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Thursday, September 11, 2008

911 When Friends Disagree....relationships & elections & forgiveness

Hello Dear Friends,


Today is a very significant day... for it is the day when each soul can choose anew through their thoughts, words, and actions to move our world closer to peace and universal fulfilment, or backwards into more belligerence, ill-will, and hatred.

These feelings serve as magnets that draw more similar feelings into your life. Feelings similar to whatever you are broadcasting yourself with your thoughts, words, and emotions.

It is a generally recognized awareness by most people and most medical people that hard, angry, bellicose, ill-will thoughts lead to ill health, depression, and other lower energy and frequencies of lack.

These lower feelings can literally make you sick - and tired - and broke.

A good way to know if you are coming from love, rather than old infected wounds, is to monitor and measure your mood.

Do you feel calm and happy with a thought, word, or event?

Or do you feel agitated, irritated, and find one of your old corrupted wound-laden programs popped up and activated - even without your noticing it?

Oh, WHERE is that inner pop-up blocker when I need it !

Don't worry, though. Even better than an inner pop-up blocker, is an inner pop-up eraser.

As you begin to pay attention to your energy levels and how you feel from thoughts, words, actions and focus, you will find direct evidence as to whether or not your thoughts, words, and actions are creating the abundance of energy and joy that you are looking for ... or if you are replaying old - and maybe - unconscious programs of lack, fighting, ill-will that make you sick, tired, depressed, and broke.

Not that is is advisable to ignore the overt aggression of ill-feeling people. An alternative strategy is to keep yourself vibrating at such higher levels of thought, words, and feelings that
these people have a lot of trouble finding you on their radar. And you, them.

When you catch yourself replaying old negative lack ill-will programs on the screen of your mind, you can erase them and send them packing by using a few of these techniques:

1. Breathe deeply of gold light particles.

The golden light particle meditation - a very short few minutes - can be accessed free online at

You can listen to it as frequently as you like at this site.

2. Relax yourself however you know. The above guided meditation audio will help you.

Other good ways to relax are to take a walk, exercise, get in nature - maybe garden if you like.

3. Listen to soothing music you like.

I found myself disturbed last night as a long-time friend took a very different stand on the upcoming election candidates than I thought she would. Indeed, her view were exactly opposite to mine. I saw myself have an immediate reaction of dislike, and some old inner program wanted to ridicule her choice.

I emailed her asking her to explain WHY she was choosing the way she was. Her replying explanation was so clear and honoring, and expressed a point of view I hadn't considered.

As I took some quiet time to reflect on her choices and awarenesses, I saw I was coming from fear - not from love and acceptance for another person's point of view.

I allowed myself to be with that fear... and as I sat with it over a cup of coffee - I saw that my unconscious reaction of judgement and ridicule was emitting from a fear that all my previous life experiences that had led me to one set of beliefs was being dishonored by someone choosing a different candidate preference. Then I saw that I was allowing myself to feel dishonored and de-valued.

I sat and allowed those feelings to wash over me. Then I asked that those feelings leave me.

Once I did that, it felt as though a heavy cloud lifted off me. I immediately felt lighter and more peaceful.

Upon releasing those unfounded feelings, I checked my email, and found an inspirational youtube video waiting to greet me. Watching it lifted my spirits and raised my own vibration back into self-confidence, self- esteem, and self-acceptance. With those increased feelings about myself, I could now ALLOW those feelings about another person - and ALLOW our relationship to increase its joy and energy - instead of killing off a notch with my unconscious judgements and projections of fear.

Happy 911 day, Everyone!

You can access the video & meditation through this post for 9-11-08 at

Pat Crosby


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