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Monday, February 25, 2008

A Transition into the 2013 Galactic Mayan Time Spell
Ascension.. | 23 Februari 2008 | 18:28:45

Galactic Time Lords through Judith K. Moore and Sean Sands

The time of ultimate transition is at hand. Your planet has entered
the 2012–2013 galactic time spell. On August 17, 2007, Earth entered
what is called the harmonic gateway. The planet will be in the
harmonic gateway until August 17, 2017. The harmonic gateway is a zero
point energy field. It is an optimum energy field for transformation
of consciousness on all levels. It is the time for transition between
the end of the old Mayan calendar and the beginning of what is called
the 2013 galactic Mayan calendar.

The Harmonic Wave Spell

On December 21, 2007, the great galactic wheels aligned, opening the
cosmic planes to what is known as the 2012 galactic wave.

You need not wait for 2012 to come; you are there, and the vibrations will only intensify between now and the Gregorian date of December 21, 2012. Terra Gaia began receiving the harmonic wave spell on August 17 of 1967. Vast amounts of cosmic particles and energy forms began to surge through the solar system and penetrate the fear grid that surrounded your planet for so many centuries. The harmonic wave spell marked a
time of social upheaval with consciousness shifting to civil rights,
war protest and the emergence of what was called flower power. The
harmonic wave spell brought waves of energy that began the great
transition or the shift of the ages.

Twenty years later, on August 17, 1987 , the harmonic convergence
occurred—a time when the veils thinned between the worlds and humanity
began a massive awakening. Your DNA was time coded to activate your
galactic time codes stimulated by the energies of the harmonic
convergence. Massive numbers of people all over the world began to
clear out fear vibrations and raise the vibrations of the planet.
These were years of the manifestation of ancient prophecies. These
prophecies speak of an opportunity for humanity to take a leap in
consciousness. Humans were called to participate in a massive
awakening of critical mass, shifting the destiny of the planet from
Armageddon to transition into the new Heaven, new Earth. Humanity as a
whole was faced with choices to participate in the old world of fear
or surrender to the powerful energies, take a leap of faith and join
in the great awakening. This time widened the apparent separation
between good and evil. The evidence of greed and inhumanity became so
great that the mechanisms of denial no longer served to shield human
consciousness from reality.

A Rebirth and New Creation for Earth

On August 17, 2007, Earth entered the harmonic gateway. Cosmic
vibrations and communications with the higher realms opened, making
energies for transformation available as never before. It is a time
for birthing, and humanity is being compelled through the birth canal
into a new creation cycle. There is no going back to the repetitive
cycles of the past. History will not repeat itself. The great cycles
of time align with galactic forces to bring change, and you are the
catalyst for change on your planet on every level. The nature of
molecular structure and the relationship to mass and matter is being
altered on a core level. The masters of the universe now can access
Earth's energy fields on a massive plane of consciousness. The
ultimate energies now surging through your planet cannot be resisted.
Old thought forms will yield to open heart energies and transform
rigid and destructive perceptual fields into energies that are capable
of emanating compassion.

The shift in energies caused massive clearing of negativity toward the
end of 2007, as you may well have noticed in your personal lives. Now
with the vibrations of the harmonic gateway, these energies reach a
height of transformational frequencies and will not recycle into your
soul plan to be repeated in future lifetimes as karma. The vibrations
that exist enhance your ability to clear old patterns and open to new

The planetary DNA is expanding as Earth receives cosmic seeds from
other galaxies and cosmic energy systems that have long awaited an
opportunity to assist Earth in her awakening. During this period of
the harmonic gateway, the Earth will receive the blueprint for the
emerging creation from the Source of divine creation. The potential
for perceptual reality to expand supersedes anything the planet has
ever experienced. DNA codes are being created for the emergence of new
ecosystems and life forms that will enhance the life field energy of
the planet.

All timelines must confluence through the harmonic gateway and must be
attuned to the harmonic overtones of creation. Parallel timelines are
intersecting, and you will often experience being on more than one
timeline simultaneously. This may leave you feeling temporarily
disorientated. It is a time when being grounded is very important. An
entirely new galactic time spell is emerging. The 2013 galactic time
formulas are manifesting and guiding your planet's relationship to
cosmic principles and the cosmic forces of creation. These time
formulas will guide Earth's journey through the emergence of the new
cycles of time.

Time for Introspection, Self-Assessment and Integrity

Linear time has entered a time warp as your planet accelerates beyond
time/space, altering the very nature of the holographic fields of
perceptual reality. Your neurological system has adjusted, giving you
the illusion that you are experiencing the same reality, but the very
nature of reality is altering on a core level. The effects of this
transition create shifts in the nature of the universe, from the
microcosmic to the macrocosmic planes.

Congratulations! You have chosen wisely to be part of this great
galactic event by incarnating at this time and being fully awakened.
The nature of your multi-dimensional consciousness is vastly expanded.
Your divine blueprint is open, and you are being invited to
participate on an energetic plane that exceeds any past experience.

This time calls for introspection, self-assessment and total
integrity. Your old behaviors will not serve you now, as the
vibrations they cause are not sustainable in the new cosmic energy
fields. Compassion, surrender, faith, unconditional love and
willingness to serve are the only tools needed for the journey. Your
soul will feel the vibrations and expand beyond old limits creating
new potential to resolve duality in a harmonic fashion.

It is wise to stay focused moment by moment on the emerging reality
through Now consciousness. Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into
the future possibilities or past limitations. Remember to breathe;
receiving the divine breath will assist you in integration of these
powerful cosmic vibrations. A conscious connection to the water you
consume is essential. Be certain to keep lots of pure water in your
body; the water molecules have intelligence that will assist you in
the transformation of frequencies and the integration of new
vibrations. Remember, you agreed to incarnate at this incredible time
in Earth's history. Enjoy the journey.


My channeled transmissions are telepathically received from the Star
Beings, via Laiolin, a Cosmic Being of Light. She is extraterrestrial
and multi-dimensional. Throughout the years she has referred to
communications with the Mother Ship. She is a member of the Galactic
Federation and the Council of Aboraha.

I am a spiritual interpreter or a sensitive, and a Conscious Trance
Medium for Laiolin. I am the oracle, she is the Star Being that brings
the transmissions through me for this book. She is a keeper of the
Records of RA-the cosmic records of creation of the Great Central Sun,
which includes Mother Earth. Laiolin has explained to me that she is a
13th Dimensional Ambassador of the Central Sun and member of the
council of Aboraha and the Galactic Federation. She taught me that
there are 12 Solar Temples around the Central Sun and that the 13th is
within the Central Sun. Laiolin has taught me about the mystical
history of The House of David or the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, and
her mission is to awaken the House of David in the Third Dimension.
The channeled history of the House of David is presented in appendix
B, because it is not directly related to the Crop Circles. It is
pertinent to understanding the messages of the Circle Makers.

© Judith K. Moore

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