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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reshel Message on Earth Light Grid Gathering Of Masters Conference - see post below this one re conference

Re: Earth Light Grid Gathering of Masters Conference organized by Peter Allen, Founder


Presenting The Light Grid Masters - with
***** Bill Buehler
***** Peter Champoux

Endorsed by:
Tyberon - Through James Tyberon
Reshel through Pat Crosby


A Message from Reshel -
planetary guide of the light grid system.
Reshel: Light Cornerstone of God

Full message with photos and links, how to register and further info at


Dearest Hearts,

Today is a most special and extraordinary day in the life of human earth - our beautiful earth planet - and the awakened human beings who reside thereon. Plus those of us from the astral and etheric realms of grace who are here to partner with you physically embodied ones who have collectively gathered en-planet at this time and space to facilitate the birthing and enlightening of our most precious friend and sister - Gaia. Mother Earth. Our Dearest and most renowned friend.

Mother Earth - Gaia - is renowned, respected, and held in awe by those of us who are partaking of her awesome journey by those of us who peer at her trip though the windows of her energy buffers, that you call "portals". That we call openings. We think of them as port hole windows such as you have on your ocean-going ships. Wonderful round vision holes that give you the experience of a whole new dimension - one that you are travelling through that you cannot live in except by being in a separate travelling vehicle - a ship - that sustains you with the environment that your currently configured earth bodies are used to and dependent upon.

Just as you can upgrade your accommodation on a cruise ship to a higher grade cabin - with bigger portholes, and then bigger windows, then doorways, and then balconies, similarly we - who are assigned and here now to help you and your beloved Mother Earth through your collective journeys - are also upgrading our view into your world. From peepholes, to portholes, to doorways, and now - to full balconies where we can step INTO your environment, your world - still at a distance - but much more present to what you are experiencing in your world - in your environment.

This enhanced vantage point gives us a renewed level of participation, guidance, reflection and feedback to fulfil our divinely appointment assignment to guide you at this time through this journey of enlightening human mass consciousness.

It is our honor, and privilege to come close to you and your journeys at this time. We especially admire the dedication and perseverance with which you are stepping into your new frequencies and intensities of light.

It is our greatest pleasure and honor to watch you dis-encumber yourselves of the old trappings and ways of being, thinking, emoting, doing, that were relevant to your world - the one that is now rapidly fading into the archival memory banks of historical existence experiences.

Again, we remind you, as you are hearing from so many quarters these days, do NOT try to hold onto the old. Indeed, you will facilitate your ascension into the higher life and light frequencies by releasing, releasing, releasing the old and moving into the new.

Our channel Pat has been guided to another channeled resource from our group to drop even more baggage, and we are appreciating her ever lightening presence as she intersects with our dimensional realities, and translates our messages in to your dimension and your earth languages.

Similarly, each one of you who has been guided to read this message, knows exactly what we are talking about, and is also looking for ways to lighten your ship - so you can ascend higher with each increasing wave of light frequency that is washing and billowing through your planet at this time.

There is another event we want to call your attention to - to either attend, or to send your blessings to, or notify others - as befits your unique soul mission.

Some of the greatest communicators and mappers of the light grid system of mother earth are gathering at a 5 day retreat conference in Charlottesville VA in September of 2008. The presenters have worked long and hard, with great concentration and awareness to be the forerunners in mapping the light veins and funnels of Mother Earth historically. They have tracked how historical events and power places have been situated along these energy conductive lines and wrapped their knowledge into a comprehensive light, energy, moral, and historical synthesis that is spell-binding - and will clue you in to the greater plan - the vastness of the Creator's genius at work.

The knowledge that they are releasing to greater human consciousness among the lightworkers, energy workers, spiritual workers, and earth-wisdom keepers, is quite astounding. And they will give you a greater grasp of the size and scope of the business of light distribution on this planet. And how this distribution network affects human civilization, global politics, and secret societies, and earth histories that have safeguarded this information over the centuries.

You can compare what they are offering - from their life long work, study, dedication, and passion - to those who study anatomy and the blood and lymph flow systems of the human being embodied system.

And just as there are certain principles that you as an embodied human must learn, observe, and follow to optimize your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual presence on this hallowed earth world, so there are similar practices that the wisdom keepers, earth keepers, indigenous elders, shaman, healers, and light workers follow to enhance the experience of Mother Earth in keeping herself optimized for her sacred journey through the circuits of the Creator's cosmos.

It is with a smile that I report to you, that the speakers at this event call their work the Reshel Grid. For Reshel is the closest sound in human speak that approaches the vibration of my essence and mind (my name) to fulfil my job assignment of guiding the light flow circuits of this planet on which you reside.

As individual human raise their vibration and can perceive these circuits, I am able to release more information into their minds and hearts. This empowering process allows these individual humans - and now there are more and more of you - to grow in your vibrational strength - just as children grow in strength from doing more and more activities.

In any event, just as you are enlarging, engulfing, releasing, expanding your consciousness on so many levels, so is Mother Earth enlarging her energy portals and distribution channels of light to accommodate the new earth which is unfolding and growing now right before your very eyes.

YOU are in the heart of this mind-boggling phenomena. Enjoy the ride - for it is a rare one not to be repeated in any known universe nor expanse of knowing.

We travel with you, Friend. Just along side of you, watching and guiding your precious transit, offering our unconditional love and support as you ride the waves and currents with Mother Earth.

Wishing YOU the best and most gracious and joyful ride,

Your in Service to The ALL That Is,



Find Out More, Register, Participate, Stay Tuned In ....

Details of Light Grid Conference at

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Go to for info.


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