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Tuesday, May 20, 2008




As received by Pat Crosby


1. Who Is Rachell
2. Planet Earth - The Creator's FAVORITE - "ZOO" Planet
3. FLIES. Your human dramas, issues & problems exposed for their true potential.
4. The revered esteeming of Hu-Men & Hu-Women in the cosmic grand scheme of things


I am Ra-chell - from the higher operating dimensions of what you call your planet earth.

I am here to assist humanity at this time with the realignment of the planetary grid system, and the re-alignment of this grid system with the higher operating systems of your immediate galactic and solar system hookups.

There have been many variations in the grid lines in the past few years - we count few years in units of hundreds of thousands of years by your earth reckonings FYI - so to rephrase - there have been many variegations in the grid system in the past several hundred thousand years - that require realigning at this time.

Your earth planet - as any planetary system - is not static. It is an ongoing interdimensional cooperation between the planetary body herself. Yes, planets are most always she - as they are the embodiment of the feminine receiving, nurturing and sustaining energies of the created mass. Created by the Creator - who, by the way - is most definitely both what you call masculine and feminine. The Creator - being the ultimate magician and wizard can shape-shift and re-create and re-distribute itself in a FLASH of cosmic inspiration, will, and cosmic intention.

The Creator holds ALL things within its magnificent body of love and light and unfolding infinite possibilities. The Creator enjoys the dance of its own cosmic self in jubilation and inspiration. Your earthbound eastern philosophies, especially from the Indian land continent - have received and encoded these messages in their very profound and prolific scriptures.

As with all things reduced to a finite form, however, these - and all scriptures - are just the tips of the icebergs of the realities of which they hint.

The human mind as currently configured and wired, is capable of understanding and even downloading only the barest of bare smidgens of information about the vastness and potentialities of what we call "The Creator" and "The Creation".

Enough said on this cosmic subject. But don't you just LOVE to speculate on the immense possibilities of the great cosmic Creator. It sure gets us our of the little boxes of being human - or any form of the Creator's fancy and Creator's endeavors for that matter!

So, back to WHO is Ra-schell! Re-schell? Both are approximations to a higher light vibrating frequency that we are transcoding into human languaging capability.

As I was saying, I am from the higher operating dimension of what you call your planet earth.

How, yes, a few words about your earth... Aah, yes, earth - a bright pole star, if you will, in the galaxies of the Creator's empires. But earth, as you have heard from many sources, holds a very special place inside the Creator's heart. For earth is not a barren planet - barren of all sentient life forms.

No, earth is a profound and amazing little "zoo" planet - full of an astonishing variety - and ever new emerging varieties of life forms. Oh, how The Creator LOVES to visit this little planet and admire all the amazing and wondrous variations of its intention to Create life. For LIFE IS the Creator's Image. LIFE is full of variations, momentarily decisive courses of actions in any given situation.

Now as our chosen channel is sitting outside in her yard on the Golden Mountain Sanctuary we have selected for her to do our work - hers and ours combined and co-created - she is being "bothered" by big black flies.

At first, she tried to ignore them... hoping they would go away. But WE are fascinated by these flying life forms - so full of vigor and energy. And enthusiasm to fulfill their divinely appointed mission. For who else will take out and dispose of all the garbage on this planet if not for the humble workable-work-a-bee flies!

Aren't they absolute marvels of aerodynamics. Aren't they marvels of survival? No matter how many you kill, swat, spray with poison, trap with sticky paper, vacuum up in suction hoses, attack with massive chemical war campaigns ... they are ever present. How profound is the Creator's vast plan that flies were created to clean up the messes all the other animals leave in their wakes... including the garbage you humans create, as your physical bodies are of the animal species phylum.

So we saw Ra-chell thinking the flies were a distraction when actually, the flies were a major teaching component in today's lesson plan.

So how many "Flies" do you disdain, ignore, swat, or otherwise expend a big chunk of your daily operating energy on that distract you from your main purpose of each and every glorious God-filled day?

Are the "flies" in your life not worthy of your most intense scrutiny and admiration? Are they not marvels of yours and the Creator's co-creation?

You know the saying: "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?" Think for a moment of how the "flies" in your life - you know, the flies you have named "PROBLEMS" or "ISSUES" - the things you make into major dramas for your own amusement and distraction from the higher purposes of your gifted human life are here to serve you if only you will take the time to see their purpose in the greater grand scheme of things in the grand and glorious creation we all inhabit.

I have much to tell you - now that I have found a mouthpiece on your planet who speaks your language. Good translators in any dimension are hard to find in all times and places. That is why - in so many dimensions - those who can hear and see and receive information from other dimensions are so revered and honored and respected for their gift to bring new and fresh ideas into any knick and crevice of any part of the Creator's creation. For it is these new and fresh ideas that drive the continual expansion and evolution of any place in the Creation.

Static is tantamount to death and dying. New information is tantamount to moving the creation game forward - for the delight and amusement and absorbtion of all the players involved. Otherwise, wouldn't we all be bored silly! So we count ourselves lucky here in the interdimensional portals, who can find a good human partner to translate, partner, and co-create with and for us.

So, back to the planetary and interplanetary and intergalactic grid system.

Grid systems are not static. They are flowing lines of energies - currents if you will - that carry thoughts and intentions from one place to another. From one dimension to another. For no planet, no solar system, no galaxy exists or operates independent of all the rest of the Creator's Body. For the Creation is NOT outside the Creator's body. The Creation IS the Creator's body. And the Creator is always moving the pieces around - and remember the Creator's idea of a minute or a second is planetary light decades away from your micro-time reckoning calculations of you hu-man perspective and observation in your mini-mini-mini blip of your spot world in the Creator's vastness of ever unfolding cosmic being.

Your little micro blip in the cosmic body has micro time reckonings, as fits your mini-dimensional portals of observation available from your planet with your current reduced instruments of measuring.

As so it is on EVERY blip of a dot of a creation inside the Creator's vastness of its own body.

So now you understand why it is true to say that you are already IN God and God is already in you. It has never been any different. And never will be.

As we too, are IN God and God is IN us, then it follows that we are all in one interconnected system.

You know from studying your own micro-system of your hu-man bodies, that if any cell, or any organ, or any other part is cut off from the rest of the operating system of your body, it will die. And most likely then cause the whole rest of the body to die or be seriously impaired - due to strangulation and cutting off of certain energy hookups and flows.

You can see this principle even more clearly in the case of a car engine. Suppose one part quits or malfunctions. Immediately the rest of the operating system of the car will stall out, not start, blow up, or otherwise just not fulfill its mission of taking you where you want to go. The mission of the car will not be fulfilled.

Thus it is with your very own planet earth. Your planet, as you have heard from so many sources these days, is not cut off from the rest of the Creator's creation. You have heard that your planet is a very key and crucial part of the Creation. So perhaps now you can have an inkling of an idea of how and why this is so.

When you can see the energy grid lines pouring to and from planet earth from so many dimensions and quarters of the Creator's will, you will come to know why earth is held in such high estimation by so many beings from so many quarters. Including the mind of the Creator itself.

For when the Creator set about expanding its own unlimited potentialities - just to see what it could do - it realized it needed a central connecting point. Sort of a scorecard, if you will, to keep track of all the different aspects of its own created body. So earth was given an extra dose of brains and intelligence and calculating ability to keep track of things. And as any well-equipped command central center, it also needed multiple doorways (portals to other dimensions) and connectors to other dimensions. Hence your intergalactic grid lines.

You can see in the fiber optics technology how flowing channels of light permit communication. So ramp up this example a million fold - maybe a billion fold - and you will see the powerful flows of energy and information data transmission reaching this planet. And the outflow of information from this exemplary zoo planet to other realities in the vastness of The Creator's very own body of experiences.

For holding such a central role in the Creator's unfolding drama of expansion of light potentials, you are highly honored and revered. Do not think these are dead words. Nay, these are words of power and light meant to enlighten you and sustain you in your earthbound journey of experience in one of the most potent fields of the Creator's creation - your very own Zoo Planet Earth.

I bid you a most glorious good day!

Your Sister and Well Wisher in the Creator's Journey of Success,


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By Pat Crosby

Copyright 2008. Pat Crosby. All Rights Reserved.
This post may be republished as long as it is republished in its fulness with full credit and web link given.



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