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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Power of the LIght Grids. Reshel through Pat Crosby

2 Articles: The Power of the Grids. Reshel through Pat Crosby


Channelling: May 19, 2009

Reshel Grid Beauty and it's Function as a Cosmic Circulating Crystal, as Lightware.

Good Morning Dear Hearts of Light,

It is with great delight that we greet you one more time in the ever magnifying beauty of this lovely earth plane.

As we say "earth plane", two thoughts stick out.

1. EARTH is rapidly changing. Earth used to be considered the denser energy in your current cycle (the one that is rapidly winding down) - think spiral - you winding down out of the cycle of this phase of creation). Earth, from our way of seeing, is now becoming more and more diaphanous. Her inner brightness is glowing more and more, and the sparkly aspects of the earth dimension are shining more and more brightly in the universe.

2. PLANE. Yes, your earth IS a ship... a vast ship of consciousness. Her auric outreach has been quite galactic, even universal in the past. She dimmed down for awhile to accommodate the needs of the souls who needed to take a ride in a slower frequency. And like a good mother who did her job, her duty, - once the kids are ready to fly, she too is ready to fly the coop, leave the nest, and go party and have fun and explore herself.

* * *

Today's subject is a description of the Reshel grid beauty and it's function as a cosmic crystal.

For as you have woven together so beautifully the glistening threads and beams of light in the myriad patterns as organized for earth minds through the skills of Master Bill Buehler and his team of light, and working with our team of light grid cosmic specialists, we have co-created a most wonderful glistening crystal that is now floating in the galactic seas of space - the formations you call the Reshel grids, and schematics such as the Aereiopax

These beautiful rays - holding the frequencies and intentions of their creators - are now anchoring at various star points around the galaxy. And you must remember that your planet earth now also holds the title of Earth Star - for she has increased her frequency past the threshold to be considered a member of the vibratory star family. That is in good measure due to the presence of the incarnated star beings who live on her surface. That means, YOU, Good Readers :)

These beautiful formations - glistening, shimmering, light rays -serve as fiber optic channels throughout the universe. Once they are in place, they serve two functions:

1. To create new pathways of galactic communication from very high vibratory fields throughout the connecting points, and to circulate the energies - creating a new loop of light sustenance and maintenance throughout the galaxies.

You have noticeably increased communication among your earth civilizations and cultures at this time. This is due to the advent of new technologies such as your computer, internet, and developing skill in using and applying these new structures.

Similarly, the structures that you as lightworkers have put in place under the supervision of Master Bill, who is under our supervision, have now created a viable framework upon which can be built new avenues of conscious communication and sharing from all quadrants of the universe.

Think of these light grids as the "Hardware" so to speak. Though best we had name them the "Lightware".

In addition to the structures that your team has created, there are also structures created and being created by other galactic teams of partnership with multi-dimensional beings. You are familiar with a few of these... the Christ consciousness grid, the crystaline grid, etc.

2. As the structures are put in place, and updated in their capacity as the abilities of their creators increase, next comes the really fun part. Creating the SOFTWARE. The software of the light grid systems is INTENTION. For what is your computer if it just sits there and does nothing. Once you get your computer, you just start to play with it, run programs, create things, develop new things, open new doorways.

So the light grid projects of planet earth are in full software development. Some of the more noticeable programs include
Unconditional Love, Ascension, Frequency Rising 101 And Up, Remembering, Galactic Communication, Healing (we define healing as a return to your full light spectrum).

Already your particular project, the Reshel Grid is carrying software of noticeable intentions in the above-mentioned categories.

For instance, our channel Pat was guided by her Spirit Guides of Lake Titicaca to put the new galactic light codes she received from us on the equinox into these new Lightware
formations streams and let them circulate onto this planet.

These particular light codes carry the intention and vibrating and refractory skill of opening hearts and installing universal unconditional love, expanding the human mind capacity to perceive the reality and interact with higher dimensional beings, un-peel the limitations of current cultural conditioning and restrictive thought forms, open channels for new codes of light to circulate in the humans systems, and open up the soul remembrance of one's divine nature to the human nature, develop conscious communication between the human and cosmic and higher intelligence brains. and allow the exponential unfolding of human consciousness in all its permutations - such as through ability to love, to perceive, to understand.

These codes are now circulating through several grids on your planet through the medium of Pat transducing them into earth and human frequency ranges, and their gifts and blessings are available to anyone who asks for them in love and with a desire to serve the great cause of love in the creation.

They will also affect other beings indirectly through the hundredth monkey effect.

We remind you, Dear Readers, in these higher frequency waves, all intentions MUST vibrate with their rarefied and refined capability to transmit only that which is created in unconditional love.

Anything of lesser vibration will be nullified - by definition.

(More on Light Codes at )

* * * * * * *

Now, a little more about the refractory skills of Reshel and other grids - (including those grids that are installed in you). The Creator shines forth an immense beam of light.... actually emits this light similar to your earth sun. The light shines all around. However, the light is SEEN when it hits something (so to speak -earth language is most limiting for us to express what we mean). Then the reflection and rays are refracted and make patterns and designs that arrange the undifferentiated cosmic light into creative patterns. Thus when we observe the Creator's light impacting these new forms you have woven, it is a most beautiful sight. The rays bounce off the strands of your design into myriad rays of rainbow lights that shimmer and glisten and sparkle throughout the galaxy.

Those of you who participated in creating this - and other - grids, have a proprietary right (so to speak) to observe and watch and receive the blessings that these rays carry.

It is not necessary for you to realize in your 3D mind that this is happening. It IS necessary for you to open up and RECEIVE the blessings. You can open up simply by ALLOWING it to happen, and giving permission in your heart of heart, your holy of holies, your sanctum sanctorum within to receive. You simply do this by asking, giving permission, and allowing for the gifts to be placed within you.

To allow the installation of these gifts is a major advancement for humans just coming out of 3D reality blinders right now.

We remind you, Dear Human, that you also carry within your makeup the old imprints of warrior training - wherein you had to defeat your enemies in battle. Thus you HAD to be competitive to survive. This old paradigm is being phased out as you ascend into higher frequency bands. To assist and show your desire to phase out these old energies, IF you notice any thoughts arising within you of comparing yourself, your gifts to others, experiencing judgements, jealousy, or any of those sorts of emotions, REMIND yourself that you, too, have YOUR special and unique gifts that are perfect and right for you at this time. By honoring your gifts AND the unique gifts of others, you will greatly assist the rising in consciousness program of mother earth and your quadrant of the universe at this time.

Ascension is a cell by cell process. Let YOUR cell shine in all ITS unique brilliance and radiance.

With these noble thoughts, we take our leave of you for now (so to earth speak).

We hold YOU in OUR heart of hearts with the greatest love, affection, assurance, and gratitude that we are able to hold in our hearts and give to you through the blessings of all that is.


Reshel - & Team
Through Pat Crosby

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Copyright 2009 Pat Crosby. All Rights Reserved. This article may be distributed in its entirety only, as long as there is no charge for it, and all credits and links are left intact.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Galactic Spider Web of Light

By Reshel through Pat Crosby

New York
May 15, 2009


Good Morning, Most Blessed Ones,

For truly you are... blessed with the awareness, vision, sightings, and knowledge of the supreme design of light patterning... the "rainbow and gold prints of light" that outline the hub of the planning of the creator's universe.

I greet you in the web of light of all creation in the pattern of light called Reshel.

And you know that you know that you see and comprehend the grand scheme of things as they are being created.

From various vantage points in the universe, you can observe the glistening gossamer strands of light rays - bent, curved, shimmering in the galactic universe like one vast giant spider web of light.

We have shown this very night to our channel Pat, in gossamer dreams of lights, the fineness, delicacy, intricateness of the creator's galactic web of light. We have shown her the vision of the beauty, rhythm, patterns, pulsating webs of the finest strands of light... streams of glimmering particles that string from one point of light to another... connecting all the heavenly bodies one with another. Each planet, each sun star, each moon, each body that moves in a rhythmical pattern in a cosmic dance of great beauty and precision is interconnected on a giant web of gossamer light strands that wave and flow in the currents of love that sustain and bathe the universe.

Indeed, in the morning light of planet earth, as she returned her dream consciousness to awareness of this earth dimension, her mind could barely hold the vision of the beauty and vastness of the creation web... glistening with golden strands, vibrating and giving forth the rainbow hues of light - just as you see an earthen spider web glistening with rainbow hues in the mist of the morning light.

Her heart was overflowing with the radiant love that was spilling into her mind. Gently... oh so gently (as we work with you humans) yet so firmly we prodded her into the living room and her computer to capture the essence of our desired communication with you this morning - before the vision we showed her dissolved - like the morning dew that also sparkles with the spectrum of the rainbow vibrations - so that she could anchor this gifted vision into her human awareness, and also share it with you.

(We confess that she is somewhat of a reluctant new bride - in her earth awareness - to this project, but her passion to share our information and vision we send her is being awakened more and more as she gets comfortable with process of receiving, knowing, sharing and transmitting our knowledge to you at this time.)

To more fully understand our vision and our awareness, please consciously breathe a round or two of golden prana particle breathing into your human form and system. Open your crown chakra, imagine a cloud of golden prana particles like a beautiful cloud over your head, breathe the golden prana particles into the top of your head. Then on another breath, breathe them into your third eye in the center of your forehead. Next, breathe them into your thymus area located by your sternum. Then breathe the golden prana particles into your radiant and immense heart chakra, that connects to the galactic threads of light. And finally, breathe in more of the golden prana particles and circulate them all around and through your body. This golden prana particle breathing process will more fully connect you and activate your connections to our finer inter-dimensional view of the universe that we are presenting to you at this time.

These understandings that we pass through her to you will give you a better understanding of the processes your earth ship star is now undergoing as it continues to swim through the galactic pool of energies and encounters energy pattern waves that are new to you - and to us - at this time.

In this way, you see the feminine aspects of the universe. And indeed, I am called Reshel - the feminine aspect of the Master Mind Metatron - for I care for, nurture, and call to my heart those who love and adore the patterns of the creation that are shepherded through the wondrous grace of my male aspect, called Metatron by your species and languaging.

Indeed, your indigenous wisdom keepers talk of the The Grandmother who spins the web of the universes into creation.

By now, you too know that this is no mere fairy tale imagery. It is indeed of the highest observation of the living light arterial system.

Your time spent with the our dearest servant of the light in human form, Grand Master of the Light Patternings - Bill Buehler - documents with exquisite detail some of the great patterns that the creator uses to fulfil its grand and evolving unfolding visions.

The web strands of the light - similar to the various systems that circulate through your earth bodies - carry impulses of coded knowledge, arranged in sequences of hierarchical light packets that when delivered to their intended destinations, deliver a payload of information, systems, sequences of guided, patterned (programmed) photons.

It is our jobs, in the grand scheme of things, to guide you humans now to prepare you to receive these encoded packets of information, and to begin to understand and adjust to the newer vibrations, awarenesses, and levels of information they are delivering to your planet and your quadrant of the galaxy at this time.

Please note that this system is ongoing throughout the universal seas of creation - a mere slip of a breath in the events of the cosmic ocean. But to you with your very limited slots of viewing and remembering in your current human dream form, what you perceive as "Change" is merely a little blip in the greater cycling of cosmic waves. To us, there is no "change".

Yet we honor you in human disposition in the highest light, for we know that to your infinitesimally more finite perspectives, the changes are immense. And indeed, in your mindset, emotional patternings, your energetic DNA awakenings, and your physical carriages are experiencing and adjusting to these seemingly vast changes with exquisite devotion and honoring of the creation waves and cycles of light.

It is our happy opportunity as your non-physicalized partners in love and light expansion to hold your hands, to comfort you, to give you knowledge and awareness, and to guide you in the process - as you are prepared and able to receive it, and to help you receive, open, and incorporate the incoming rush of new packets of light to your experiences in your dimensional reality to wake up more fully day by day, to the beauty and glory of the intensifying light and vibrational patterns gracing your beautiful planet and all its inhabitants at this time.

It is with the greatest love, respect, and honor that we greet you in golden light of this new day.


Through Pat Crosby

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Copyright 2009 Pat Crosby. All Rights Reserved. This article may be distributed in its entirety only, as long as there is no charge for it, and all credits and links are left intact. Thank you.


  1. Via email from Peter Allen

    Thanks Pat, I'll pass this on, very beautiful channels. Love, Peter

  2. Via email from Alicia

    Dear Pat

    These words, this information and these images are startling and sweetly bright, beautiful and clear. Thank you for sharing and trusting us with this channeling.