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Monday, April 24, 2017

How I Learned to Talk to Rocks by Pat Crosby

In honor of earth day

Excerpt from forth coming book on the power, mystery and magic of sacred places.

Scheduled for publication in July 2017 Sedona Journal 

Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council

“Go collect rocks for the fire” instructed the shaman. Easy peasy thought I.

“Oh yes, ASK each stone person IF they would like to sacrifice themselves for humanity!”


Being a willing and eager apprentice - I walked through the woods, inspecting various rocks with no certainty of what task I was performing - calling out “WHO wants to come to the firepit”.

Mystically, I was drawn to certain stones. They seemed to cozy up to me like newborn kittens. Snuggly, they were. We immediately connected in some deep energetic embrace.

Trying out speaking to them, I began with a simple cosmic question. Thinking rocks are millions, maybe billions or gazillions years old, I asked: “How old are you?”

“Millions and millions of year. Quite endless”

“Oh! How did you get to live so long?”

(Notice how naturally I just got into this thing?)

“We only take one breath every 100,000 years.”

Bingo! Question answered! Meditate on that, will you!

Yoga teachings of breath control, slow and measured breathing, life measured in a specific number of breaths - flashed through my mind in an instant. Mind computer humming - trying to make a match…

Stone people - aka hot rocks - volunteer to give up their essence to assist humanity in the ancient purification lodge ceremony.

Strong firekeepers lift the red hot stone people with deer antlers - carrying them with all due respect and ceremony from the fire pit into the womb of re-creation for the people anticipating their entry into the ceremonial lodge.

The stone people - called grandfathers with respect to their great age - are welcomed first by the shaman with ancient ritual,  then are  laid in precise patterns in the regal pit dug from Mother Earth’s sacred body.

The energies of many directions are honored and acknowledged.

The trained shaman, the water pourer, welcomes these grandfathers with herbs, ladles of water and songs.

We two-leggeds watch in awe as the red hot rocks undulate in their transformation. Sighs - and sometimes laughter - greet the stone people - as their rocky burning bodies are piled on top of and next to each other in the womb of mother earth.

Sizzling steam carries the sweet fragrance of the herbs releasing their plant medicine in the steam - delighting our minds into deep voyages of relaxation and ancient memories. Our everyday mind lets go. Body tensions melt away in the anonymous steamy darkness.

Our bodies give up sweat water - our offering of our essence to mother earth and to humanity.

The released mineral essences float through the steam to heal our bodies. The mineral gift  of the stone people - truly their structural essence - is given  into the lungs and onto the skin and bodies of the humans willing to be purified.

Chanting, healing songs and inspired wise words of the elder carry healing thoughts and sound vibrations into the minds and hearts of we the people. The spirit world intimately embraces our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. In the pitch blackness of the unmanifested mother, in these symbolic return to the womb, the elements work their magic: Stone, wood, fire, air, water, earth, ether. The healing begins ….

This ancient purification ceremony heals people of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual afflictions, returns humanity to its pristine soul connection to source - The Creator - The Great Mystery - brings them back from the brink of loss from source from prideful mis-creations.

Sweat lodge medicine spirits works their healing love. They travel with the shaman - and are available to help those who call their assistance. Their spiritual medicine intervenes to remove blocks, heal ailments, sooth fears, and melt impurities out of the human energy system as we sit humbly and simply with our  brothers and sisters in the healing womb of mother earth. We have come together to be reborn in righteousness and light, to remove our sorrows and afflictions, and be bathed in essential love, to return to our bonds of community.

Mitakuye Oyasin

"All My Relatives"

Thank you, cosmic Stone People, for the telling of your magic in the great order of all things.

Copyright 2017 Pat Crosby. Creative Commons
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From the email bag:

Dear Pat,

For me "How I Learned to Talk to Rocks" builds upon the powerful allegory "Hanging Out to Dry" you published last year. I have just reread it. There you gave an account of souls "processed" into death in a world of mother-like arrangers and male military enforcers. Now you have entered a religious world of fire ceremonies and sacrifice, as told by stones who breathe once in 100,000 years.

I believe the stones want us to look at such religious ceremonies. Among the souls processed in "Hanging Out to Dry" will be found the generations of women healers and others subjected to fire sacrifice, burning at the stake, by religious authorities or to stoning in other cultures. The long-lived stones certainly know something about this, as women do deep down, and as do animals subjected to one or another "sacrifice." How to ever heal it?

Love, Audrey

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  1. That was a great read, and reminds me of why we talk to pohaku (stones) in Hawaii before we take them back to our clinics.