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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


From Your Guidance Friends. 5.28.08




Notes from the Front Porch on Golden Mountain Sanctuary

Thru Pat Crosby


Dear Earth-Bound Ones,

Today, we want to discuss the importance of letting go.

Many things come. Many things go. Nothing remains the same forever. No, not even the God Creator Light - it, too is always changing, unfolding, evolving, magnifying and examining it's own brilliance and it's own creative potentials.

You, too, Earthlings. Made in the Creator's image, you are. So, exactly so, your creations are always changing, evolving, morph-ing, re-configuring into the cosmic potentials of expansions, love, and light.

And then, when your creation is complete - according to your satisfaction, you just erase it.

Look at the artistic endeavors of little children, and you will see exactly what we mean. Don't they just vibrantly and with full enthusiastic concentration create many-spendored things? Out of clay, crayons, paper wads? Even their own fingers... they can create marvelous puppets and other toys of inspiration and amusement.

Then, in a FLASH, they erase it, throw it away, run on to something new - such as dinner - and forget all about their past creation. And soon enough, they joyfully run and create something new. This is called "play".

So, my Dear Earth Children, it is a time now for you to play the game of vast and fast letting go. It is NOT the time for hanging on, crying over spilt milk, mourning the run-away-horses from the unlocked barn doors.

No, it is time to JOYFULLY erase the past creations, and have a clean vast place to bring in the new creation.

Last week, we spoke to you of The Lesson of the Flies - and how important it is to let the issues, problems and discoveries of new life be disposed of... taken out as old garbage ... to allow the clean space for the new to come in.

Even more so, this week, we encourage you to LET GO, DROP IT, FREE YOUR ENERGY to MOVE FORWARD into the next chapter.

We assure you, the next chapter will be vibrating at a much higher frequency than the old ones that are leaving you now.

It is your choice rather to freely dump it - with all due gratitude and respect for the lessons, joys, meals, and other goodies and benefits that that chapter brought you then - or to hang on with your full effort, and then have it PULLED away from you while you are kicking and screaming. And bawling and yawling with your full-on drama energy.

Oh, you hu-men and hu-women are extremely good at your dramas. And how (most of) you love to playact dramas.

We, too, would be amused, if they were not so destructive and swamping of the earth frequency with those dirty old tarnished emotional swamps of polluted feelings. Polluted with self-righteousness, indignation, me-too, me-first, you-said she-said, etc. scripts. Ugh. Give it UP, Earthling Family.

There is so much greater, brighter future creations awaiting you just up the road. Being loaded down with heavy, cumbersome baggage from the past will only slow your journey, and keep you mired in deep old do-due.

Our Earth Friend - Pat - who is transcribing this message, is a case in point.

She has a long-time friend - for 25 or so years this time around the earth plane. They supported and laughed with each and were a source of great joy, inspiration and sustainance to each other throughout the earth many chapters of their earth journey, and many adventures along their spiritual and everyday pathways.

Then, all of a sudden - or so it seems - the whole playing ground of their relationship and friendship was tilted. Now,every move that was once perceived as supportive, is now accused of being an attack. Of under-mining, not supportive. And even the old former moves - once considered supportive - are now being re-configured in the mind(s) of the player(s) to have ulterior and selfish motives. Low vibrating heavy metal junk.

Or perhaps the increasing light is bringing to awareness the built-in crap of the old playing field.... some win at the expense of others - who are declared loosers. You know, the old exploitation game. It has been such a popular game on your planet. You all must know it only so and too well. Your mass media continues to report the game moves in the exploitation field incessently. What about in your own bedrooms - in the privacy of your own minds? You probably play it extremely well, there, too - Experts that you are in this game.

The new energy is creating games based on win-win, not loose-win. The new energy is supporting the evolution of the highest manifestation of the gifts of ALL the players - as unique and individual as each gift is for each player.

What a brilliant new turn of events this set of game rules is going to promote. We look forward to watching it with great glee from the grandstands - cheering you ALL on wildly!

Aah, we ask in admiration for the un-excelled gamesmanship the hu-men and hu-women species exhibit. WHO would have thought they could so radically and rapidly re-write the rules of their amusements so expertly. And on-a-dime.

We LAUGH when some humans think WE are of higher intelligence. When it comes to creativity, you hu-mans take the cake!

So as we newly arrived beings in the outer dimensions of your earth planet study your civilizations, and your histories, and your evolutionary pathways, and accept our divinely-appointed mission to come here and help out on this planet during these rapidly-changing times, we now come to understand WHY your historical guides and wisdom keeper writers and story-tellers have urged you on with examples showing the wisdom of LETTING GO, LET GO & LET GOD, FORGIVENESS IS GOLDEN, IT IS ALL AN ILLUSION, A DREAM. And similar phrases - both in the ordinary day speech, and written with great skill and light in your various scriptural archives.

We now understand why you hu-men and hu-women have to so carefully STUDY the expanding light teachings of The Secret, there is universal abundance for ALL - and so forth.

The Tibetan monks who travel around spending days creating incredibly beautiful sand paintings - mandalas - and then just erase them in a FLASH illustrate this teaching very well.

Consider, also, the annual show of the flower queendom. What a glamourus, mesmerizing show they put on. For a brief spot in time. Then, all of a sudden, or slowly and surely, they wither and die. They erase their beauty on the earth plane.... leaving space, energy seeds, and a legacy for the next batch in the round of the creation cycles.

We are here to help you APPLY this teaching to the moment-by-moment unfolding events of your lives these days.... collectively, individually, and in your on-going and/or fast-dissolving partnerships, relationships and other joint ventures.

Anything built on the old energies of lack and want, I win-you lose, exploitation, will be swept away by the divine rivers of change engulfing your planetary force field at this time.

Lighten up and FLOW. Or sink with the old iron ship.

The CHOICE is YOURS, Dear Earth Friends!

We wish YOU YOUR Highest Good & Vibration!

Your Friends from the Higher Dimensions!

Our collective includes Ra-chell, Forgiveness Guides (Angels) from Lake Titicaca, and ever-new arriving planetary guides sent to work through this channel for this time.

Blessings one and ALL!





1. WRITE DOWN 5 THINGS you like about individual humans in your playing field. Both humans you LIKE, and those you consider peskly flies - annoying, or corrupt bugs.

2. WRITE DOWN 5 THINGS you LIKE about your increasing frequency awarenesses. SIMPLE things such as you now take time to smell a rose, to more complex things, such as accomplishing some step in a project you are working on... such as building a new relationship, writing a book, developing your wisdom, developing more skills in your chosen arena of work, or such.

3. WRITE DOWN 5 THINGS you have accomplished today and/or want to honor yourself for. These things could be as simple as brushing your teeth (we KNOW about those kinds of days), to having a major professional or personal kudu happen for you.

KEEP THESE SETS of 5 THINGS in a journal or notebook.
5 is the number of Christ Consciousness & Unconditional Love

Go back and read over them frequently. Thus you will note your accomplishments and milestones along your personal journey of increasing light frequency.

You can also use your notes as conversation starters with your enlightening friends - share and inspire each other on your journeys toward light, abundance and prospertity for all.



1. Pat has trained extensively with Master Kirael in reviving the Lemurian wisdom.

2. 25 years studies in wisdom and ascension schools of India, the Himalayas, and Tibet.

3. 20 years studying and teaching various light-healing technologies --- some now being studied by your earth sciences... others yet to be understood here on this plane. Including Usui Reiki Level III Master, Grounded Ascension, Signature Cell Healing, etc......

4. Several years study in the Ph.D system of earth universities in the application of the science of the mind - clinical psychology.

5. Extensive study with indigenous wisdom keepers - native American, shamans, etc.

6. Lifetime of business endeavors - real estate, health product organization building & distribution.

7. Author, speaker, teacher.

8. Nightly studies in various star schools of Higher Learning during the sleep-state programming period.

9. Sacred earth journeys to Uluru Australia, Hawain Islands, Tibet, Milford Sound & Cape Reinga New Zealand, Mt Kailas Tibet, Catskill Mountains of New York, Macchu Picchu-Cusco-Lake Titicaca Peru, India, Kathmandu, Nepal, greater Charlottesville Virginia area, etc.

10. Ongoing work with the guidance realty who are here to help our planet at this time.


Vice-Premier Paul Hellyer, Canada - Alien Contact. YouTube presscast

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  1. Hi Pat...its wed. nite wish you were here for the group meeting...after reading your message about your friend realized we have been on the same wave length once again....interesting stuff is happening in the group....go with the flow is my motto these days and for the highest and best as always....thanks for being a joy