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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Light Codes of Cosmic Consciousness - Sacred Codes of Light Open Beginning in 2012 for Humanity to Reach Divine Potential of - Cosmic Consciousness. Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby. From Sedona Journal Dec 2011

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The Cosmic Council of Divine Light through Pat Crosby

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An exciting year awaits you ahead!



The Light Codes of Cosmic Consciousness 
By Pat Crosby

Sacred Codes of Light Open Beginning in 2012 for Humanity to Reach Divine Potential of Cosmic Consciousness

We greet you as the Cosmic Council of Divine Light - a collective on a divine appointment to assist humanity during this wondrous and rapturous time known as the Grand Ascension ~ The Great Shift in Consciousness.

Our Collective includes some names you are familiar with ~ Archangel Michael, Reshel and Metatron (feminine and masculine aspects of the Universal Architect), and legions more than you have ever heard of. Even the names mentioned here give only an iota of an inkling of the powers that reside within these names known thus in recent human history.

The energies of 2012 continue to accelerate - a time of exponentially increasing frequencies of love and light

This wondrous and amazing journey is full on. Humanity and we guardians and shepherds of your journey of light are sharing and co-creating this grand experience of the Creator's loving intention.

2012 will expand the unfolding and interweaving of the earth plane with the galactic forces of light through the expansion of the Light Codes of Cosmic Consciousness.

We remind you that some of you embodied ones on planet earth are from our ranks before and after your precious earthly incarnation whether you choose to remember or to forget this affiliation during your earthly sojourn.

It is to this grand stance that we have now come. It is the time of the seeds of the light codes on your very precious, gifted, and endowed planet to begin to manifest their gifts. To awaken. To sprout.

You know that seeds of the plant kingdom on your planet remain dormant until such time as conditions are right for them to sprout - rather it be the manifesting of a tomato, a head of lettuce, a coconut, etc.

Each seed has its own intelligence and codes and is connected to light grids of its species to "come to life" at the right time and space for its own awakening. Gardeners know it is not just external things such as temperature that effect the time of sprouting. Even living plant seeds within an artificial environment such as a refrigerator - cut off from cues of sun rays and daylight hours - will begin to grow at the right season for their life cycle. This activation phenomenon shows that the plants are connected to a higher informational energetic grid that is beyond the 3D observable physical reality.

Similarly, it is for you, Dear Humans of the Cosmic Family of Loving Light. Many of you carry the seeds of the new divine and golden age within the complex of your energetic grids and bodies. Most of you have not remembered that you carry these light code seeds within you. Yet the divine intelligence that governs these codes knows full well when the time is ripe - the awakening time to release and unleash the cosmic power of manifestation that is held within these cosmic light code seed forms that you carry.

While some incarnated with the light codes embedded in their system, others are downloading these codes from the power portals of the planet, or are receiving them from their light guides during meditation transmission sessions - in waking or sleep states. Some are receiving them from the light grids directly.

The name of these seeds is The Light Codes of Cosmic Consciousness

Just as plant kingdom seeds are connected to their energetic information grid, so the light code seeds within you are connected to the divine intelligence of the cosmic and galactic grids. They have the innate intelligence to awaken and develop at the right time in the right place.

The earth and all her inhabitants have gone through the Great Cleansing the past few years. We do not have to tell YOU that! You have felt and experienced the deep cleansing in the very depths of your souls - as well as in the depth of your cells. Ditto in your minds, hearts and bodies as you continue to shake off the older historical denser energies of the 3D experience - just as a dog shakes off the water after getting wet.

Mother Earth now is experiencing her great cleanse as waves after waves of cleansing energies rush through her weather patterns, pushing accumulated karmic debris out of the way and into the oceans and the air where it can be aerated and cleansed by the divinely-appointed organisms that live there just for that purpose.

The force of the wind assists in churning and swirling old energetic holding patterns - bringing newness upon the land and the peoples.

Your solar system sun downloads and channels waves of energy that impact your planet - driving you, and all the creatures on it to move and advance to new levels of consciousness. The sun is a very active component in the ascension process - as it regulates a lot of the energy transferences into third dimension from higher galactic sources.

We remind you that you have the free will to accept these shifts of the grand plan (even though they are experienced traumatically for many on earth right now) or you can choose to grow and adapt to all the changes and adjust to the new energies (recommended by us).

You who are reading these words are among those who have chosen to adapt and to shift. For this grand decision, we congratulate you!

Among you who have chosen to shift are the carriers of the new codes of light to assist humanity and the earth to align with the new frequencies, rays and energies that are coming onto the earth plane as we speak.

These Codes of Light are multidimensional quantum geometrical energetic patterns of irradiating seeding cosmic intention. These codes are propelled with living light and made of cosmic substances capable of galactic interweaving.

They adapt to changing conditions which holds the structure and form to manifest the new vision for your planet.

They vary in their structure, form and activity in keeping with their unique intention and purpose.


Many of you carry light codes in the centers of your spiritual DNA strands which were implanted long ago before your embodiment. Some of these codes have been held in abeyance through their dormancy periods embedded in some humans' DNA - just as some seeds can remain dormant on your planet for hundreds and thousands of years until conditions are ripe for their sprouting.

Other codes are being released, and have been being released for several years through the portals of sacred sites - which serve as inter-dimensional and galactic doorways. Many have been guided to visit sacred sites and perform rituals that activate the receptors within you to receive the implantation of these divine Codes of Light.

Still others are being downloaded with codes directly from the crystalline and other grids.

Some are receiving the codes through connections to cosmic beings of light and love - such as angels, ascended masters, galactic light workers, etc.

Some will receive codes from reading these intentionally empowered words.

It is the time now of the activation of these light codes of cosmic consciousness from various sources.



These light codes carry the mathematical matrices of the new beginning - the seed forms of new thoughts that will both bridge the old reality to the new, and also create hitherto unknown and exciting new reality structures as the shift unfolds and develops.

Some light codes weave the far reaches of the galaxies together in vast infinity loops with your own galaxy, solar system and earth and human consciousness. Thought forms are encoded in geometrical configurations - some of which are known on earth as the structures defined in sacred geometry.

Other light codes are coming in through the galactic star gate portals that are quantum multidimensional. That means they carry intentions that will initiate, activate and enhance humanity's emerging elevation in consciousness.

Humans who carry these codes are usually not known even to themselves.

Some codes are implanted at the soul contract level before incarnation. As each soul is preparing for their early round of incarnations, they agree to carry codes into that reality. These seed light codes await the right time and circumstances to spring into new life, to activate - just as your plant seeds sprout when the seasons and conditions are right.

The newly sprouting light codes on this earth plane are timed to accelerate their sprouting process in the season of the 2012 phenomenon as galactic conditions ripen and the energetic doorways open.

It is in 2012 that the energetic shift of the ages will enable the conditions to nurture the new realities that these thought and energetic seeds light codes carry.


Light code seeds are finely compacted and interwoven geometrical complexities that interweave the energetic matrices of different realities and dimensions. Each thought form seed crystal light code has a different message and a different set of connections for different realities.

Indigenous traditions talk of Grandmother Spider weaving the loom of creation. Similarly, some light code’s purpose is to weave information and knowledge from different corners of the universe - from different galaxies - thus creating new and enticing patterns of light, sound, and manifestation.

The connection of the galactic grids to the crystalline grid of planet earth happened on Jan 4, 2010.

To understand this better, think of each thought form seed crystal as an appliance. Until the appliance is taken off the shelf, plugged in, and started, it is not yet functioning nor manifesting its potential - rather it be to wash your clothes, or blend up your dinner. But when intentional purpose takes the appliance, plugs it into a power switch - pushed the START ON button, the appliance activates its intentioned abilities.

Think now, Dear Startlings that you are about ready to plug in these code appliances that you have had sitting in your quantum DNA repository. You are taking them out of storage, plugging them into power (the new energetics on the planet - including the increasing photon band power and crystalline grid matrices), and are poised to push the START buttons. Isn't this grandly exciting? We think so!


Time-space travel collapse. This is the ability to realize and eventually to be in all times and places of your choosing simultaneously.


Cellular consciousness conversations - wherein you speak directly and lovingly to the cells of your body as to what tasks you would like them to perform - whether healing, regeneration, repelling disease, connecting to other consciousnesses, morphing your form - on and beyond earth.

The ability to readily contact other forms of consciousness easily and with clarity and understanding - from rocks to angelic, galactic and divine realities.


The ability to pull in information from other galaxies and to understand other realities while living in 3D and multi-dimensional consciousness.


The ability to extract wisdom and strategies from other realities and other galaxies and to apply and fit this knowledge into the earth system.


Additional light codes are being created. There is not a static number.

Light codes are light switches that can turn on and activate dormant DNA.

Light codes can connect human DNA to galactic sources of information.

Light codes weave incoming new galactic DNA into the planetary system.

The galactic portal of Lake Titicaca is a main doorway for releasing light codes into the planetary matrix.

Light codes exist in human spiritual DNA - elusive filaments of light cross-dimensionally.

Light codes can be implanted by higher frequency beings. There is a parallel with the Reiki initiation process wherein a being receives the symbols or light configurations that are capable of manifesting intentioned results upon using the symbols.

Light Codes can be transferred. Sacred ceremonies ritualized this transference process. Then can also transfer in meditation, healing, and various intentional inter-connections between carriers and recipients.


Creation is contained within form and structure. These sacred Codes of Light contain the geometrical seed patterns that will grow and multiply as they activate and begin to grow and multiply within human consciousness in 2012.

Prior to 2012, Light Codes have been seeded onto the planet through beings who have made themselves ready by going through the purification process of releasing old energies of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Just as in cleaning any house, when old things are taken out, there is now room to receive new things aligned with the new purpose.

So it is with our precious human beings, Beloveds. Continue your sacred task of emptying out old debris from your four body systems. 

Continue doing the diet and cleansing routines to eliminate toxins from your physical bodies. Improve your nutrition - which will adjust as you go through frequency modulations. 

Continue taking courses and studying to release old energies from your emotional bodies and your mental thinking processes. Continue to learn and practice higher spiritual awarenesses. 

 Practice and continue on this pathway of unburdening these older denser and toxic energies. Practice being connected and grounded with Mother Earth while you go through this shifting process.

In this way, you can receive more of the newer light energies and more of the incredible divine grace that is transmitted through the new Lights Codes of Cosmic Consciousness.

2012 is going to see an incredible blossoming and unfolding of newer higher frequency vibrational events. You will not believe now how far you will travel in the next year.

So many hold great anticipation of the prophesized new paradigm of 2012.

 These prophecies are becoming realized now, Dear Ones. So much greatness, so much grandness awaits you. Ready yourselves; prepare yourselves to receive the gift of all gifts - the dawning of a new golden age - an age unlike any other in all the Creator's grand designs. You are specially invited grand participants.

You have chosen to be here now to experience this cosmic grandness opportunity.

We continue to do this journey with you from our light dimension. Through your embodied journey, we share the joy, the trauma and the exhilaration of the ride. Reach out to us, Dear Human, for we are only too ready and too willing to extend our golden threads to be with you through all the twists and turns of the dawning of the new age ~ and through you, we share the ride. It is as exciting for us as it is for you.

We will share more with you - step by step - of the unfolding of the Light Code energetics onto your planet as you are open and ready to receive the next installment of the revelation of their purpose and meaning.

2012 is going to be an outstanding year on so many fronts. We are thrilled and happy to participate in this grand timeline with you, our human family of light.

We hold you in the Creator's Love and Light,

Cosmic Council of Divine Light

Through Pat Crosby

Sept 8, 2011

Copyright 2011 Pat Crosby
Pat Crosby 

Creative Commons License
 You may republish non-commercially, with all links and credits left intact and article published in entirety.

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1 comment:

  1. Rob MooreMay 21, 2012 7:24 AM
    Wow!I love knowing that I am an active member of the Cosmic Family of Loving Light!


    EaglerayMay 21, 2012 11:56 AM

    Thank you for your updates I have and am aligning myself daily to be encoded with the new light energy and information that must be downloaded or as I learn here now, I may even have been born with these codes with in my DNA which ever way it is I wish to be fully present and ready for what needs to be done,do I need to be in a particular place for this to be more efficient, I am meditating working with St Germain and the violet flame, doing yoga eating predominantly raw listening to vibrational music keeping my vibration high by doing vibrational medicine do you have any further suggestions as to what I should do over this next couple of weeks? I would appreciate your advise, much love and light Kym Eagle


    How to Raise Your Vibration By Sabrina ReberMay 21, 2012 12:02 PM sounds like you are very proactive! All you need to do is be open to receive and do your best to maintain a high vibration and it sounds like you are doing that! Hugs.