share in this program of Light Redemption."

(Thoth Raismes as translated by Maia Nartoomid.)

A basic priestly group called the "Elisaphane Priesthood" with 5 men and 4 women in its basic cell of 9 people has specialized in the Reshel usage as well as more specific groups. That last largest such group was the Templars and then Masons. Apparently this action-line involving them was temporarily upgraded in the early 1970s in Hawaii (as the Planetary Roil pole accessing the whole Planet). (The Elisaphane-Onata dynamic is found in the "Elisphane Exchange" using the 5-to-9 functional exchange between Universe realities... the Reshel system uses this Exchange.)

The Universe project is to take 20 cycles to complete; we are at the end of the 19th and are now rapidly accelerating into the 20th. This is a TIME SHIFT, much more that just a New Age although that is part of it. TRINITY POINT is one of the principal sites in this process.

The FLASHING UNIVERSE is basic to all Universes including this one. We are most used to a Compression, Cube-Sphere form of universe mode but this flashes into an Expanded Torus mode were the Sphere is pulled through itself to form the Torus, then cycles back again in a very fast cycle. These two modes implode through a "Neutra" Universe that is real so in effect there are three Universes in this system. Light work involves all three. The Ark of Grace (upgraded Ark of Karma) has a complex system that holds the Neutra point space in Reality. The Reshel grid is ideally organized to use the Flashing Universe cycle.

GRID DYNAMICS: There are many descriptions of this large subject so I will focus it in one direction. All the Universe is filled with the Nothingness or "Life" from divine Source. With that foundational aspect there templates of state of being: Grace, Mind, and other aspects. For our purposes these are expressed in a nonpolarized universe reality that is not Material but supports Matter, the ancient name for it is the "Chorhii" creation state experienced as a form of White Fire ("Chor" in Hebrew) or "White Selah" as a preform state of the "Black Selah" or Void of Life. When "thought" creates a coherent energy form or "grid" we have creation process where thought and supporting energy forms create Matter and forms in different dimensions including the physical dimension. Thus the grids we are using are mainly found in the mental and etheric levels where "Etheric" is in the physical realm but too fine to ordinarily see visually; its very near the magnetic range and is the form to which Matter conforms. Although most of a grid's action is in those realms that are physically invisible, to most people, they still require at least a few key points of connection into this dimension so we generally find stone pinnacles, cairns, mountains, water areas forming grounding points. Humans also create physical poles in "artifact" grid points: stone henges, cairns, cathedrals, local Time continua forms or "teleplanes." (An example of an artifact grid is the "L-Gate" grid in Washington DC formed by the Capitol to the Washington Monument (Obelisk), then to the White House where the Zero-Mile Marker is the grid Center.)

Grids can spin, etherically, to track the Sun (a Heliotrope) or any other celestial point or group of stars or events in the Celestial "telesphere" or in or on the Earth. Energy lines or "leys" can go through the Earth and also over the spherical surface. Matter is alive and conscious... as elemental being. Suns are the main "Citizens of Time"; Time is non-linear where the past as well as future is dynamic. Grids can clone themselves to accomplish temporary jobs. "Economy in Nature" calls for straight ley lines between complementary poles but often curves or irregular "Dragon Lines" are the most energy-efficient connection. Water stores thought forms, so is a primary symbol and energy dynamic relating to Time Continua or "Mar" (Time is largely created by thought.)

1ST TEMPLA MAR (Temple of the Emerald Mar): In 1993 Thoth Raismes/Maia wanted a Temple installed on the Mogollon Rim near Pine, AZ. We had about 50 people in 6 groups in the Midwest and one group in Arizona working about half a year to come up with the plan and process. John Reeves (sculptor) carved a 100 lb altar which was buried at the site. The Midwest groups installed the system etherically and the Arizona group put the physical installation in (buried in public land where people could be "guided" to it if needed; its totally out of sight and off the path.)

It was quite elaborate with hymns from the different religions and the first ENOCHIAN MAGIC sequence in this age (according to Thoth/Maia). This installation is important because it, years later, anchored the BAKHIRA GRID based on the Westford Knight pattern. There are three points in the "installed" reference grid: the 1st Templar Mar near Pine, Trinity Point, Buffalo Lodge Lake, and the Capitol at Madison, WI, which spins to link with the Holy Isle of Ruta's position, probably at the time the Sinclair ships linked with Ruta in 1398. (Refs 14, 15 are examples of some of the group grids used.)

ARKHOM GRID: Discovered by Peter Champoux (Ref 9) links with Trinity Point via the Bakhira Grid at Cape Hatteras (a 3 degree "Selah" spoke with the main Arkhom Axis). The Arkhom grid uses the Reshel. This is found in Peter's book THE GAIA MATRIX available on his site. It is my view that the 1398 Sinclair mission to the Americas was to boot up the Arkhom, called the "Gamaiish" by the Atlans, which then powered up the Bakhira system. The link between these ideas is found in the Westford Knights' codes, on the shield. The Arkhom establishes the land orientation of the larger system.

WESTFORD KNIGHT: This is a carving on a small stone in Westford, Massachusetts. Boston is the eastern "seeding" pole of Arkhom; I feel that the stone is a major seed matrix for Arkhom in that it ostensibly contains the activation orders for the huge Bakhira. This is well outlined in the image. (Refs 3,4,5). The Newport Tower is part of the grid activation in the Knowledge/Wisdom capacity (The Navy has its main schools systems there). Ref 6 shows the Sinclair tower; I've added probable wood construction. It would have been a multi-level light group station similar in concept to the Masonic Chiswick House in London.

The essential point of this paper is to note that the Bakhira's main axis, the Knight's Sword, has its Center at sea but it comes ashore at Cape Hatteras where there's a 3.5 degree bend in the Sword's hilt LEADING TO TRINITY POINT! (Ref 3).

The main axis goes on to Madison, ie the Ruta link. Trinity Point downloads the double Wheel-Pommel or "double-Fruit" ... of the whole sword's formatted information feeding into and out of North America and perhaps this whole half of the Planet! When that is understood we further look at the sword's codes. How much did the Sinclairs know and how? My estimate is that they knew as much as we do now, overall, without the details. The knowledge is from the Akashic Record and the overseer would be Thoth under the Michael Mandate. This same action-line of 1398 continues today under the same authority. The Sword's Codes represent systems that condition, organize and further process information coming into this half of the Planet at THIS TIME in keeping with the progressive activation of the Bakhira Grid in response to Ascension/Regeneration actions including 9-11, the Messianic Grid, and the 2nd Gulf War, et al.

SWORD'S SYSTEMS: 1. OVERVIEW: Centered in the mid atlantic east of Trinidad it spins into Western Europe, making the Gaia/Racial Right forebrain link. This spin also connects with the Rutan location transferred via the Sword and axis into the North American Reshel and anchoring in the 1st Templa Mar. The Sword is the system manager from the Center but the ARKHOM is the manager from the Nova Scotia and combined Arkhom "Shield" of the Knight. These feed into the Cape Hatteras point which is probably at the base of the double-wheel pommel. Just where the offset axis originates is questionable, it could be more SE at sea but this is relatively unimportant. Nova Scotia's primary power source feeding into Arkhom and onwards is found in the parallel continuum Oak Island labyrinth "holding the suspended corporeal forms of three Grail Kings who are not Enochian Masters, bur rather who were/are main carriers of the Grail consciousness on the planet." (TEMPLE DOORS Vol 1-99, pg 19.)

THE SWORD: Note Hebrews 4:12-14. This is a 2-MOUTHED sword, remember. This keys into Hebraic alphabet codes supporting the Reshel system. 2. PYRAMID: The break in the sword represents the death of the Knight and the sword, his spiritual identity when incarnated, is broken at death. However we are addressing more than a Knight, this is a whole Universe being regenerated. The angle of the break is the PYRAMID ANGLE of 51.8, slope angle. When we construct the Pyramid its base extends to base of the Pommel. Thus this area represents the Pyramid base and its four sockets. Note Refs 10, 11, 12. These represent a cosmic lift rhythm according to Thoth. Also a human biorhythm, probably Metatronic for Earth people in the New Earth Star (as a guess).

There are other Pyramid functions including the critical AERIOPAX. (Ref 13). The Trinity Point Pyramid is "seen" so is the female system. When this is active and clear the male pyramid (Reshel) will activate. The break in the sword is also at the Golden Ratio point on the blade.

REGENERATION of the Sword at the break means to activate the Golden Ratio or "Phi Factor" ... total understanding of this can be approached in Maia's site. The Pyramid uses it to transfer Life codes into the continuum reality at the Pools of the Moon/Sinn/Life, from the Pyramid apex, into and through the Vaults of the Sun and Pools of the Moon (two Moons, original to Earth before one was destroyed in the 2nd Mars War). Regeneration also requires activation of the Pyramid to "bear double-fruit."

3. AT TRINITY POINT: A SERPENT AND STAR HELD BY A BIRD. At the crown of the pommel there is an 18-point star or "Eden Star" according to Thoth. There is also a serpent or SHAMIR (of the Eden Tree Wound), carried by a bird. This corresponds with the Bird-Serpent Staff of Asklepios, the staff of regeneration and "2nd Birth" (John 3:14-15).

The Staff is the Sword's axis. Mastery of this Staff opens the 13th Zodiacal Sign and triggers the zodiacal shift, part of the Ascension. Also this inserts the major Regeneration functions using the Pyramid's cosmic communications and life rhythm inputs. Remember that this composite system is processing incoming flow via the Center of the Bakhira axis. "Eden" in Hebrew, with the alternate spelling, relates to the "controlling foundation." Due to the shamir and Thoth's connection with Eden we should also look at the Staff or Sword axis as the Eden Tree with the Gap (for the Ark of Grace) at Trinity Point. The ARK OF GRACE opens a whole range of new spiritual science not addressed here, but relevant. "The worm will bore into the center of the Tree of Life and Light will pour out as if from a Golden Wound into the center of every heart." (Thoth/Maia)

4. MADISON, WI: This is the eye of the knight, also the RESH (Chief Head Stone) of the system. In view of the design it seems to be the Capitol of Wisconsin. The Westford Knight design ends here, emphasizing the Resh pole (again critical in ARK and GRAIL formats) but our main concern here is that it spins to link RUTA. Henry Sinclair's fleet with 5 "Temple-Built" ships (3 masts, square rig) in formation generated a Time link with Ruta that did not fall... it hangs out at the Telos.Aarkhara in the Heliomar Creation realm, overseeing this Continuum.

8 DAYS OF TIME-STORMS preceded the Time link; we have experienced this phenomenon in our mission (under Thoth) into the Rennes le Chateau area, with a preparation of 3 days that devastated southern France. These storms are generated when two Time continua are brought into proximity, its a Matter/Antimatter interaction where the Continua limits are 'softened" by the Hierarchy to facilitate the Time link. My view of this is that the Ruta Time link in nonlinear Time created a vital pole for all Ascension grid actions using Reshel formats, a continuation of Ruta's actions in the grid activations before Atlantis was lost.

This point, the Resh, Eye in the Chief Head Stone, et al, is superior to the Bird-Serpent Staff, the Light above it. The Reshel axis then continues to Buffalo Lodge Lake, North Dakota where the grid's Shiyn pole is located and the main reality plane being created, anchoring in the 1st Templa Mar at Pine, Arizona. The attachment shows the rough area covered by the Bakhira grid: the whole hemisphere. The grid is effectively the Reshel consciousness in the Gaia/Racial right brain.

THE SHIELD: 1. DESCRIBED: there is a double concentric ring combination, with an axis, over a double masted vessel with a furled sail in three sail-groups on each mast. The main mast has a back stay. This mast and stay arrangement is not that clear and will more exactly relate to geographic areas rather than nautical symbolism entirely so I won't expand on it. The double ring is oblong along the major axis. The axis, extended towards Cape Hatteras has a penta-star over a crescent moon, a classic Reshel symbol recognized across the ages. The Shield and its design identifies the carrier, knight, identity. In the context of this interpretation the ship is the Reshel Merkaba (vehicle) that transits Time (the sea or Mar) using the Reshel system.

2. DETAILS INTERPRETED: The oblong double ring would correlate with the main two rings of the Reshel: the SOLAR-IS and the SOLAR AT-IS rings, but with the two Reshel halves not centered, they are slightly extended within their cycle. We don't know exactly how much but it appears that the Pyramid's two Metatronic chambers are unified (Chambers of the Son and Daughter). We can roughly predict where the Arkhom's outer "Zion, Zain" ring is and we find it is tangent to the shield's outer edge, implying that the shield is the Arkhom grid.

QUESTIONS: How would the Sinclairs know of the extent and details of this size grid?

(A) From the Akashic Record. Also they wouldn't have to, just carry out instructions from innerplanes mentors.

How do we know any of this is accurate?

(A) We don't although I'm personally sure of it. I've also had channel conversations with Henry Sinclair in a "soul interview."

What is the main link from Arkhom and Nova Scotia with Europe?

(A) Two lines: (1) The SORNA LEY from Mts Sinai/Katherine to New Orleans, through Ruta. This is the main axis of the TITAN OCEANUS grid (Da Vincy's Petrovian Man in the grid.) (Ref 16). And (2): The Hemptaha (Uncoiling Serpent) Line around the Planet that regulates all grids. The Pentagon (over an Atlan penta-seal), Lady of Light (Statue of Liberty), Montauk Point, Block Island, Newport Island, Shelburne (Nova Scotia), Ruta, and the Michael-Mari line in England are on this planetary line. There also appears to be a third system of note that spans the Atlantic, to Nova Scotia, found in the ZENO MAP used by the Sinclairs in the 1398 voyage, more as a spiritual grid than a navigational tool (Ref 17); this map has been much expanded into a contemporary complex grid also linking into the Rose Line from San Sabastian to Thurso and further north, called the Imtara Rhis grid.

Bill Buehler


Peter Allen - Reshel Grid, Charlottesville Event




First: to familiarize the lightworker with an ancient and powerful Metatronic spiritual system designed to provide a safe and effective support matrix for the transformation of human consciousness.

Second: to provide the participant with a personal experience of working with this technology. In group lightwork we will contact the inner planes mentors and use our bodies and consciousness as conduits for sacred light.

Third: to set up a structure to support your ongoing Reshel Grid work and thereby your successful ascension of consciousness.


Bill Buehler—leading international authority on the Reshel Grid

Peter Champoux—author of “The Gaia Matrix”, authority on the Arkhom Grid

Peter Allen—founder of Jaia Dev Ascension Network

Guest speakers: Philip Knoph—founder of the Trinity Point Project

Carol Mann—leading expert on Ark light-body installation


5-day workshop

September 22-26, Monday through Friday

9:00 AM – 4:30 PM each day

Saturday, September 27

Day Trip to Trinity Point, Philip Knoph—Guide (enrollment limited)

Meet at English Inn 10:00-11:00 AM, leave 11:00 AM

Guided process at key energy points. Snacks provided. Cost: additional $25


English Inn

Charlottesville, VA

Rooms--$99/night, full breakfast included


$500 ($525 with day trip to Trinity Point)

payable to Peter Allen

enrollment limited to 40 participants

lunch not provided


8:00 AM – 9:00 AM – Registration

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM – Introductions, opening meditation

10:00 AM – 12:00 – Sacred geometry underlying Reshel technology, nine poles of the basic Reshel. (Peter Allen)

12:00 – 1:30 -- Lunch

1:30 – 2:30 – Brief history of the Templar Knights, Henry Sinclair expedition of 1398.

Installation of Arkhom and Bakhira Grids. Other major Reshels and key points.

(Peter Allen)

2:30 -- 4:30 – Cosmology of the Reshel including the Templar/Masonic place in it.

(Bill Buehler)


9:00 --10:30 – Opening meditation. Introduction to Trinity Point. (Philip Knoph)

10:30 --12:00 -- Trinity Point in relation to the Arkhom Grid (Peter Champoux)

12:00 – 1:30 – Lunch

1:30 – 4:30 – Personal history, basic Reshel technology. (Bill Buehler)


9:00 – 12:00 – Opening meditation. Arks, Star-Bird Belt “Vee” system, the Sirius-Orion-

Taurus Ark system. (Bill Buehler)

12:00 -- 1:30 – Lunch

1:30 – 3:30 – Group experiential work. (Bill Buehler)

3:30 – 4:30 – Sharing.


9:00 – 12:00 – Opening meditation. Personal history. The Arkhom Grid.

(Peter Champoux)

12:00 – 1:30 – Lunch

1:30 – 2:30 – Arkhom in relation to larger Grid structures. (Peter Champoux)

2:30 – 3:30 – Group process. (Bill Buehler)

3:30 -- 4:30 – Sharing.


9:00 – 11:00 – Opening meditation. Advanced Reshel technology. Installing the Reshelin the Racial Mind. (Carol Mann)

11:00 – 12:00 – Group process. (Carol Mann)

12:00 – 1:30 – Lunch

1:30 -- 2:30 – Sharing.

2:30 – 4:30– Concluding remarks, acknowledgment. Network for ongoing work.

Learn MORE & Subscribe for updates at

Peter Allen


JAIA Dev Ascension

Jackie Queally

Although not scheduled for this seminar, Jackie Queally is a prolific source of knowledge on Reshel Grids, leylines and earth energies . Grid and Ley enthusiast are heartily recommended to check her websites:

Based in Roslyn Scotland, British author Jackie Queally, has written many articles, published six books, the most recent,

"The Spiritual Purpose to Rosslyn: Key to an Hidden Matrix "

Jackie has a life long affinity for sacred sites and a passion for revealing and simplifying the esoteric information encoded in the Templar mysteries. She has studied at length under William Buehler who possesses a brilliant, scholarly understanding of and ability to work with esoteric planetary grid systems, the meta-science at the core of the Templar work.

Jackie also provides tours of Roslyn Chapel and and other sacred sites and Templar areas in Britain, Ireland and Europe.

By Peter Champoux

Metatron via J Tyberonn

Reshel Grids

The channel asks about the energetic nature of what is termed 'reshel grids'. The reshel points are very feminine points of self-directed energy. Because of such, they draw upon all they require. They draw upon the masculine, they draw upon the balance, they draw upon the neutral, they draw upon the past and they draw upon the future. They are that which is in timelessness. They are installations of light. They are permanent to the earth in essence, and when one recognizes their power they can harness it for appropriate purpose.

This magnanimous system is one that belongs to the polarity of the divine feminine. These operate to maintain the femine aspect as it is, and once was. In areas where it becomes dormant, the reshels assist in resuscitation, in order to achieve the desired balance.

Now, there are other systems that belong strictly to the masculine polarity of the planet. Where this falls into disarray or reticence, they will also come forward. Now it is the reshels that are in prominent activation, and in primary activity. These are in place in both natural and man made structures, such as the great ley point cathedrals and the great points of light. Power points and sacred sites as you term them.

Reshels are the frequential keys that harmonically intertwine and integrate the other grid systems, including the 144 Crytsal planetary set and stellar grids. The Templar, Druid, Egyptian and Mayan understood their purpose. These savants would align them to planetary and stellar systems. As such the stellar systems could align the earth and the earth could align with the celestial systems.

The terrestrial essence of the reshel it is both electromagnetic and geometric. One creates the other and the other supports the first, you see? The more that humanity understands its own consciousness, the more the geometry becomes multi dimensional and so the geometric expression of these will upshift kind. This is happening now you see. It will become first one, then the other, just as the earth is now the 3rd dimension and then the 5th. What is it that will move it to the 5th? Not simple consciousness but the activation of the consciousness. The activation of the consciousness is enhanced through the understanding of the grid and the activation of that grid which in turn compliments the cosmos, and is reflected back again.

Reshels are not recognized or understood in most parts of the world. When humanity gains greater understanding of this system a great quickening will take place, and the quickening will lead to expansion. Once all of these grids are recognized, all of the others will come into a bright and brighter global synergy. The entire system will then have more power. There will be a surge both in the spirit of humanity and upon the earth.

Reshels are self-generating and self-directed. The human understanding & realization of the grid system in itself will create a resonate harmonic that becomes part of the system, in a manner of speaking. When that occurs the reshels expand in frequency projection.

The reshels attract and pull in brilliant energies of a celestial nature. It is a conscious system, a living system that calls to itself those that follow, it calls to itself those sacred places and it is the grid system itself that directs the activity within it. There are many such as the channel that are being drawn to understand these, and we tell you that, the overlay complexity of the grids systems play a pivotal role in the planetary ascension.

Now we will tell you that complete mastery of the Reshel systems has not yet been acquired on the Earth Plane. We will say that great strides have been made, and gratitude is owed to the few that have dedicated themselves to the mission of rediscovering this metascience.

The geometry is largely correct, but the exact placement and exact application has shifted somewhat in the new paradigm of the coming Ascension, you see.

This particularly in areas outside of Europe, do not exactly adhere to the geometric pattern of those called artifact systems. So while the reshel system is more intact within what may be termed as man made or artifact systems, it is not quite yet as accurately surmised in the Americas.

Reshels within the Americas occur in a more natural format, and are pegged to what are termed as powernodes or sacred sites. One such system is based in the Galapagos Islands, another around Lake Titicaca. In the northern hemisphere, around Shasta, New Mexico, Arkansas, Virginia , Arizona and New England.

We encourage you all to understand these systems, and effort of study is required. You are studying the computer basics of the great galactic computer grid, and some systems are being upgraded into the shifting paradigm. A rebooting is in place, you see.

I am Metatron, and you are Beloved."

And so it is

Mount Shasta

Earth-Keeper Event

Mount Shasta

August 28, 29, 30 & 31

Metamorphosis of the Human EMF In the Crytsalline Field

Venue :

Stewart Mineral Springs

Back Up Lodging Available at Comfort Inn - Weed, Ca

and Best Western - Shasta City

This event will offer healing techniques within the magical energy of Shasta and the Crystal Healing Springs that will change your life!

Activities: Teachings, Channels and Event: We will spend time as a group enjoying the healing springs, and sauna therapies of the unique natural wonder of the silica crystal springs. This area of Stewart Mineral Springs has long been a Native American sacred site, and purification sweat lodges are held there each Saturday. The area is beautiful and remotely located in a rustic setting, embellished by a beautiful mountain stream that flows through the grounds of the spa resort. The location of Stewart Mineral Springs is the perfect cleansing centre for preparation to visit the upper Panther Meadows of Mount Shasta.

We will visit Mt Shasta for group work and alignment to the Om Crystal of Shasta.
Stewart Mineral Springs is twinned axialtonally in harmonic resonance to
Glastonbury, England, home of the renown healing waters of the Chalice Well redspring and the Swan white springs. Stewart Mineral Springs in kind is the only other known location of a red spring (female) side by side with a white spring (male). The healing benefits, per Metatron are extremely beneficial to body, mind and soul, and the silicate content of the springs, which is the base component of crystal, assists in auric healing, rejuvenation of the physical body, emotional clearing and expansion into the merkabic field. The spa center is simply amazing and one of the most healing and rejuvenating springs of living waters on the planet. The springs grant well being and vibrancy to all who bath in their living essence of the crystal waters.

James Tyberonn, Earth-Keeper, author, geologist and channel for Archangel Metatron will speak on the Quantum Crystalline Field, and provide expansion exercises to heal, strengthen and transform the human auric field merkabically into the crystalline vibration, a necessity for the coming Crystalline Ascension. AA Metatron speaks on how the amplification of the earth's energy creates an energetic differential between the resonance of the human electro-magnetic field and the earths increasing energy. The result can be auric fissuring, which must be recognized and healed. Auric fissures can lead to energy loss, auric depletion and can leave the individual vulnerable to depression, fatigue and emotional imbalance. Metatron refers to this as " Ascension Metamorphosis: Auric Management 101.

Tyb will also speak on the 144 Crystalline Grid, Crystalline Energies, Healing Gemstones, crystalline vibrational tools and how sacred sites, vortexes and portals operate and tie into the 144 grid, and how these all effect our auric energies as we draw closer to the Planetary Ascension.

Dr David Mickel is a medical doctor, author, channel and developer of the innovative Mickel Healing Therapy. He experienced a profound change in approach and understanding of healing when visiting John of God in
Brazil six years ago. That experience led him to develop Mickel Therapy; a specialized approach to healing that requires no medication, supplements, dietary change or hands-on modalities. It is not a hypnotherapy or psychotherapy. It is an approach that is cutting edge, unique in its own right, and developed by Dr David Mickel to help people heal issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Insomnia, Panic Disorders and Fibromylagia.

Dr Mickel is an excellent speaker, open personality and amazing healer. His Scottish humor is simply brilliant and is interlaced in his lectures to make them easily understood. Tyberonn and Dr Mickel were recently interviewed on 'News for the Soul'.

Tyberonn and Dr Mickel's work dovetail symmetrically in addressing what may be termed ' Ascension Energy' maladies. Many people are experiencing fatigue, depression due to auric field (EMF) expansion and dysfunction and mental programming that does not allow the issues to be properly recognized and healed.

Register to attend on line at:
Website :
Stewart Mineral Springs Resort
4617 Stewart Springs Road. Weed, CA 96094

The abundance exchange for this 4-day Co Hosted Event is offering a discounted early sign up rate of $399 if you register before 1 August. After 1 August the abundance exchange is $444.

The registration abundance exchange allows for attending the seminar and teaching at the
Conference Center at Stewart Mineral Springs and attendance group work in the Crystal Healing Springs and atop Mount Shasta's incredible Panther Meadows. Hotel rooms, transport, meals and spa use is not included in the registration.

Please register early, as room space at the SMS resort is limited.
Cancellations are accepted up until
12 August 2008, with nonrefundable admin charge of 25% of registration fee.


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