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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Planetary Update on the increasing flow of Love through the grids and human hearts during the July 2009 Full Moon Eclipse.

A Planetary Update on the increasing flow of Love through the grids and human hearts during the July 2009 Full Moon Eclipse.

The Reshel Group through Pat Crosby

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Greetings, Fans of Light!

We are the Reshel group of Love - manifesting in creation. We are the feminine aspect of Lord Metatron.

Today, All around your globe, and all around the surrounding galaxies, was a day of great celebration! Great jubilation! Smack dab in the midst of all this incredible newly escalating influx of cosmic energies onto your planet, was the great celebration - the great gathering - of love, joy, music and healing.

Music: The Magical Energy that transcends gender, race, nationality, politics, and all divisive energies. Divinely Inspired MUSIC: The greatest healer.

Your Master Songsmith, Master Jackson, chose this time for his departure from your frequency zone so that the celebration of love, healing, and integration of human hearts could be broadcast world-wide during this highly auspicious time of the Full Moon in July 2009.

How magnificently generous he is, even in his departure from the physical plane of your planet.

This July full moon is celebrated by many traditions throughout the globe for its spiritual power - a time when the doorway to love is opened full swing. Throughout Asia and many traditions, it is called the Guru Purnima - the widest, brightest full moon of the advent of spiritual wisdom, spiritual knowledge, unconditional love onto your planet. It is a time when spiritual teachings, and the teachers of this wisdom are honored, and there exists the greatest openness to receive this wisdom into human hearts.

As his dear loved ones still embodied continued to pour out their love and joy amidst the grieving of their human psyche over missing their friend and loved one, their fellow singer, the whole world was able to join in one great human throb of love and rising emotion to bring forth greater and greater tides of openly expressed love onto your planet.

As the planetary Christ ascension grids are now fully in place, we are able to work with enlightening humans to send power surges of love through this grid. That is precisely what we did today!

As the beautiful music and testimonials of Master Jackson's human compatriots were pouring forth their waves of love into open receptive hearts, Masters from other dimensions were simultaneously pouring bucketfuls of loving divine light onto your earth planet through the grids.

Wasn't this a magnificent sight for those who have the gift of inter-dimensional vision.

For those who cherish other gifts, the flow of open-hearted raw emotion was a planetary embrace of love of the higher frequencies.

As your emotional bodies opened, and you let your hearts heave and sigh, the blocks of encrusted dark hardened cement burst off your heart, allowing more of your pristine innate goodness to shine through.

In the great unexpected surprise finale, as has been said by Master Jesus, a little child shall lead them. Michael's daughter expressed the deep human feeling we all have for our Daddies. Daughter Paris - a superb lightworker -shows the raw human love that we all have for each other... regardless of how many layers our "sophistication process" puts over our innate human birthright of love.

The open-hearted display of love, joy, passion, healing, unity, forgiveness demonstrated in this powerful group process of the Michael Jackson Memorial were perfectly poised in time and space to intersect with the opening of the planetary grids to allow a greater-than-even flood of healing love to enter your planet through the open doorways of the enlarging human hearts - those whose soul owners choose to participate.

Today was a great day for the enlargement of the Human Heart Stars within in of your magnificent human-cosmic hearts.

The full moon eclipse was part of this exquisite orchestration of timing on your earth plane ascension process. As you can ascertain from reading the wide-range of comments on the YouTube clip, humans are sorting themselves into those who perceive and radiate love, and those who perceive and radiate cynicism and negatively-vibrating emotions. The power of the eclipse allows YOU to shift out of your life, heart, and cellular memory structure that which no longer serves the ascending YOU - the YOU of your soul essence who is CHOOSING to remain in love, and ditch the old pollutants from your human heart, mind, and system. You have the choice to ECLIPSE those old energy patterns from your life history, and throw them into the rubbish bin.
On this magnificent day, We salute you, Dear Human Being, and hold you in the greatest esteem, respect, and love.

The Reshel Group through Pat Crosby

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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