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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Planetary Monetary Crises ~ A Golden Moment in the River of Time to Reconfigure ALL Your Wealth ~~~

10~24~08 Channeling of the Reschel Group through Pat ~~~

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The Planetary Monetary Crisis:

It is a Golden Moment in the River of Time to Reconfigure ALL your Wealth ~~~

WHERE does your wealth come from? Some think it comes from temporal configurations, such as stock funds, mutuals, bonds, industry, human labor and consolidated work.

But we are here to inform you ~ We are the Reschel Group ~ that all these past indicators of wealth are merely that: INDICATORS of wealth. It is blasphemy and idolatry to confuse these INDICATORS with the TRUE wealth.

Of course, many spiritual truth systems tell about the "inner wealth", the streams of abundance. And indeed these things are all true.

However, let me take you to a deeper level in your comprehension of wealth ~ particularly "earthly" wealth.

It may surprise you to hear that every civilization has had its own independent measure of wealth. It could be cowrie shells, it could be corn husks, it could be little bits of papers with insignia and numbers printed on them.

Similarly, various cosmic civilizations also have indicators of wealth. For some, it is star seed potentials. For others, it is exponential growth and expansion of their mind frame maps. For still others, it is blowing in the wind of the cosmic breezes ~ in which they are swept along on wind rivers of glory, delight, and bliss and EXTRAVAGANT LOVE of the Creator Force ~ that which YOU call God.

Even the cells of you body have their own accumulation and accounting system. Some store up extra oxygen molecules. So when your greater system is stressed by automotive or other fumes, these cells relish utilizing their own bank roll of clean fresh breath from their storehouse of extra and abundant oxygen. Some cells store up extra food ~ in the form of nutritional tidbits at the cellular level. These cells even have their own "stock exchange" ~ wherein they trade with each different food bits they might need with another holding cell with an excess of food bits that they do not require at this particular time.

So you see, my dear Earth Humans, that accumulating, storing, measuring, trading indicators of wealth is a universal process. Therefore, you can also see that these indicators are not to be mistook for true wealth.

And what IS the nature of this true wealth? Aah... does it surprise you when I tell you that true wealth is LOVE! Yes, that favorite 4 letter word in human speak. L~O~V~E.

And what might L~O~V~E be, you rightfully ask? No one reading this message is likely to confuse L~O~V~E with romantic love. For romantic love is just an indicator for Creator Source L~O~V~E.

L~O~V~E is called a fire... for it is indeed that. L~O ~V ~E is a cosmic burning pile of creator thought forms, feelings, awarenesses, potentials, expansions. And at the end of an age, the destroyer, the eraser if you will, of all the previously manifested and potential thought forms, feelings, awarenesses, potentials, and expansions.

How TRUE is that everyday human expression of speech: I am BURNING in L~O~V~E.

L~O~V~E is not a cuddly greeting card version of emotion. No, L ~O ~V~E is a BURNING fire ~ a burning bush ~ that both creates, sustains, and then destroys all when it is finished.

When one taps into this L~O~V~E, one encapsulates and embodies all these functions and features of L~O~V~E. Including taking out the trash when something is finished, creating something new, fresh and beautiful, and continuing on with something one likes until such time as it no longer serves, looses interest, or is completed.

Fear and hoarding, empowered by greed ~ which is dread and fear based ~ are the opposite of L ~ O ~ V ~ E .

So, to make a long-story short, the best ~ yes, the VERY best ~ investment you can make now ~ for the long and the short haul ~ is to develop your skill, and your capacity to stand in
L ~ O ~ V ~ E . Marinate yourself in L~O~V~E.

Doing so will ENRICH you beyond your wildest measure and comprehension.

Continue to do your emotional clearings. Detoxify and solidify your health through the physical shell. Refine your intellectual understanding through prayer and pure meditation on the L~O~V~E of God which called YOU into existence, sustains you, and will call you home back into itself when your ride is over.

Thus your treasure is preserved ~ and GROWS into EVERLASTING Wealth ~ in ALL dimensions.

Yours ~ Abundantly,

Reschel Group With Pat Crosby


This message is archived ~ text and audio at

What's up with ForGIVEness?

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