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Saturday, February 23, 2008

2.23.08 Arrival at Lake Titicaca

Peter Allen to me
show details 1:04 pm (7 hours ago)

Dear Pat,

Thank you for all that you are doing. Our harmony with
South America is essential to anchoring the Christ
Consciousness in North America. A man named Dean
Liprini who does light work in South Africa will also
be joining us on the Spring Equinox. Here is a copy of
the letter he wrote me:

Hi Peter,
It is GREAT to hear from you and would love to create
an energetic
light grid linking the two continents.
I will be facilitating a sunrise ceremony on the
sacred root of
Africa the Cape Peninsula.on that day ...there will be
folks coming
from various places as this will be part of a Goddess
happening here at the same the evening for
sunset we will
be in some sacred rock art sites of the ancient
Bushman/San people
further west of Cape Town where we will again be doing
ceremony and
connecting with you all.
I will send further details and also work on dates for
coming to do a
talk/workshop with you all.

In Light and Joy...dean

I'm sure that he would like to hear from you and
connect with you in meditation while you are working
in South America. You can contact him via email at:


I will share your letter with the "Key of David" group
and the Thursday night meditation group also. I will
be sending out an announcement about the Spring
Equinox ceremony and will include both your and Dean's
letters in that. I deeply appreciate and honor my
partnership with you and celebrate the new world we
are co-creating.

In Love and Light,

--- Pat Crosby wrote:

> Hi Dear Ones,
> Well, I have been in Lima, Peru for 2 nights and
> days - due to a strike in
> Cusco-Machu Picchu area.
> Surprise! Lima is full of golden energy vortexes
> and people holding amazing
> energies too - just disguised as regular folks :)
> Cathedrals are often build on energy vortexes and
> such... and the energy in
> a temple - I mean cathedral - devoted to the divine
> feminine now in the form
> of Mary - was pulsating with golden light during
> the evening mass last
> night.
> There were two really inspiring statues of Mary up
> high above the altar
> with 3 fluorescent beams of light cascading out of
> her hands - showering her
> radiance down on the congregants.
> Last night, my physical, emotional and other
> systems went through a major
> re-adjustment to the energies encountered here so
> far.
> Lima has been an aligning 2-day 2-night stop for
> me.
> Next, today off to Lake Titicaca and surrounds for 4
> days. There is the
> Isle of the Sun - so called birthplace of the Incas
> - whom I will now call
> the golden light ones.
> The National Museum traces various populations
> groups back over 12,000 years
> and more.... I am sure they were all full of golden
> light.... more on this
> subject matter in time.
> If you would like to tap into the energies here,
> which correspond to the
> energies at Trinity Point in Virginia, and on my
> sacred mountain in Walton,
> NY - my new home - please do so as your inspiration
> guides you.
> I will be thinking of you all wherever I am at 7 PM
> EST each night and
> projecting the light of each locale during that hour
> if you want to connect
> with it.
> I look forward to connecting the energies of the
> Eagle and the Condor - the
> north and the south - as we weave in the love of the
> Creator Force and
> spread that powerful love energy into the planetary
> grid system. I am
> particularly working with the grid system that was
> activated during this
> past July Fire The Grid ignition.
> The expansion of the Christ consciousness of love
> can only nourish and
> revive a thirsty population, so please participate
> as you are able and
> guided to do so.
> Feel free to invite other like-minded souls to
> participate, too.
> By the way, coming around the coast of Cuba last
> week, in the eastern
> Caribbean, there was some significant grid repair
> that happened there.... so
> much is unfolding on this journey of light.
> Blessings to you all from the land of the Golden
> Sun.
> I look forward to hearing from you about your
> experiences - which I will
> share on a blog very soon for the enlightenment and
> edification of all.
> Pat Crosby

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