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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Predictions 2015 - Humanity's Great Garbage Digestion. Light Codes and Grids, Sedona Journal article by Pat Crosby

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2014 was a year of increasing revelations about the underbelly of humanity. More and more secret and corrupt behaviors have come into the light for examination, digestions, transformation and/or elimination.

Digestion: Separating the nutrients from the crap.

Did you think 2014 was a crazy, tough, wild-ride year? It was!

2015 allows our shift to unfold - as we develop skill and discernment of what to keep and what to toss out. Please, no hoarding

Up for grabs:
Financial systems, food, health, expectation, living style, education, priorities, spirituality ...

The new difference is: galactic light codes circulating through new grids are helping humanity rapidly evolve now.

State of the Planetary Ascension Late 2014 into 2015

Humanity's Great Garbage Digestion

Light Codes and Grids Circulate New Answers to
Old Problems for Humanity
Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council of Light

A famous teaching story tells of a neighbor who watched in fascination for years as his next door neighbor dutifully watered a dead looking stick in his yard every day.
Strange bizarre ritual, he thought to himself.
Then one day, all of a sudden, after years of apparent nothing, the inner subtle workings of inherent energy brought the life inherent in that stick to the surface. Tiny new leaves sprouted up, roots extended down, the stick began to grow taller, and put forth branches and leaves. New life began to show.
During all this time, of course, the “stick” was busy configuring itself by extending roots and preparing to manifest new growth - even though it looked dead.

“Egad” say so many. WHAT is happening on Planet Earth? Did we shift? If so, did we shift forward? Or backward? We never imagined it would be like this!
Is this your prevailing sentiment?
Do you feel you didn’t sign on for all this chaos erupting and exploding on the planet during 2014? Aren’t we FINISHED YET with bullies, conquering, titans, power grabs, misogyny, racism, wars...? Where is the peace that passeth understanding divine presence?
Well Dear Beloved Hearts, we are here to remind you with the turning of another earth calendar cycle that much is in progress. Much of the old energy is being destroyed, ripped to shreds. Old power games are surfacing to the horror of people of peace everywhere. Just read the Constantly Negative News of mass media to get a belly ache, headache and heartache full.
However, let us present a cosmic review and reframing from the Higher Cosmic Councils of Light to restore your faith, hope, aspirations and intentions for the ever ascending frequencies of Planet Earth - and her galactic neighborhood.

A Brief Review of the Shift over the Past Few Years
Your planet, since the 2012 marker doorway, Dear Hearts of the new energy, has not only appeared to not grow in many aspects, but to some perspectives, has even seemed to wither, decay and degenerate - by external appearances.
We assure you, nothing could be further from the truth of the inherent underlying reality.
What can seem to some eyes as going backward - as you read the horror stories in the sensational news headlines and watch barbarities unfold daily on your video screens - actually portends the clearance of old energy patterns, and of the bringing to the surface of decaying models of activities so they may be evaluated, and pulled by the roots and tentacles from the planetary energetic makeup.
After 2012, some anticipated an immediate about face cleansing of the earth plane - that all its discordant energies would be immediately eliminated and humanity would be transported in oneness to an ecstatic realm of peace and love.
Instead, humanity has been faced with one seeming cataclysmic event after another. The age-old terrors of war, pestilence...
These energetic roots and tentacles are old and gnarled as they have had thousands of earth years to develop and sink and embed lower into the planetary matrix and mass human consciousness.

6 Ways Rapid Change is Evolving on Earth Now

There are many forces supporting an energetic makeover in new frequency streams and systems impacting your planet earth. Here’s a few.

The advent and increasing circulation of galactic light codes into the earth dimensions
New, accelerating and expanding planetary grids and new nodes of connection on them – are allowing new solutions to long-standing earth problems to flow into human consciousness from other galactic civilizations - even on a large scale.
Increasing DNA capacity to receive, translate and make use of the stored information in new light codes circulating through newly configured grids. This knowledge can be applied for solving problems brought about by older energy constricted human consciousness patterns.
The “hundredth monkey effect”. As more and more humans adopt and adapt with the new energies, a critical mass of the new consciousness is forming. This critical mass will allow masses and waves of humans to similarly adapt and align with the new energies template for an emerging new human model of behavior and problem solving.
New healing energetics are being gifted to you and your planet. Masses of new energetics are swirling through the planetary grids as per recent connections made in 2014 of the Lemurian, galactic and crystalline grids at Lake Titicaca, Peru with this channel and a group of lightworkers.
Higher frequency solutions flowing through the new grid connections are literally sweeping clean many of the older denser solutions held in the memory of the crystalline grid.
For example, the dominant memory trace of solving disputes through war is being swept away by an inrush of new higher frequency solutions involving conflict resolution, dialoging, seeking areas of mutual support and coming together - in contrast to old energy multiplication of warfare and fighting for dominance and control over disputes and power grabs.
New consciousness elevating systems are adventing and expanding their input into the acceleration of rising human consciousness.
One example is the Pleiadian input. Dr.Todd of the Kryon team is bringing forth some of these Pleiadian energetics to lightworkers around the planet with the Lemurian choir initiations. Here, the Pleiadians are directly injecting the treasures of their learning curve in the advancement of their civilization into the human grid matrices through the DNA network of participating humans.
All of these increased energetics are helping upgrade the planetary swift shifts that can happen seemingly overnight through the hundredth monkey process.

Thus the planet is both pulling itself up by its own lightworkers bootstraps as well as with galactic and cosmic help.
New inputs of data and higher frequency solutions that have been worked out in other advanced galactic cultures and civilizations (carried through new light codes) are circulating through earth new planetary grid connections. Thus these new systems are carrying new higher frequency solutions and resolutions which are circulating in the planet earth human consciousness matrix.
Enhancing human DNA is circulating these new energetics into the human body-mind-spirit complex to manifest in higher vibrational choices of actions, words and thoughts on your planet by individuals and groups.
Note that progress is not a straight line. Progress jerks forward and jumps backwards. Humanity is composed of many souls in various stages of learning curves. There is great dialogue, debate and acting out of various solutions as humanity explores the many varied options available to solve problems, to learn, and to grow.
Thus we advise you to take a long-term view of your planetary progress - and not get caught up and swamped by short-term seeming chaos as the shift changeover is under way and very much in process.

The Internet as One Example Driving Rapid Human Consciousness Change
Your recent technological tools allow the whole planet to watch, discuss, emote, and evaluate the full range of possibilities of actions - thoughts, words and actions.
Can you even remember a world without the internet and mass communication? How few years since this technology has enabled you to communicate with anyone in real time anywhere people sign on.
How We See Human Progress Unfolding in this Stage of the Shift
From our side of the veil, we are in a waiting and watching period.  Humanity has been and is being gifted with so many new insights, so many new tools, so many new gifts of light. Humans are practicing and getting acquainted with new light modalities daily. (This is a vast subject beyond the scope of this present channeling - we will discuss more in other messages.)
Simultaneously, humanity has been having so much old energy pulled out. So much transformation is underway.
Power grubbing (symbolic of fear) has surfaced with a seeming new vengeance.
How, what, why is everything going on - we hear this question so many times by exasperated, discouraged, hesitating and fearing lightworkers.
Our answer to you, Dear Human Being, is that yes, the old energies are being swept away - often with abrupt and even violent components mixed in.
Yes! Upheavals of old energy patterns are actually dynamiting the way open through layers of embedded heavy human consciousness. Thus there is space for increased exposure of seeds of new energy to sprout and grow in the sacred chambers of human hearts, minds, bodies, and souls.
Out with old - In with the New!

Fertile Ground of the Mud-sling Bath
Hark! A Lotus Arises...
Ahh, Dear Earth Masters,
Once again we salute you for your courage, for your dedication, for your commitment to honor the path of the spiritual warriors, the pathfinders - the ones who clear the path through the mud to find the beautiful lotus flower shining through and above it all - inspiring with its brilliant beauty and inspiration.
These earth days have been full to the brimming with your digesting of the new energies which are impacting you all: Individually, collectively, and dare we say, galactically.
Some of you are having digestive upsets taking in the new energy. Not to fear - these transition symptoms will all pass in time!
You have heard many times that your whole quadrant of the galaxy is partaking in this rapid transmutation of older denser vibrating energies into lighter higher frequency vibrations.
You have heard it said many times that a glorious ascension process is underway.
Why, then, does it seem like you are being inundated with mud baths and mudslinging from so many quarters. Why does the planet appear to be sinking in old morasses we thought we had left behind pre- 2012?
Let us address this question with you, Earth Master Warriors, for you are in the front row of this ascension and mud-slinging duality.
Before we go further into depth in this muddy and enlightening study, let us also point out that sitting in hot mud is considered very beneficial, healthful and life-giving.
People travel all over the world to go to famous (and not-so-famous) mud baths. People in richer countries pay much money to go to fancy pristine spas and get mud smeared all over their bodies!
Indigenous cultures have their favored and sacred mud and thermal baths. Why is this so? Why do people like to get immersed in mud?
Mud-bathing is considered to be extremely beneficial for pulling toxins out of the body.  Mud - the essence of the earth body - is the life-giving substance from which great life and beauty arise. Why? Because the mud is so fertile, so full of raw ground that feeds life forms that create something masterful and beautiful and keep the cycles of creation humming along. Yes! Master-full! Beauty-full! MUD! The essence of Mother Earth.  MUD-MA!
You have the classic spiritual image of the most beautiful lotus flower - which arises from the fertile ground of the mud.

Blue lotus - is very rare and hard to find.

In today’s instantaneous newsy world, you can see mud-flinging and slinging reported all over the news media. To the casual eyes (as differentiated from the spiritual third eyes) these horrendous backwards seeming events can seem devastating in their horror, their recycling of old vomitous power grabs and power plays, self-serving displays of frustration, anger, anxiety and fear.
Where is the hope for lightworkers?
Where is the ascension in this display of the lower frequency muddy energies?
Our answer to this quandary, Dear Earth Masters, is there is a great garbage digestion happening on your planet. You can hear the constant rumbling of the garbage trucks, the dump trucks. All is being churned up to be processed by new layers of expanding consciousness as greater masses of humanity awaken more and more. You know… more monkeys are awakening! (Ha ha - our joke!)

The magical power of your new enhanced technological global flash communications systems are enabling great masses of humanity to get almost instantaneous connections to conversations being put on the table all across your beautiful blue planet earth.
You have those who want to hold onto the “good old days”, the ways of the previous energy configurations. You have those chomping at the bit to get on with the newer energy solutions. You have those full of quandaries - in the middle - asking What’s UP? (The majority.)

Mud from a Higher Perspective
Let us now put on our 3rd eye spiritual vision perspective and look at these quandaries from a higher vibrating frequency and an expanded illuminated lens..
We can see the energy grids and matrices of the earth and individuals on it are being radically reconfigured.

Work done by this human channel and team have brought in light codes and made new grid connections over the past several years.
Lightworker teams, channels, and energy workers from many dimensions are each doing their part in upping the ante on the planetary energy configurations and vibration.
In this conversation, we have referred to just a few our channel has participated in as the human team member. The work of bringing in new light codes and connecting the galactic, Lemurian and crystalline grids in Lake Titicaca Peru in 2013 to circulate these new codes has had profound effects on the ascending consciousness of humanity during these bridge years of transition of the shift on your planet. These changes will continue to unfold as humanity rises to the occasion.
These new circuits are just beginning to function. Wait til they really gear up, Dear Humans! You will LOVE this upcoming ride - we guarantee it. Hold on to your seat belts!
Meantime, here a few everyday practical tips you can use to learn how to be with the new energies.

TALK TO YOUR CELLS. You know you have the divine consciousness residing in your brain and in your cells. There is a direct spiritual pathway and connection from your higher self and intention into the neural physiology of your human body system. Your STATED INTENTION - i.e. your words and thoughts - have a direct effect on the consciousness and hence the manifestation created by your cells. Your DNA is circulating new galactic possibilities into your mind and cells - awaiting your activation through conscious intention and words.
BE WITH THE EARTH - THE GROUNDING OF THE ASCENSION. Mother Earth holds the form and the materials from which your essence and body are made.  She is a direct partner in bridging the shifting transitioning energies of the cosmos to humanity. She is holding an immense amount of cosmic power and absorbing huge cosmic rays and radiations of the new energy. She can disperse it to you at a rate which you can absorb. By aligning with her through physical touch with her, your body system will adjust and recalibrate in sync with her process. In this way, you will feel less out of sorts and less ungrounded. You will help ease a bumpy transition process for yourself over a new road under construction which is not yet paved and smooth.

PRACTICE FORGIVING. Our cosmic interpretation of forgiveness is to erase old twisted, broken malformations of light in your personal energy matrix. These corrupted formations interfere with the free flow and circuitry of your energy body. We do not mean you need to excuse or tolerate disrespectful and hurtful actions, words or intentions of others. (Understand these twisted actions are coming from their own corrupted circuitry and do not radiate truthful manifestations). We understand forgiveness is hard for humans as your society teaches you to hold on to old hurts and many teach revenge is the way to go. We see holding on to old patterns as the way to go to negativity rather than enlightenment.

As you become more and more conscious, you can see the mistakes and miscalculations that arise in your and others mind-body-emotion complexes.
Our interpretation of forgiveness is to chuck out all the old energies compacting and constricting your system. You can learn the soul lessons, experience the emotions connected with incidents and then ask to cleanse your light imprint body of the scars, tears, dents, dings, and bangs to your original pristine energy field.
The Elohim, whom we familiarly refer to as the “Angels of ForGIVEness” in this process, have offered a special dispensation to help humanity at this time to release these old energetic issues. The easiest way is to simply ASK them to help you forgive. By giving them your permission, you can authorize them to begin to cleanse, clear, and realign your energy light matrix and remove the old scars.
Hear this forgiveness meditation here - free download, too.

Use the recently re-activated magenta Lemurian light to increase your capacity of being in unconditional love. Unconditional love is not a fantasy. It is the Creator’s “glue” that holds the creation together. It is the ground from which the universe springs. It is the essence of your being - perhaps buried under layers of planet earth mis-creation crap.
To begin to activate this higher frequency in your energy matrix, imagine a magenta ray coming out of your heart. Connect it with anyone, anyplace that you feel anything out of place, out of balance with. Hold no agenda for any outcome - except for the highest good and healing of all. Just allow the magenta light to heal through raising vibrations in yourself and whomever you direct the magenta light to. It serves as a bridge to re-connect broken hearts in truth, clarity and love as it dissolves old hurt, twisted patterns.

LISTEN to audio describing this healing

READ about this healing

Photons are an essential component of the shift. By consciously breathing these golden light particles into your physical system, you will totally enable your body-mind-heart complex to adjust, align and accelerate with the new energies.
Imagine a cloud of golden light particles over your head. Imagine the top of your head opening. Breathe IN the golden light particles through this doorway into your crown chakra. On a next breath, breathe these golden particles into your 3rd eye - behind your eyebrows. Next breath, breathe the particles into your thymus - where you thump your chest when you play gorilla. Next breathe the particles into your heart chakra in the center of your chest. On subsequent breaths, circulate these golden particles all through your bodies - especially to any tight, constricted or hurting places.
You can practice these simple techniques a little or a lot - as you are so guided. Any amount of practice will be beneficial and healing for you and others and assist the planetary shift.

Here’s a brief timeline of recent shift phenomena
Pre 2012
Unbundling of old energies, early preparation for the new humans and new society. Conversations about a “shift” enter the earth plane. Early waves of light workers start getting prepared. Information from higher forces of light open up as channeling becomes more common.
Galactic alignment directly opens full earth contact with galactic center. Old programs become obsolete. Mainstream society awakens more and more.
Head scratching time. We’re still here. We survived! What now? What’s Up?
Just about everybody’s asking....
Serious dissecting of old energy patterns - worldwide. Ouch! Can we go home yet?
As old energy patterns and reactions are being cut out, new higher frequency growth begins. Time to tend the new tender young sprouts of the shift while continuing to assiduously weeding out old energies - individually and collectively.
Dream your future realities into being. Dream BIG, Dear Humans. The new energies supports your increasing consciousness. Be part of the hundred monkey collectives wherever you are.
Of course, there are many overlapping phenomena in our simplified synopsis.
2015 What’s Up?
Yep - we’re cooking in the soup. It’s not done yet - keep stirring! And we do mean “We” - for we are partners with you, Dear Humanity. We stand by you, hold your hand, answer your prayers for assistance, and give you our love, sweet energy, and deepest admiration for your being embodied during this grand process underway on your planet and in your bodies.

You are Clearing Multiple Planes of Consciousness
Dear Family of Light, we remind you that you are clearing more than your immediate 3D world and personal karma.
You are also clearing vast reaches of other dimensions.
What this means is: Your DNA is serving as an anchor and connector of your energy circuitry into this dimension. Your DNA is also a communication network both planetary as well as galactically at this time. As you continue to accelerate and grow your light body filaments and connectors, you are accessing more and more layers of consciousness (multi or quantum dimensionality) that make up the greater part beyond who you think you (the part you call ME with your 3rd dimensional awareness).
As you grow in your light quotient carrying capacity, you also expand your energy field circulatory matrix of your DNA, light codes, and grid networks.

About Your Human and Galactic Ego
Eastern philosophies have named this earth-anchoring part of you the ego. We honor this ego part of you as it is the means of allowing you to try on for size, experiment, and expand the ways of being and manifesting in the constricted 3rd dimensionally framed reality. We do not consider the ego “bad” as some would preach. We consider the ego a necessary instrument and means of your existence in the 3rd dimension. Just remember - you are far more than your human ego identification. Far… far… more….
Now, your ego is expanding its identification to greater realms of awareness beyond the 3rd dimensions. This is the process you are calling ascension - the heightening, the expanding of your zones of awareness. That is, you are becoming multi-dimensional!

You Continue to Become More and More Multi-Dimensional
Part of this process that we will introduce to you at this time is that your expanding DNA circuitry and its connectors to the crystalline, Lemurian and galactic grids means that more and more planes of consciousness and levels of vibration are accessible to you now.
This increased access is one reason so many lightworkers feel tired and wanting more alone and down time these days - as you are literally processing realms of data of experiences from many dimensions - both those you have participated in in your own soul journey - AND for those whom your compassionate outreach is assisting to process old patterns even though they are not currently in this 3rd dimensional realm.  In this capacity, you are an instrument to change your soul families’ patterns and trajectory course.  In other words, you are clearing ancestral and lineage patterns and mis-creations – thus freeing those beings as well as yourself and current society. We will talk more on this subject in future channels - for now, this is enough for your human consciousness to absorb without going into overwhelm spin.
Know it is good and beneficial deeds you are performing - even in your sleep!

Your Light Power Expands in 2015
We leave you with this awareness: You are in the thick of it! It is a testament to your courage, your conviction, and the power of your soul’s intentions that the shift is going forward.
It is not an easy climb at this time - for there are so many forces pulling and grabbing for power. Yet the constant renewal of your intention and your hopes, wishes, dreams, higher aspirations and words and deeds are having an immeasurable effect in chipping away the hard blocks of old consciousness. By grappling with these assorted powers, you are developing clarity and knowledge to make increasingly conscious intentional choices for your present and future realities. - rather than unconsciously reacting and perpetrating old energy ways of behaving.
Know that YOUR loving intention is helping to melt away frozen ice blocks of old energy.
We encourage you to continue the good fight - for your intentions carry the intention of the highest creation to obtain the outcome which you most fondly and dedicatedly desire.
We are totally with you, supporting you and continue to offer our gifts of light and carefully hewn insights as your consciousness expands to receive them.
Thank you again, Dear Humans, for all you have done, are doing, will do - and the gift of your divine human heartful of love.
Excelsior, Dear Human Family! We are holding your hands as we march together into the expanding possibilities available in the new energy.
Have a great year!


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She leads sacred journeys to sacred sites to remember your history and soul mission. 

She works with the galactic grids and light codes. 
Private phone consultations help you connect and communicate with your team of angels, masters, ancestors, learn your soul history and mission, and solve everyday life ascension problems. 
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