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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Merging of Sun and Shadow - 2019 - New Integrations Arise. Predictions 2019. Cosmic Council, AA Michael with Pat Crosby

There are 2 parts to this 2019 predictions report from Pat Crosby

Part 1
is from the Cosmic Council

Part 2
is specifically from Archangel Michael - who is part of the Cosmic Council, but stepped forth individually to give some specific information about crystalline cities, light codes and grids and your evolving consciousness.

Part 1
Predictions 2019

Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

Published Sedona Journal 
January 2019

As the shift reaches a new level of crescendo of light and power, humanity has upped its game to be able to absorb, process, and integrate increasingly greater amounts of light and shadow.

Now, you have the ability, the skill set to make more conscious choices of where you want to go next. The past years since the 2012 opening have been filled with demolition, taking out the trash, removing garbage, obsolete energies, cleansing your past lives, processing, healing, putting old issues to bed.

We have told you that you were on the threshold of a new dawn. We did not want to scare you with the task awaiting ahead on the hero’s journey of humanity. Yes, you are living out one of the greatest ever collective hero’s journeys. You, as a species, as a group of humanity are choosing to set a different path, a new path. Still guided by the stars, oriented by your heart’s true north - focused on the supreme, pushing through the garbage filled waters of pollution in various dimensions, pulsating with the divine love that is your core.

You have struggled with physical disease processes, mental contamination, fake news, false “news”, manipulation. Every which way, the light has been shining into previously dark closets. Your divine intelligence has been honing your human intellects and hearts. You are developing greater and greater discernment, the ability to separate the truth out of the dark. You have been composting the dark - transforming, converting it back into its pure energy source. You have been struggling to release old patterns, declutter on every level. YouTube is filled with channels about living minimalism, decluttering, tiny houses. Even big rich houses now decorate in minimalism.

Spaciousness is in. This spaciousness is reflecting the increasing spaciousness that your heart and soul are craving. Free from heavy old dark furniture - a style that once offered comfort and protection, now impedes the flow of clear pristine energy. Out with the past - in with the new.

2018 - an 11 master number. Mastering the twin polarities of duality. Learning to discern the truth within, around, and beyond the dual planes. Essential lessons to master, to ascend to the next rung of developing consciousness. 

As you graduate into 2019, you carry your new found lessons and spiritual skill sets into the next level of the co-creation of an accelerating new earth with new humans evolving from the dust left behind. That is so exciting for all of us!

Creation is based first in truth. What happened to truth in the dark years of duality? Lost? Truth didn’t go anywhere - it was just covered up, hard to find. Layers of confusion piled up in your minds - individually and collectively.

Systems build up around hidden truth. Secret societies tried to hold on to pure truth amidst the dark years. Isolated nuns and monks, priestesses and priests, and shamans kept the processes of spiritual mastery alive in hidden cells throughout the planet’s darker ages. 

But now, the time is ripe for all the hidden truths to emerge - like butterflies in the warm brilliance of new sunlight. The earth teems with new life, new thought forms. Decaying obsolete programs compost into the fertilizer - allowing the new.

And you - as conscious evolving humans - can now walk into a new reality. You and the spirit teams have collectively cleared the stage of the old - a process that is ongoing, messy, and repulsive in revealing so much corruption. 

Corruption is no longer hidden; it is being exposed to the full examination in the light. Much is being rejected and demolished - thus making room and raising expectations for a new reality. 

As you step back and watch the great clearing going on within and around you, you develop the higher vibration witnessing mind - the mind that has moved beyond opinions, beyond judgements. 

The hive mind growing into unconditional love and compassion - for yourself, for others, and for the planet earth school mix of young and old souls - all learning and growing from interaction with others. 

How grand it is! Are you ready to walk into the new reality streaming ahead of you? This is a creation game - your attitude, thoughts, inspirations are shaping the new reality. As you open to the higher impulses of spirit, you refine your perceptions and expectations of what you want the new reality to bring to you.

What can you no longer bear? What can you no longer tolerate?

We have told you each human has the free will to decide where on the timelines they wish to occupy next. Some will choose different vibrational countries. Each vibrational patch has matches with different humans. 

There is a great sorting going on. Each will find their favored place, favored vibration to enhance their own growth by finding their own matching earth classroom. The process is messy. 

The hero's’ journey has many obstacles to overcome. But you would not have it any other way, warriors and champions of light!


Your fans in light.

The Cosmic Council


Part 2
Predictions 2019

From Archangel Michael


Now is a time of great expansion on your planet. Your experience of reality is shifting to higher and higher multi dimensions. Your consciousness awareness of these facts is increasing day by day.

As you shift gears, ascending your consciousness into higher, faster frequencies, your old methods and vehicles are decaying and rusting away. Those means that once served you so beautifully, have now finished their life cycles. Hence, they are falling away and becoming obsolete.

It is not a time for mourning. It IS a time for waking up to the new realities greatly impinging on your growing awareness that you are far and beyond what you once knew - even only a few years ago. 

Your light quotient has expanded exponentially. Your subtle senses have activated - or are in process - and are getting used to all the new phenomena now within your enhanced multi-dimensional perceptual range.

You are in the process of recalibrating majestically. It is awesome to watch.

Global politics have been fascinating for some to watch - including those who once would never have given it much thought. 

But now, the pace of change has caught the fancy of most everyone on your planet. Us, too. We are flabbergasted at how quickly the tsunami of new energy is flooding out the old decadent low vibration energies - swiftly carrying in new thought forms, new levels of comprehension, new realities, new perspectives. 

These are coming not only to you as conscious healers and lightworkers, but more and more into the conscious reach of more “everyday” persons.

The political dramas are goading everyone to move into new directions that were once seemingly unthinkable. Topics that were once taboo are now openly discussed on planetary message boards such as Twitter, Facebook, and global news/opinion and forum websites.

We comment here that while the human political transformative processes are in full swing, there is an additional dimension wherein great strides and advances are being made. We speak of the crystalline cities and light forms that are being anchored all around your planet by diligent and happy light installation teams - consisting of humans and light beings from many dimensions.

Groups working with our various teams from the light dimensions are meeting and greeting with humans to install light temples, crystal cities, and other geometric pure forms intersecting and merging with your planet. 

Planetary grids that have been set up over several past years are the conduit for this dissemination of these new energies. 

We thank all the lightworkers who have played various roles in building this galactic structure within your earth field over several decades (at least). 

Many who played essential roles in this beautiful task have since left their earthly forms, and are still working on these projects from rarified fields of light in other dimensions. Their projects continue as they evolve, refine their skills, and age their souls.

ET teams are monitoring processes around the planet with their own specialized light structures. Just as your earth scientific space teams are using monitoring probes on other planets and traveling in the galaxy (such as your NASA explorers), ET civilizations are monitoring the frequency changes on your earth. Their specialized measuring instruments made of light constructions are keeping tabs on how human conversations and consciousness are affecting the vibrational rates of your dimensional shifts. These rippling changes effect galactic vibrations - and vice versa.

As they analyze their measurements, they are adjusting how they can interact with the human and 3rd dimensional reality to assist the vibratory evolution of this planet. These are very specialized planetary assist teams by our family of space sisters and brothers. Many have also embodied on this earth dimension plane - as you well know.

As each headline grab of horrendous past deeds hits the mass consciousness awareness, another great opportunity comes forth to lighten the repressed load of humanity’s past misdeeds. Misdeed after misdeed after misdeed is slowly dissolving back into light as human consciousness focuses on them and offers intentions to stop low vibrational harmful patterns, cleanse them, and replace them with higher frequency constructions. Lessons learned from this planetary experiences are logged and recorded in the earth, galactic, and cosmic data banks. We have written about these grids in other articles.

We told you in previous years of the light codes. The galactic codes are circulating knowledge around the galaxy - news reports of past successes, attempts, various ways civilizations have raised frequencies. 

Your human ability to receive, download, and now activate these codes is increasing at warp speed.

Critical mass has been obtained. Now, a new tsunami of great vibrational increase successes is well underway.

We know you can feel overwhelmed and swamped by the speed of changes and shifts. That is why we point these success out to you - so in your calm clear moments, you can take stock of your achievements - of how far you have truly come, so fast.

Powerful Intentions You Create

Thoughts often arise in the basic form of OMG HELP! That intentional cry is so powerful; it activates legions of forces from many dimensions to come to the assistance of a drowning humanity to rise out of the sewers of deception, miscalculation, to get unshackled from old thought forms, patterns, and habits.

As earth children of the new light dimensions reach critical age markers of maturity, they are making their vibratory influence felt in so many fields: Cleaning up the environment, purifying politics, creating new money systems, new global communication systems of great ease and simultaneous translation so whole world conversations occur in real time - these are just a few examples. These are unprecedented times, experiences, and achievements - unique among even galactic records.

All is Well

Do not be dismayed nor distracted by the demolition of old structures going on all around you. Simultaneously, and much more powerfully is the creation of beautiful new structures of thought forms, conversations, ease and harmony, and cities of light in the higher dimensions which hold the templates of human perfection to yet manifest on your earth. 

In time, all will come around to the light. In the meantime, you are in a process of deep integration of what you would have once called light and dark. Now - all is better conceived as sun and shadows on the whole spectrum of possibilities.

Your earth has a broad spectrum of souls of many ages. The young souls are learning the journeys of butting their heads against each other - and thus learning boundaries and limitations of the fascinating 3rd dimension. 

Those of you in older soul schools are learning the great lessons of compassion, understanding, discernment, letting go, allowing and trusting as you study and practice consciously creating with the implements of higher consciousness: Light, pure intention, truth, trust, passion, clarity, forgiveness, accountability, response-ability. The old soul schools of mastery are thriving in this one-world schoolhouse known as Mother Earth.

7 Years Since 2012

So much continues to come into the light in 2019 as you enter year 7 since 2012. 1 great cycle is coming into completion. So much is being created in the light of 2019. 

Pay attention to the miracles of both dissolution and creation happening simultaneously around you. For one cannot happen without the other. They go hand in hand. Creation and dissolution. Amidst it all remains the one core truth of reality. You can recognize that core truth in the name of divine love.

Continue to clear your personal template of all that no longer serves your journey. Increase practicing creating in harmony with the higher frequencies of loving intention - for the highest good of all - this or something better. 

As you do your shadow-clearing homework, you allow that which was hidden and taboo to be evolved by the influence of being touched by the light of higher wisdom. This is happening individually as well as globally. 

It is messy, essential, and leads to a higher refinement and integration of that which has been previously created. No stone, no atom, no cell, nothing is left untouched by the shifting, upscaling energies all around us.

Continue co-creating with us - those who have much more command and practice of creating in light forms - and you who are in the earth mastery school of creating in 3rd world density.

Together, we co-create magnificent new realities. Our cooperation will continually increase conscious co-creation as more veils continue to thin between the worlds and you continue to refine your conscious intentions of what you would truly like to create - combining many dimensions and levels of reality with your remembrances of perfection in other fields of reality in your soul travels.

Your living life is a miracle - and you are now discovering how magnificent your opportunities are as you move more and more into mastering the formation of beautiful new realities. 

We continue to guide and support you. 

We partner with you. 

We learn from you. 

And most of all, we love you - unconditionally. 

We know you love us, too.

Yours in Light,

Archangel Michael with the Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby


Copyright 2018, Pat Crosby.
All Rights Reserved. Article may be reprinted in whole with link back to original post and all credits retained.


Lillian, NY


Can you please add me to you email list of sharing your writing ?

Chris R just shared your piece in Sedona Journal for Jan 2019.

I would like to remain in touch.

I've discovered a portal or vortex on top of Bear Spring Mountain in Walton.


Thank you, Lillian - there is an email SUBSCRIBE BOX at the top of this page.


Thank you Pat, That was amazing!!! So well written and easy to digest. (Sometimes the words from other predictions are too difficult to take in). Thank you writing this and sending it to all of us. I have forwarded it on to many friends. You continue to amaze me and I am so grateful that I know you and you are my friend!

Love, Carolyn



Lenelle NY
I got the Sedona Journal for many many years. Miss it VERY much. Thank you for this post Pat Crosby !!!

I love your predictions for 2019 from the Cosmic Council and AA Michael. Thank you for sending them to me.

Wishing you a wonderful 2019!

Much love,

Linda Robinson


Audrey, VT

Fantastic message. Am distributing widely.

Merging of Sun and Shadow brings back a dream I had of someone who seemed to be Carl Jung. He was standing at the top of a pinnacle with a shadowy figure beside him. Below on one side were raging surf and rocks, on the other side a peaceful bay a long way down. Fearing his shadow would push him off onto the rocks, he decided to jump toward the bay. He was holding pruning shears over his head. The Red Book has this:

Soul: “Be content and cultivate your garden with modesty.”

I: “I will. I see that it is not worth conquering a larger piece of the immeasurable, but a smaller one instead...”

Soul: Take shears and prune your trees.”

Perhaps that's where we all are as we get our own shears in action and as we watch amazing pruning events in our outer world. Thanks for presenting a powerful perspective on the magic of our times.

[The Red Book (Liber Novus) by C. G. Jung
(Sonu Shamdasani, ed., W. W. Norton & Company, New York), 2009.]


Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, NY

I share with my tribe.

Great read! Thank you Pat! Now I'm looking forward to 2019 even more. Happy New Year!

Love and light,
C​​hris Rosenthal, NY

Pat, ​I ​want to thank you for this. I have forwarded to a few others. Have printed it out for myself. Thank you for being in alignment to receive this!


Facebook Group
I love this - fantastic messages. Thank you so much 🙏🏻💫😊❤️

That is super cool 😍

Bravo! Thank you for sharing.

... more clapping

Thank you and right back at you ;-)
Carry on.....with the good work :-)

Wonderful! Be proud, be BOLD! ✨❤️


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  1. Blessings to you my friend! I miss you!

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