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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Preparing for 2012 - And 11:11:11 What is 2012? How Get Ready?

Dear Spiritual Friend,

We are on the threshold of a very important and very powerful time. A time long predicted in the ancient as well as modern prophecies about the timelines unfolding on our beloved planet earth at this time.
11-11-11 is heralded as a great breakthrough - a long-awaited breakthrough.
What does this mean?
We are all familiar with the fact that our earth and fellow planets revolve around a star we call our Sun.
We note how our position in the great movement around the sun affects everything about our lives - whether it is the daily change from dark night to sunny day, or whether it is the longer cycles of the changing seasons - from spring to fall, summer to winter.
All of these changes make vast changes on our human behavior and thinking patterns. For instance on a hot sunny day, we tend to eat light foods, and wear much lighter clothing.
On an overcast wintry day full of blizzards and intense weather, we tend to eat heartier foods, and wear many protective layers of clothing - all over our bodies, from feet to hair on our head.
Our conversations more often than not include noting the current weather - as this weather is an underpinning to how we will live out our live on any given day.
If it is pouring rain, we might decide to cancel a planned outing to the beach.  If it is blazing hot sunny, we might decide to stay inside and sip cooling drinks - waiting for the heat to pass.
Weather effects how and even IF we can travel – as anyone stranded on a jet on the runway during a blizzard can well attest.

Just as our planet earth revolves around our sun - with its many consequences for us, so our whole solar system revolves around another star. Mystery schools call this star Alycon - or The Great Central Sun. Space agencies such as NASA call it Galactic Center - there are solar systems that revolve around it.

The cycles of time are of quite different length if we measure our journey around Alycon.  "Alcyone" (pronounced "el-sigh-uh-nee")

(Wikipedia adds: In Greek mythology, Alcyone (pronounced 'alkioni') was a demi-goddess who turned into the halcyon bird)

Our earth year is approximately 365 days – and measures one complete circuit around our sun.
Our solar system takes MANY earth years to revolve around our Central Sun Alycone.

Just as there are seasons on the earth, there are "seasons" in our larger journey around our Central Sun.
These seasons have been measured and charted by ancient astronomers from several cultures.  The Mayan Calendar, as well as the Vedic calendar of ancient India have mapped out these giant time cycles. (Giant in relation to our perspective, of course - tiny compared to other cosmic vantage points – or beyond measure in other dimensions.)
And just as the seasonal climate changes effect most, if not all, of how we live each day on our planet earth, these larger seasons effect so much more about our daily lives.
11:11:11 is a marker date when there are amazing galactic alignments and openings that will usher in new energies. These new energies are being used to heal and uplift us all. Metaphysical and spiritual groups all around the planet - who are attuned to these energies - are gathering to amplify the infusion of these energies, and intend and pray that all of humanity can be opened to the healing, restorative influence of these beneficial energies.

We know how much we welcome the coming of the spring season after a long harsh winter. Similarly, we are welcoming the beginning of the galactic cycle of “energetic spring” now, to refresh, restore, and regenerate us after a very long harsh dark cold time on planet earth.

Think of a tiny acorn - lying on a sidewalk. You will hardly notice it. It seems highly inconsequential.  Yet if you come back in 50 or 100 years, there will be a new giant oak tree there - where before there was just space.  So it is with the energetic seeds being planted now by spiritual farmers.
We are in the springtime of energizing cycles, as it were, where we are planting seeds of intention which will sprout, grow, and bear fruit in future parts of the cycle.
That is why so many groups are gathering to clear the decks of older patterns - such as a gardener clears all the old growth at the end of the growing season - preparing and making room for the next year's planting.
The season of planting seeds - the seeds of intention - now for what we want to grow, bloom, and produce fruit for the next cycle that is upon us now.

Those who have been keeping track of these cycles and reporting on the galactic seasons and "weather" ahead, have given us many insights and ideas to prepare for the upcoming spiritual planting and growing season.

Here are some tools to assist you
We’ve prepared this little audio as a primer to get your oriented.

This informative audio of explanation, breathing, setting intentions... celebrating the gift of the opening of  11:11:11 is prepared so that  you can use it beginning now  to attune and align yourself with the new planetary energies that are continuing to come onto our planet leading up to the heralded 12:21:12 date. That date is a marker date by some calendar configurations, but the energetic changes are already well underway, and will continue well past that specific date.  

Overall, these changes sweeping our planet are known in spiritual circles as The Great Shift in Consciousness - and many spiritual writers and channels have commented extensively on this subject, how to align with it, and what it all means.

We suggest you make a small Offering for this service on the donation button at

Of course, the figure of $11:11 comes to mind - but you can offer whatever you wish.

When you offer, you open the circuits of giving and receiving more generously. It is also a well-known spiritual law that the more you give, the more you receive.

LISTEN - WATCH this message
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Audio video on Youtube

Audio Only – with Music

Audio Only – NO music background

Your Envisioning: WHAT would YOU like to create -- for yourself, your loved ones, your community, our planet, the galaxy? Frame your requests for the highest good of all.

If you like, ASK The Angels of ForGIVEness for release and forgive any old patterns, hurts, negative memories that surface at any time -- either as you are listening now -- or anytime you are going about your daily activities and memories come to mind. 

Use this meditation as often as you like to clear old energy patterns and make room for new ones of higher frequency. Up to 50 times a day is beneficial - though set your own easy and relaxed pace.

WHAT do you wish to create for yourselves?
Envisioning your Destiny - what do you want to create for yourself, your family, your community, the world, the solar system, the galaxy, the cosmos.
Take a few moments now, or after this meditation to journal your wishes. Be sure to frame them for the Highest Good of All, and allow divine consciousness and wisdom to permeate your desires to raise them to the highest possible frequency at this time for you and your loved ones.
Then just ALLOW the cosmic forces to rearrange the light particles to be of service to your highly-intentioned requests of service and divine enlightenment.

You can find the links referred to in this audio as well as other support tools and information at

I hold You in the Creator’s Light.



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