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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Predictions 2020 A Year of Stabilizing - A Year of Soothing. Balance Amidst the Chaos, Pat Crosby

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Reprinted from
Sedona Journal
Nov 2019
"Predictions 2020"
and Jan 2020 issues
Some might think the earth has shed too many tears. Like rain and falling leaves, the tears spread out across the earth. Poignment. Painful. Terrorized. Tortured. Abandoned. Fearful.

So many sharing a sense of loss from God’s love. From social sanity. The abandonment of feeling separated from home. The ache in the heart of feeling the loss of love. Abandonment. Hopelessness. Forlorn. The loneliness. Most of all, the deep loneliness.

But, like the bitter winter winds, these are temporary afflictions, signs of the changing seasons. For your seasons have shifted dramatically on your plane. Winter weather has been very deep, very cold, very isolating. Summers have been scorching, broiling, fiery. 

The elements have ripped your lives into shreds, undercut your false foundations. In some cases, earth has opened and swallowed creations that are no longer relevant, past their prime - creations that would bring great infections and disasters were they to continue. The hard power of the elements has scourged your hearts of closures to the lanes of love from your soul to prime source, from your persona to your soul, from your fellow souls embedded within creation. 

Many are feeling shell-shocked isolation from all the duality being flung in their faces. Some are choosing to go numb.

It is timely to erase many completed creation projects. It is timely to demolish creation projects that have gone astray - fallen from their true blueprints. It is timely to bring forth new creations in the emptied spaces. Relics of the past continue to detonate and be removed - ever creating more and more available space for the new. 

Chaos - in an original Greek meaning - was the cosmic feminine womb with potential for myriad new creations to arise. Chaos was a wondrous and awesome place of great mystery, power, and potentials.


2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = ?

The number 4 represents stability: The solid square. After years of chaos, upheaval, and cleaning, tossing out old dregs of paradigms that have completed their purpose, worn thin, we now are stretching towards a new plateau of stability. Just as after a violent storm, the landscape is changed, trees upended, old structures crashed, mountains of garbage to decompose - composting substance for the new - all of that creates a platform upon which to erect new structures - a place for new dreams to crystallize into reality.

Four Square: Parallel sides of evenness - balancing between the triangular 3 of divinity in the essential building blocks of creation - truth, trust and passion (Lemurian numerology as described by Kirael through Fred Sterling) - and the 5 of divine consciousness of love. Hence we are now at a stage of new creations manifesting increasingly rapidly.

Four represents the balancing of the 4 bodies: Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Four gives the opportunity to balance and master these 4 bodies in the real-test world of the hard-knocks 3rd dimension. Four is mastership training. 4 as 2 two’s and 2 zero’s is mastership training on steroids - the zeros representing a multiplication factor.

Demolition of the old continues simultaneously with the new arising. The new blueprint being precipitated from the light realms into the 3D realm. Aftershocks of this vast process are more and more frequent, as the process accelerates and picks up momentum. Simultaneously, humanity is getting stronger. This installation of the new blueprints (light prints), is definitely occurring underneath the many 3D distractions such as in education, politics, entertainment. etc. These distractions keep you from noticing all the staggeringly brilliant rebuilding under way.

When you line up 4 sticks in a row, notice they are balanced - 2 on each side. A pair. An even pair. Strong columns. Comforting. No pointy corners as in triangles or star shapes. No flowing curves like the infinity shaped numeral 8. With 4 we have stability. Solidity, order, balancing. Balanced pillars - foundational supports of a new reality.

2020 is not 2 + 2. It is not numeral 4. It is 2 + 0 + 2 + 0. Stability on steroids. The zeros indicate many cycles have passed. The zeros also represent this cycle has tremendous power for gaining mastery.

Cycles of Time 

Time as Circular - not Linear

The Indian philosophers, sages, and mystics write of the great cycles of time. Similarly Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Celts, Hopi Indians, Mayans, and many other civilizations conceive of time as circular. Planet earth has been through myriad cycles. Although the ages continue to roll forth in sequence, and circles interacting with circles interacting with circles in the great time wheels, and the great hoop dance of life, each age also brings some unique innovations. And the cycle that is unfolding for you now, brings forth some of the greatest innovations ever. Although the basic circular/spiral pattern repeats, there are new additions and influences on these basic patterns.

The Creator is constantly sending forth new waves, beams, and intentions of newness. Creativity is not stuck. It is forever creating.
Hence you all are now in a phenomenally new place amongst all the great cosmic cycles of time.

And although you have heard this before - that you are in new, unprecedented times - the reality is now hitting you straight between the eyeballs - front and center. Hard on the head. Breaking open your hearts hardened in old constructs. Isn’t that exciting? Hold on - you are still alive, Dear Human Beings! And THAT is one of the most new of all things in this magnificent cycle - that you remain alive through ALL these phenomenally fast changes.

Much of this re-creation has been in the higher dimensions - wherein visions of material reality are created and flourish - and pave the way for physical manifestation in your lovely and amazing 3d dimension.

In these higher dimensions, light codes are formed by the Creator team - Including, but not limited to: The Creator, Elohim, Metatron and Reshel, Mother Mary and the divine feminine. Their thoughts, loving intentions, and rays of light form into light codes - the ethereal sacred geometry building blocks of light blueprints which precipitate into the density of physical manifestation. This density is the majesty of the Creator’s intention - for ALL the elements are combined to create amazing multi-dimensional physical shapes - which then precipitate into objects. 

Isn’t a tree one of the most magnificent creations in all the universes? Trust us, it is! From what mind did the concept of a tree first originate? How did the manifestation of a tree get from original concept to 3rd dimensional reality?

So dream on, Dear Enlightening Humans

Your visioning is worthy of those called to know they are children of God, children of the Creator. Your visions are divinely inspired - stepped down from highest source to guide and protect you as you unveil, document, and install your sacred visions into the building materials of planet earth.

Inspired as you weave it all together into a new forcefield of golden light, multi-colored prism sustenance, and magnificent miraculous form. You are very much part of our Creation team. Did you know that? You are. Own your role in that now. Few have come into this sacred room of consciously creating. Conscious creators align and sync with the divine trinity of truth, trust, and passion. (Kirael’s 10 Principles of Consciously Creating).

There is no such thing as a separate happening. You are all interwoven into the great weaving tapestry made of threads of light. You are each and every one a precious strand in the greater creation. The design of your energy fields - thoughts, wishes, intentions - is dominant in each of your soul missions. Conscious creators are connecting and combining energies into new threads, new patterns of light, new divine templates to enhance the next round of creation.

What Should I Do?

No worries, Mate! You do not have to DO anything, magnificent Human Being. You are designed and equipped to manifest glorious structures and create miracles with your soul power. Smile on the creation. Simply hold your golden thoughts of a new loving reality. That force field you hold will influence so many other events and creations.

As the dimensional walls continue to recede - correlated as your glaciers recede - your visions get expanded. The forces at play on your planet now are stripping away mass illusions. Clarity is arising out of the chaos. Lightworker teams have unhooked the matrix that blocked so much light and awareness from our planet and solar system. We are gradually adapting to more light and expanded range of awareness.

Those unblockings are combined with increasing influxes of light codes conveying galactic knowledge - plus humans increasing ability to receive and decode the information carried by these incoming light codes. The whole process is disorienting for the status quo - which is rapidly unravelling. 

Knitters frequently unravel a whole creation if only one stitch has gone awry - to fix and straighten out the creation - to make it match the creation in their mind's eye.

Timelines Are a Changin

There are many variables stacked up. Humanity - as co-creators - is in the process of sorting out timeline choices. Timelines cycles are evolving. Great epic ancient scriptures of India have enumerated great cosmic cycles of time - with endless repetitions. Events happening over and over again.

“There is nothing new under the sun” says the Torah/Bible in Ecclesiastes.

However, this phrase “under the sun” refers also to living a life without the light of higher knowledge, higher purpose. Our planet is well underway with an amazing, new, and unique evolutionary spin in the galaxies. (Yes “our” - as we are intimately connected and cooperating with the fabulous transformations underway and are very much part of the planetary matrix. We do not speak of “your” planet. It is “our” project, “our” planet, all together now).

The higher frequency and ever more detailed light codes are interweaving their galactic knowledge and holograms into both human consciousness AND the various earth grids.

More and more humans are developing the ability to download, integrate, and then energetically broadcast these light code blueprints into the greater planetary hologram. Regardless if your human mind knows this, your soul knows. It is this energy body that elevates us all. We all contribute to it. We all draw consciousness breath from it. It is interactive. And it’s frequency is increasing. And it is speeding up. Exponentially.

Yet these incoming light codes also bring an abundance of various timeline choices into our ken. The race is on for human intelligence and consciousness to shift to choosing timelines that develop with love rather than fear. So many lightworkers, healers, light bringers from many planes of consciousness and dimensions are working diligently to move this shift project into higher loving frequencies.

How does this square with the 3rd dimensional toil, torment, seeming destruction that is flagrantly made aware to more and more humans? Social media has accelerated exponentially the spread of knowledge and happenings across the globe - transnationally, transculturally. 

Comment sections allow individuals of all stripes and shades to bare their deepest secrets, thoughts and emotions for all to see: The ugly and the beautiful, the low and the sublime, the good and the bad. The full range of human sentiments is all on display for everyone to see and ponder.

This deluge of upchuckings and churnings is allowing us all to examine the depth, breadth, and beauty of the human consciousness. What a show! “Get the popcorn” is an apt comment to all the comings and goings emanating and now revealing into mass consciousness awareness  through mass and social media.

Those who have been unaware or in denial express shock at all this unveiling. Others glory in expressing the outrageous. As has been predicted for some time now, nothing is remaining hidden. It is ALL coming out to be washed, sorted, and decluttered. We are now collectively choosing what to keep, and what to throw out so there is room for the new.

Are you, individual human beings, doing your homework? Cleaning out your closets, Throwing away moldy sickening junk boxes stored in your unconscious basement for too long?


Most important during turbulent times is to breathe deeply, focus on your core light - inside and outside of your bodies, stay centered in the higher truths, watch with detachment all the ungluing happening to structures that are no longer in integrity, no longer in sync with the higher incoming energies.

Protect yourself and others with your higher knowledge.

Beam and broadcast your high

thoughts and light as you are able. When you feel overcome or overwhelmed with the process - your own or others - conserve your energy by following the above practices. Protect your mind from being pulled into the spiral draining vortex of discharging, exiting energies. Stand above the fray in your consciousness. Take time out to recharge and refresh yourself.

The cleansing process is as intense as it is thorough. The intensity requests your self care and compassion - beginning with yourself and then extending out as you are able - to family, friends, community, animals, trees, nature, the planet. 

Protection requires you honor your own boundaries, acknowledge how much you can endure at any given moment, and calling on those with higher multidimensional powers to assist you and see you through. 

Protection can include your physical body and physical world supports such as your home, food, etc. 

Protection also includes the care of your soul, emotional and intellectual bodies. These non-physical bodies carry with you whether you ditch your physical body - or not. 

So protection is on many levels, many dimensions. Protection comes from many sources.




Imagine the caressing hand of the loving divine mother’s light soothing your forehead - as is done with sick and feverish children, and as you pet your cats and dogs. Imagine this hand of light calming, soothing your energy body - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Call upon the healing light beings to soothe you in ways best and gentle for you.



Replace fear with soothing. Soothe yourself, your pets, each other. Soothe the planet. Plant a tree, admire a flower, thank a blade of grass, pollen on bees knees - the simple elegant essential miracles of life here on earth. Simply begin with easy random acts of soothing. Slow yourself down with deep breathing. Draw on the healing power of nature. Get away from crazy-making news stories. Unplug technology for awhile. Eat well and simply. Simplify your life. Give thanks.



Just ASK these magnanimous beings to assist you letting everything go that ties you up in knots. They are available 24/7 - and help just by simple asking. No special ceremony or formulated prayer needed - only the longing of your heart, mind, body, and soul to be free of old, heavy, dense memories encapsulated in your body, mind, and spirit. Ask and you will be given.


We also encourage you to call on higher forces of light - as your free human will allows us to come to your aid in greater and greater measures when you ask us. You know by now, it is not a failing or indication of weakness to call on higher power help; instead, it is an acknowledgement of your own greatness to realize your mind and intellect have expanded to the extent to know of our presence, our caring and love, and our capacity to come to your aid as needed.

This does not mean, of course, that you should not make your own human efforts. For as the old saying goes, it takes 2 wings for the bird to soar: Self effort, plus grace from beyond. You are not weak helpless mambie-pampies. You are incredibly powerful beings - now beginning to increasingly know the extent of your god-given talents, abilities and powers.

That which survives, that which sustains, that which endures is based on true, pure love. In these times, here and now, any other than that is fading away - one way or another. That is cause for rejoicing. Yes - Joy. Rejoice! Again and again - celebrate your evolution, the moving forward of the project of great human enlightenment. The tipping point is at hand. Do not slacken now. 

In love, in light, in joy.

We remain,

Your friends and family, called here our Cosmic Council.


Pat Crosby
With the Cosmic Council


2020 Predictions was unusual to write. Even the assorted members of the Cosmic Council - which is what I call the variety of beings who come through at different times - had differing statements as to what’s up for 2020 and how I should report them. The first image I was shown when I tuned in and ask for their messages, was an amber/golden translucent millipede of cosmic proportions: Many feet, many possibilities, many choices. Great stamina and power is available when all feet are going forward in the same direction in purpose, synchronicity, momentum, and rhythm.

I will report the guides various viewpoints in this article. 

However, they ALL agree: 

It remains essential to remain in love and stay centered in your own core truth. 

It remains essential to endeavor to stay balanced as the winds and tsunamis of change blow up turmoil all around us. 

It remains essential to continue to stay connected and strengthen your connections to the higher realms of light and source and your own inner core truth.

Notice the various guides sometimes speak of “you” and sometimes as “we”. That indicates different guides coming through. I have not named any as they did not indicate any. This message is truly a collective council.

One guide in particular emphasized again and again over the month I was preparing this report, about vast time cycles. When researching the great time cycles of Indian literature - ie the age of Brahman - I came across lists of other societies that count time circularly - rather than linearly. I have interjected this research into the guides commentary. Thus this report is truly a collaboration.

In endeavoring to understand with human mindset how to interpret the variety of predictions from various members of the Cosmic Council, the concept of timelines was recurring. 

I receive the information in different ways: Sometimes as verbatim English words which I transcribe, sometimes as a key word flashing in light accompanied by intuitive knowing, sometimes as emotional warm feelings about a particular topic, sometimes as video clips in my mind. I weave those differing message inputs with my craft with English language to make a human brain comprehensible report for fellow humans. As I edit and proofread the report, different guides chime in with different words, phrases, and additions. Even the editing of the finished version is a cosmic council collaboration. And, yes, some humans are members of the Cosmic Council.

We, as humanity, have so much free will to choose ourselves where we want to go next. We are very much in the midst of that process. Isn’t that exciting? And grand!


Pat Crosby
With the Cosmic Council

Photos courtesy Pixabay

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I just finished reading your article "The Times Are A Changin" in the Sedona Journal of Emergence: Annual Predictions for 2019-2020. It's the kind of information that I would like to feature on my website - - I would be honored to have your permission to re-publish your article. I can offer you to post your picture and short biography of your choice and a link to your website and/or email address in the article.
Dennis Shipman
Nov 2019

Thank you Pat! I enjoy reading your messages! Love and light to you! Thanks again!
Susan, NY
Nov 2019

Many thanks for Sedona Journal article. I have already been distributing your "Year of Soothing..." to many. 
Audrey, NH.
Dec 2019

Great to have more sources of info.
Thanks for the article.
Love Phillip, HI
Dec 2019



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