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Friday, August 15, 2008



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Music by R. Carlos Nakai. Album "Sanctuary"

Bright pink kalanchoes on the deck draw the hummingbird to create the space for today's channeling message.

Today, My Heart Lights,

I bring you greetings form another dimension beyond your current earth time and space continuum.

Our Dear Channel Pat has been wooed away from her busy earth life to set aside these moments in time and space to transcribe a message we are giving her at this time to broadcast to the people of your spacious planet.


We had to seduce her into stop thinking about her earth-bound TO DO list, and draw her into the opening where our minds and hearts could connect, and where her love of us and the supreme and higher purposes could induce her spend some of this precious and limited earth time moments to do our bidding, and transcribe this important message we want to broadcast today.

We had to go into her brain, heart, mind, emotions, and personal history and see where we could find some slow-down valves, and some points of seduction. You see, our seduction is not one of manipulation where we are TRICKING her into doing something against her better interests, but OUR seduction is like that of a mother who induces her baby, toddler, or child to slow down and go to sleep and get some well-needed rest after a busy day of exploration. Mothers know how important it is to help the young one learn to balance their energies, and allow all the segments of the growing child to get proper and full attention.

Similarly, we are learning to work with earth-humans who are often set on perpetual GO mode in many of your contemporary earth cultures.

Here's how we did it. We searched in her brain and memory systems and found something she enjoys a lot. Then, we invoked the pleasant memories of sipping a really fine cup of coffee from a wonderful big mug. So she made some coffee up from a wonderful fair-trade blend she found on her trip earlier this year throughout the state of Kentucky in the United States of America that she saves for special occasions.

Then when she flavored it just so to her immense satisfaction, we drew her outside to her deck where the sun is shining so magnificently today. And now too warm, and not too cool All the flowers are just oozing love and joy and beauty. They are captivating... and she allowed her mind to be engaged with these beautiful things.

Then we whispered into her consciousness that we would like her to deliver a message today. Well, her mind was in GO mode with that big TO DO list... post office, mailings, county fair solar exhibits, laundry, chores, clean the refrigerator, phone calls to return, email ... you know.... that ever expanding, never-ending earth list of THINGS to occupy your time and space.

After about half an hour, we got her outside with her laptop, her exquisite gourmet coffee in her biggest fanciest, soul-satisfying mug, got her to sit down on her comfy swing.... all the while WHISPERING into her mind that we wanted her to take down a message.

In true earth fashion, she kept asking us WHAT we wanted to talk about. (She was trying to decide if the message would be worth her time or not....) We have learned, however, to just get her into the zone, and then she ALLOWS us to speak into her mind. With her rapid typing skills (yep, way back when, we got her Mom to make her take typing class in high school), and the word-processing program in her gmail account, she can fashion up our message and get it out with her various earth skills she has learned in her marketing endeavors.

Once we got her outside, sunbathing, enjoying the warm sweet gourmet coffee, we mesmerized her mind and slowed it down to our access fully our communique with a very lovely maneuver. We got a beautiful moss-green hummingbird to visit the bright pink flowers in the pots next to her swing - where she was just settling down with her laptop - all the while she was WONDERING HOW LONG this would take...

This beautiful messenger hovered and stopped right over each flower in front of Pat.

The shimmering beauty and iridescent light waves reflecting off its perfect and exquisite little form green body - next to the beautiful bright pink flowers (see photos of these flowers at ) did as we knew it would - just CAPTIVATED Pat's mind long enough to SLOW it down and give her the DESIRE to enter our calmer, non-chaotic dimension, and do her earth interface seva (volunteering with love for a higher purpose) that she incarnated to do.

(We are enjoying watching how SHE maneuvers between taking down these messages, and learning new information - in her conscious mind - about her own journey and how it inter-mixes with ours, as well as those of you reading and listening to this message in your current NOW.)

We are taking a few minutes here to document the process of channeling - of receiving and giving messages - as so many of you will be moving more and more into activating your own channelling portals and also activating and then fulfilling soul contracts to be intermediaries and messengers of of those of us between the various dimensions. And developing the SKILLS to communicate through the dimensional walls that the Creator established to keep each world in it's own time-space bubble of the creative continuum.

And we also want those of you receiving this message to understand the beautiful journey of inter-dimensional communication pathways and processes.... for YOUR Guides and Angels and Guardians will also be wanting to support and communicate with YOU as your journeys heighten and unfold.

Thus it is with those of us who are assigned to your earth plane evolutionary project at this time. We see where you are growing to, and see where you need balancing. Hence we are developing our skills - just as young mothers are developing theirs as each chapter of the growth journey presents itself.

Our timing is exquisitely planned and integrated with cycles beyond your current earth-mind knowing. Hence we deeply APPRECIATE the trust you all show to tune into our dimension, and our broadcasts, and open yourselves up to receive what we perceive to be vital information for you at this time in your individual - as well as your planetary - evolutionary journeys into ever-opening and expanding consciousness.

This is a gift of great generosity for all parties concerned --- those giving it, that one transcribing it, those hosting it on the internet, and those of you now reading, hearing, and receiving it. For GENEROSITY of time, talent, skills - offered from a loving heart for the upliftment of all without regard to monetary compensation or payback. Just the divine impulse of the heart to give.

For GIVING is the COMPLETION of a cosmic loop - a cosmic cycle - that reverberates throughout the creation and its galaxies and its constellations. Without GIVING, there can be no RECEIVING. And without RECEIVING, there is no cycling of the energy currents that sustain the whole ball of wax that is the Creator's supreme pastime, fun, and passion.

Your very own breath will teach you this in a flash. For just TRY to only GIVE the breath OUT. It is impossible. For YOU are directly wired - just as the whole creation is - with this GIVE-TAKE, GIVE-TAKE, GIVE-TAKE CYCLE of constantly renewing, refreshing, re-invigorating. If just ONE PART of the cycle is shut down - nay FORCED down by an ill-equipped limited mind thought - there begins to be short-circuits and inefficiency, and non-functioning of some of the vital pathways of the energy flowing circuits.

You experience this phenomena in your own life. You give it the name of LACK.

From our perspective, we perceive it as CHAOS - as the energy circuits are all cut-off, entangled, and look like a misshapen pile of wet spaghetti noodles - instead of a beautiful inter-woven earth-journey blanket of incredible design, skill, beauty, and functionality - to give EACH creature on the earth plane an experience of incredible joy, fulfillment, and and opportunity for soul-growth and enjoyment.

Hence, when the life-giving flow shuts down, disease sets in. For life-supporting flow requires BALANCE of all parts of the cycles built into the creation matrix.

You will see the disease in your own human faculties when the flow is mis-managed or shut-down as DIS-EASE of the mind, heart, body, soul, and societies.

As we were slowing down her earth activity rate, seeping into her mind to slow the throttle down and put her in channeling speed, so she could allow our message to come through the inter-dimensional walls.

So, Our Dear Friends of Light, Gratitude and Service,

We are here today to REMIND YOU to SLOW DOWN, enjoy your journey, use VIGILANCE and DISCRIMINATION HONED IN WISDOM of your earth-journey and soul-journey experiences to ENJOY and FULFIL your ride on planet earth at this time.

Take time every day to PAUSE & REFLECT on how YOU want to enjoy and profit from YOUR earth journey on this day. Reflect each night on what you did during your given earth day, and decide if you utilized this gift to the fullest potential of your chosen soul journey. If not, take soul-journey course corrections. That way, when you come over to the other side of the earth veil, you will look back on your earth journey with supreme joy and satisfaction. And be energized for your NEXT journey of adventure in the Creator's vast amusement park of the created - and creating - universes.

It IS your birthright and star-right so TO DO.


Your Friends - The Reshel Group
Guardians of Planet Earth Grid and Ascension Processes.



Light Beings: SHARE your goodies and your abundance with each other. Circulate the divinely-originating earth flows of energies. Share with each other. Support the endeavors and projects and economic activities of each other.

Do not limit the light flow by thinking in LACK terms that cycling the flow of energy to each other is "unspiritual". On the contrary, cycling the energies round to each other only increases the size and potency of the circles of light and energy. This process is known as INCREASING ABUNDANCE. Cycling the energies to each other is part of the GRAND plan of Creation - intentionally set into existence for the mutual sustenance of ALL beings in the game.

Go for it, Sweet Earthlings! Flap your ABUNDANCE WINGS & SOAR with each other :)


Upcoming Grid Masters Light Conference, Charlottesville, VA. Organized by Peter Allen. The guest presenters will be offering their skills and wisdom from their lifetimes of service of the divine and the ascension project of planet earth and this galaxy. Details at

At this conference, we will be expanding the earth awareness of the extraordinary light grids than enfold this planet, tie it in with the galaxies, and connect YOU to all the various power points and portals of this amazing earth planet that you have chosen to ride.

Please support this project with your attendance, letting others know of it, your prayers and intentions and light beams of good intention, and donations, as your light may guide you.

We want to expand planetary awareness of the masterful grids of light and help humans learn HOW they can also empower these circuits with their own good intentions, deeds, words, and actions - and other mysteries of the earth grid light patternings. You will not find greater masters of this science and mystery than Bill Buehler and Peter Champoux and those gathered at this event.

Sun shining on Golden Mountain - where this transmission took place.

*** ~&~&~&~&~&~&~& ***

We are working with Pat to get our FORGIVENESS message out in rapid circulation on planet earth. She has our book written, tweaked, and reviewed. The guided FORGIVENESS MEDITATION we gave her came out exquisitely beautiful... and we think EVERYONE can relate to it. You can hear it very soon - for we SEDUCED Pat into getting the project out into global circulation... stay tuned... sign into the first to be notifed elist at

You can put your email in the subscribe box and be the FIRST to know when the BOOK is ready to download or purchase and HEAR the FORGIVENESS RELEASING MEDITATION.... any day now... as soon as Pat's techie friends help her with this.

This Little Book of Forgiveness with embedded guided forgiveness releasing meditation has been especially sculpted by us at this time to help Mother Earth and her inhabitants shed the HUGE BACKLOG of unfinished business and garbage that has created quite a stench in this quadrant of the universe, as well as within the lives of you humans living on the earth plane at this time.

This Little Book of Forgiveness is our most generous gift to the earth plane at this time. Please support this project and help spread the word on this gift to to humanity at this time.

If you know organizations, movements, NGO's, schools, elists, newsgroups, etc who would like to help spread the FORGIVENESS message, please contact our channel Pat Crosby at this time.

We thank you VERY much for your involvement and support in this project of spreading peace through forgiveness.

We are guiding Pat to make the book available at very low cost, and with much free information and support on the website she is currently putting up for us.

We leave you now - at least in your conscious minds - knowing you are in the FLOW of divine light, life, and abundance.


The Reshel Group

Copyright 2008, Pat Crosby. All Rights Reserved. Permission hereby granted for reproducing non-commercially as long as full credit of author and source url are included.


Here are 2 Ascension videos readers recommended this week. I think you will like them, too :)


1. Mind Over Matter (10 minutes) Most excellent mind-expanding video!!!
*****Recommended by Joe Beckett who wrote: "Science today is just now learning what Christ was made aware of in the desert more than 2,000 years ago."

*****Note from Jean: This is worth watching and taking in till the end - and even to do it twice!!! There are some really amazing computer animations and the concepts explained through a number of carefully selected excerpts from various scientists exposés are building up to a real dazzling picture of "reality". Wow!


From Peter Allen, Organizer
Earth Grid Conference coming up in Sept 08 in Charlottesville, VA
The Opening of the Crystaline Gateway on 8-08-08


Lighten your ship now - so you can sail higher and higher and higher>>>>>>>


Pat Crosby

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