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Monday, June 9, 2008


Dear Hearts,

This song was gifted to our Friend and earth spokesperson Pat to help her release her mountain of old sadness.

Perhaps it will help you, too.

Releasing Heavy Old Emotions and Energies.

This week, we gave our human Pat a Sadness Releasing Song. You can hear it here.

Just listen to it. Or if you are inspired, Golden Prana Particle Breath while you listen. If you feel so moved and even more powerfully, you can also ask we guides and angels to help you release.

Some people find using the mantra I RELEASE helpful for anything that arises in your mind or feelings. Just RELEASE the energy behind whatever old creations arise. Think of the old creations as swamp bubbles coming up from the murky swamp to be POPPED into oblivion. Sort of like apoptosis of cancer cells (self-destructive exploding). Wouldn't you like to be rid of that old stinky bloating toxic emotional gas that is messing up your life expression?

Get it? Whee! Have FUN releasing and feeling lighter.

We stand by to assist you... just call on us to give us permission to help you.

Your Friends of Golden Love & Light in the Creator's mission.


Would you like more comfort and support on your releasing and empowering journey?


HOST a FORGIVENESS WORKSHOP in your community? Or have a private coaching session?

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