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Wednesday, July 2, 2008




July 4, 2008 US Birthday Holiday Weekend

Independence & Freedom

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Message received through Pat Crosby

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Aloha, My Dear Children,

Today, I am just marvelling at the exquisiteness of your human bodies. Oh! They are SOOOOOOOOOOO Beautiful! So soft! Soft Moist.

Are they not 90% something water?

So you are walking sacs of water. Little miniature oceans - or vast oceans depending on your perspective, of course.

Now, I am wondering --- since you are so moist and beautiful, so made up of and composed mostly of water and juice, and you can walk on the land - carrying your sacs of water that your bodies are wherever you want to go - WHICH of my other creatures of my creation you most resemble.

It didn't take me long at all to ponder. AAHHHH.... your forms are most like the beautiful liquid moist and mobile jellyfish!

The jellyfish, too is mostly water. Beautiful, clear, transparent, radiant glowing substance. Did you ever see one shimmering on the beach? Reflecting the majesty of the sky and earth colors in the mirror of its water sac body - lying stretched out in a quivering pile of jello on a deserted beach somewhere?

And IN the water, my jellyfish are so absolutely beautiful and amazing. Perfection in form and motion. They perpetually dance and sway to the music that holds my creation together.

As I was contemplating the similarity of your human water sac forms to the jellyfish water sac forms, I became aware of an anomaly.

It is quite a known and accepted fact that EACH starfish (like each snowflake for your northerners) is a unique and delicate work of art. No two are alike. Each is a perfect gem of geometry. Perfection of my thought into form. Oh, how I love them ALL.

Don't you parents just CHERISH the individual art works your little ones bring home from school? Don't you put them all over your walls? Your refrigerators? Later store them in containers, boxes files.

When you walk on a beach collecting shells - especially as non-judgmental children, don't you just joy up with glee with EACH shell you find? EACH shell you pick up and examine? Some you savor and take home with you to admire for a longer time. Some you place back on the stretch of endless sands to transmute into some other substance.

Each magnificent - yet different - form. No two alike. HOW did I do it? WOW! I am truly a brilliant creator! AM I not? I AM!

Similarly, for you, My Dear Ones - who are made most in my form - as some like to say. EACH of you is a brilliant masterpiece of My Creation. EACH is unique and different. Special. A superb creation. AAHHH - I take such delight in studying you, examining you, admiring your beauty, your brilliance, all your qualities - all the divine facets of your agreement to be thought in form.

Thank you all so much for the opportunity you afford me to create and manifest so many unique, beautiful and brilliant thought forms.


Next, I had a really silly thought! Can you imagine if all the jellyfish - instead of enjoying their own magnificent selves in my most magnificent creation, swimming in their majestic and grand underwater ballet that I have choreographed specifically just for them - began to compare and contrast themselves to each other? Began to judge that some were better, some worse, depending on such silly and far-fetched notions as to who had the longer and most slender tentacle? Which was more beautiful than another? Oh, You will catch me just rolling in the cosmic I'lls with laughter. Ho Ho HO! That is too funny, to contemplate! Such nonsense.

Oh Dear! It has just pointed out to me that some of you humans do exactly that. You all gang up on each other with the intention to prove one is better in some capacity than another. Maybe one more beautiful than another. Then some others of you give prizes to those that some vote more beautiful or similar such nonsense. Some even go so far as to give more of your formulated and measured power in the form of money paper bills to those that some others deem more of something - more brilliant, more slender, more beautiful - and things like that.

Oh. HA HA HA. Excuse me! HA HA HA. That is just too silly. I LOVE a good joke!
HA HA HA. HE HE HE! HO HO HO! OH, I hope YOU are laughing, too!

Can you imagine a beauty pageant of jellyfish? And they select some to decree others have more beautiful and slender tentacles than others? That some are a better hue... more like me? Some actually starve themselves to make their tentacles look a different shape? Oh, that is too deliciously hilarious! HA HA HA!

ME - who is ALL hues and colors. ALL designs and implementations! All seasons and conditions!


Well, those silly little jellyfish of mine - don't you just love them - they are so silly - carry on with great play and make believe to play-act WHO has the most beautiful tentacles. And give all kinds of great rewards to the "chosen" ones. And then make the others feel there is something wrong with them because they have a different size or shape or hue tentacle.

Oh, What a GREAT game! I am ROFL!

My lovely creations! You just continue to delight and amaze me. You are truly wonderful! And I LOVE you ALL- as the outpourings of my very own breath.

ENJOY the games you create for yourselves! They are just a little trip in time.

Yours truly!

Your Friend Of The Highest Light!

Thank you to Friend Pat for allowing Me to Speak through Her to Deliver this Message to You.


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