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Saturday, July 14, 2012

What All The Chaos Means ~ How to Navigate Troubled Waters. Cosmic Council of Light through Pat Crosby

It's Time ~ Clearing Muddied Waters

What All The Chaos Means ~ How to Navigate Troubled Waters. 
Cosmic Council of Light through Pat Crosby

Dear Friends,

Today we notice that many are in deep pain and confusion about all the chaos swirling more and more rapidly around you.

You notice that which seemed to be is no longer what it seemed only a short time ago.

You notice new meanings are attached to your old favorite concepts ~ the ones you thought you could take to the bank for security. You see now that even the banks are full of deceitful actions and misrepresentations.

You see people who once seemed stable are now floundering in increasingly deep pits of murky chaos.

What do you make of all this ~ and more of the same?

What is "worse", you perceive the same chaos and swirling energies inside you.

Confusing it is.

We are here to tell you, Dearly Beloved Ones, that all is well ~ and all is progressing in grand alignment with a greater plan for your elevation in consciousness.

What you see as confusion and chaos is a clearing of muddied waters.

Your planet has accumulated much old energy that is stagnant and polluted. In the process of cleaning up all these messes, much gets stirred up.

It is not that new craziness is infecting you and your planet ~ it is that the old back-log of confusion is getting sorted and cleansed.

Sorted?  Yes sorted. For, you see, you each have the opportunity, in the pristine vision of your own soul self, to pick and choose which new streams of energy you want to ride.

Do you like cruising along on a dirty smelly polluted oil slick?

Or would you rather choose a fresh pristine stream of glorious light to ride?

Would you rather allow new streams of light to wash the debris out of your system? Or would you rather poke around exploring the murky muck of the old energy that has accumulated in stinking cesspools?

In this time of rapidly escalating new wisdom choices, you have a grand opportunity to make some very profound and significant soul choices as to the future course  you wish to pursue.

For those choosing a lighter journey, the opportunities abound.

For those who do not feel complete with exploring the denser darker energies of past action pools, there are also opportunities galore.

Perhaps it will help you through these chaotic times to remember that each soul now has this profound opportunity to choose the next stage of its journey through the Creator's realms of experiences. For this, Beloveds, is how we all ~ in all dimensions ~ grow and learn in the glorious university that is the Creator's gift to us.

When you look at others choices, when you see the chaotic drifting, when you read the headlines and the crazy stories that follow, you can remember that these are all illustrations of people choosing their next path. At the soul level, some are choosing the path of remaining in veiled ignorance. We have no judgement about this for each soul makes choices in alignment with their learning itinerary.

As you reflect on the choices others are making, and contemplate where you would like to journey next on your soul path, you can ~ with awareness and understanding ~ make conscious choices to turn towards the light.

As humans, you are like horses with blinders on. You can see only a sliver of the path available to you. That is right and so, as you are here to make choices and take actions that will unfold lesson plans known only to your soul ~ and veiled to your everyday human consciousness so you can best master these amazing, difficult, profound, and glorious lessons.

Humans are the most amazing beings ~ for they are glorious souls who have chosen the most challenging lesson plans of remembering who they are while in the swirling murkiness of the lower dimensions.

Remember, Dear Human Friends, to raise you eyes to the light. Remember you are from the light, you are light enveloped in matter, and your destiny is to return to the light when the time is right for each one of you.

Remember, too, that we of the realms of light are constantly with you. Not one of you journeys to this planet, to this dimension of three, alone. Each one of you have a carefully selected soul team who guide and treasure you ~ through thick and thin, through light and dark.

We of the light circle have sent to you a grand and simple meditation to help you clear old energies, and fill yourself with the new golden light particles. Some of our circle ~ called Elohim in your dimension ~ have offered their assistance to pull the old dark energy clumps and strands embedded in your bodies through your journey and experiences of being in human form. 

This short simple meditation is available as a free audio download. To receive it, enter your name in the subscribe box at

The meditation will be emailed you ~ for you to listen or download, as you choose.

Each time you listen to this short audio, allow the infusion of the golden particles to fill every crack and crevice of your body. Each time you listen and use this audio, you will be able to both absorb more golden light particles, and also dislodge and free more older darker denser energies. 

This process is called Forgiveness ~ Energetic Forgiveness ~ as you consciously choose to release old energies with divine assistance. Think of it as Forgiveness Surgery on your energetic body.

This new golden energy infusion will help you release the older dark energies that are being stirred up now as the planetary cleansing process speeds up.

The slow breathing illustrated on the audio will help calm you and return you to your center of peace and good will as you go through the cleansing process.

From this calm center, you can witness the storms swirling all around you, and choose to remain with the light.

We are always with you ~ just call upon our presence to assist you, for we cannot come to your aid unless you ask us.

Asking us is simple: Just call out our names three times with your request for our presence and help.

Just as you have had many names and personas throughout your soul travels, we too are known by many names and forms in different times and places. But we remain One in the Light of Service to the Creation and those embodied in it.

We hold you in the Creator's Light.

The Cosmic Council of Light through Pat Crosby

A few of the beings that have made themselves known are Archangel Michael, Reshel (feminine aspect of Metatron), The Golden Spirit of Lemuria, the Lemurian Council, The Elohim Angels of Forgiveness...

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